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Prime Time: KFDC Picks for Amazon’s Big Sale


It’s that time of the year when Amazon has its big annual sale.  And while it’s called Prime Day, it actually takes place over a couple of days.  You really can get fantastic deals on all kinds of items, however, there is so much to sift through, it can be quite time-consuming browsing it all.  So, I’ve done some of that for you and found what I think are great offers on a variety of products.  Many of these are in the spirit of KFDC — items to enhance your adventures around the area and beyond or just make family time better.  Others are things we have and love.  And some just look like products I would like to have (and would probably love) and think you might, too.  I hope you agree and find them useful and/or enjoyable. Happy Shopping (& Saving)!


* * * 


Camping Chair
We have these chairs and use them all the time —  hanging out at the park, at soccer games, and other outdoor pursuits and places that include some sitting time. They’re so easy to tote and set up — just a few quick pulls and click-ins — and fold back up nice and neat into a bundle that you can carry in one hand or stow in a backpack.



Portable Table
This table elevates a picnic, literally and figuratively! It keeps the food away from the ground (great at the beach) and also helps keep an outdoor set-up organized. Friends brought this when we were hanging out recently, and now we want one, too.



Bike Lock with Cable
This little bike lock system is perfect for family bike rides. Just loop the cable through the lock and around all the bikes, so you can lock them all up together at your destination. Ours has gotten a ton of use.



A foldable utility wagon is exactly what you need for carting gear and  kiddos when there’s a lengthy walk to a destination from the parking lot — or even just from your house to the park several blocks away.  I can think of  some places where this would really come in handy for families with little kids, like here and here.



Bike Rack
I’ve mentioned this purchase on the blog before, but it’s such a good one that I’m sharing again. This wall mounted bike rack is such a great space saver, especially in tight DC row homes. We have several friends who saw our rack, then bought it for themselves. And it’s $20 off during this sale!



Sports Gear Organizer
I’m sure we’re not the only family that needs help organizing all of our sports gear. This looks like a great solution, and it’s 20% off right now.


Pickleball Set
The game is all the rage these days, and this set lets you play without having to find a court — and it packs up into one bag, so you can bring it anywhere. Friends set it up in their back alley often for neighborhood pickleball fun. And if you just want the paddles and balls, this set is part of the sale, too.



Portable Cornhole
There’s a whole KFDC post about lawn games, and cornhole is, of course, included on it. The beanbag toss game is fun and easy for all ages to play. And this portable set makes it convenient to bring along anywhere.



Scavenger Hunt Game
I’ve mentioned this cute scavenger hunt game before, and now it’s over 50% off the original price. It gets great reviews… apparently, there are brain teasing clues along with the big picture cards to get kids of all ages into the game. You can play at home or bring it along on outdoor adventures.




All the kids, little and big, are wearing Crocs these days, and some styles are included in the sale. The pic links to little kid sizes (more here), and you can find older kid/adult sizes here (note that only certain colors are on sale).




Adidas Running Sneaks
They’re running shoes, but also cute to wear as everyday shoes. And they come in a variety of colors. FYI: Adidas has a bunch of good items in the sale, including gear and apparel for women, men, and kids.




Workout Tights
I recommended these exact tights last year, saying they were worth a try because they were such a great deal. Now that I have them, I can say they are definitely worth purchasing.  No, they are not on par with lulu, but for less than $16, they are really good tights.



Goodr Sunglasses
Levi has a few pairs of Goodr sunglasses and swears by them. They look cool, have protected polarized lenses, and are nice and cheap — $17 on sale, regularly $25.




You can get some amazing deals on luggage during Prime Days, and this one (pictured above) is just one of them. If you prefer a soft case, check out this set.  Or just browse all of the deals here.



Packing cubes
These help keep packing organized when you travel, and this set comes with eight pieces and gets great reviews. Lots of colors to choose from, too.  You can also see a bigger selection of packing cubes in the sale here.



I’ve been looking for a very versatile backpack, and this one looks like it more than fits the bill. It can be used for travel, hiking, or just everyday toting. It has some structure for packing clothes (or food for a picnic), a laptop sleeve, a shoe compartment, lots of pockets for organizing, even a charging port. Plus, it’s waterproof. Comes in several colors, too.



Echo Dot 
I’ve recommended Echo Dots before — they are great as an alarm clock, music player, even encyclopedias. And how cool are these styles for kids (or adults) who love Star Wars? (FYI: The basic one is on sale, too, for even less!)



Echo Buds
Wireless earbuds are a must-have for everyone in our family, and who needs pricey ones when they’re easy-to-lose items. Amazon has their own brand of ear buds, and they’re a lot less expensive than Air Pods, especially with the Prime Day deal. (But just to put it out there, if you’re in a splurgy mood, there are some really good deals on Beats in the sale.)




Wireless Headphones
For little kids who don’t like sticking things in their ears, these wireless headphone have a lot of great reviews. Our kids had similar pairs that really came in handy on long road trips.




Portable Charger
I got these for my kids awhile back, so they could make sure their phones stay charged when they’re out and about. They’re even small enough to carry in a pocket and don’t bulk up the phone too much when it’s attached.




Patio Umbrella
A friend has a similar large umbrella for her patio, and it’s perfect for the space. I especially like that this one has LED lights for a lovely evening glow.




Sail Shade
For something more simple — and less expensive — to keep the sun from beating down on your outdoor space, a shade sail is great. We have this exact one and love it for our small patio.



Patio Storage Box
I just bought this box for our back patio to store the furniture cover and other items like bug repellant and sun block that we use regularly out there. It was super easy to put together, and it’s totally waterproof. Bonus: It also provides an extra seat.



Reusable Storage Bags
It’s a good time to stock up on these reusable bags to replace plastic zipper bags. They are great for lunches, packing for picnics, and storing food in the fridge. These are BPA free and come in a few sizes.



Drying Lotion 
I usually rely on my teen daughter for tips on skin care and beauty products. She uses this drying lotion when blemishes pop up, and says it works great. Snagging a couple of bottles for her while it’s on sale (one of them as a set with the patches).




Mini Food Processor
‘Tis the season for cold soups, and I use my mini food processor all the time to make individual servings of gazpacho or avocado cucumber soup for an easy, chilled lunch on a hot summer day. I also use it often to blend dressings and quickly chop veggies. Of course, if you’re doing bigger batches, go for the large blender.



Dyson Vacuum
Finally, this might seem like a super random, pricey product to include in this list, but we really like our Dyson vacuum and think it was totally worth it. And this is a fantastic deal on one.



Macbook Air
One more late addition… a friend pointed this one out to me. A great deal on a Macbook at $250 off the regular price. If you’re in need of a new computer, snag one of these while you can!


* * *


This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one and make a purchase, I may get a small commission.  This helps me continue to produce KFDC, all completely free to readers.  Thank you so much for the support!

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KFDC Recs for Amazon Prime Day Items to Snag


I don’t know about the rest of you, but Amazon Prime Day took up a chunk of my time today — there’s just so much to sift through and so many good deals.  And there’s another day of it tomorrow (shouldn’t they call it Amazon Prime DAYS?).   I’ve put together a mix of some here that I think are worth checking out.  They might seem like random picks, but many of these items have been mentioned on the blog before or are related to activities that have been covered.  And others we have and like, so I wanted to share.  Hope some you will find them useful.  And, remember, Prime Day goes through July 13.  Happy Shopping!


Roller Skates
Roller skating has been making a comeback for a couple of years, but it seems to be gaining in popularity even more lately with roller skating pop-ups up and summer rinks opening. So, get the kids a pair of skates while they’re on sale (and maybe treat yourself as well and relive those awesome 80s skating days). FYI –  the Prime Day price comes up when you select the size. And PS: There’s a great skating pavilion at Anacostia Park in southeast DC!


* * * * *



Portable Hammock
Not all outings have to involve lots of physical activity. Sometimes it’s nice to just hang — literally. A portable hammock that you can strap to trees adds a little relaxation to camping trips, park visits, or even the backyard. They also come in large sizes for better snuggling. And here’s one especially for kids.


* * * * *



Inflatable Lounger
Another lounging option. We just saw someone relaxing on one of these at our neighborhood park, and it looked fantastic. You could lay down solo or sit with a few. Even better was seeing how it inflates by swinging it through the air (to trap the air inside) — no pump needed!


* * * * *


Portable Splash Pad
I recommended something like this awhile back, and now you can snatch it up for less. These mini splash pads will come in handy on those days you can’t make it to the bigger spraygrounds around town. And if the one above is sold out, try this one.


* * * * *



Disc Golf Discs
We love playing disc golf, as I first talked about here (and have since recommended a ton on KFDC). Having a set of disc golf discs is never a bad thing. We actually keep them in the car in case we end up at a park that has a course to play.  Now is a good time to snag a set on sale!


* * * * *


Rolling Cooler
For family picnics, camping trips, and other adventures, a rolling cooler is key. I mean, who wants to carry a giant cooler heavy with food and drinks and ice? This one is 25% off for Prime Day, has great reviews, and lots of convenient features.


* * * * *


Mosquito Repellent
Thwarting mosquitos during DC summers is practically an activity in itself, especially if you’re trying to stay DEET-free. But this repellent really seems to work — we got one last summer and definitely noticed a decrease in attacks on our ankles.


* * * * *


If your little ones still need summer water shoes, or really just shoes to wear around, Crocs are part of Prime Day (and they seem to be back in style for bigger people, too).


* * * * *


Summer Jumpsuit
I have and love this easy breezy jumpsuit. It’s really soft and light, and perfect for post beach or just wearing around all day. It can probably even be dressed up to wear out. I saw there is a shorter romper version and may just treat myself. (Note that the deal price appears when you select a size.)


* * * * *


Fanny Pack
These are all the rage these days, and they’re really useful for some events that don’t allow large bags, like baseball games.  This one is a deal compared to this much sought after bag — and there are way more colors available.


* * * * *


Echo Dot
These are great. Both of my kids have them in their rooms, and this small version of Alexa works as an alarm clock, music player, even encyclopedias — it quickly answers all their random questions. It’s $30 off right now in the black color, but all colors are a deal. And check out this cute one for little kids.


* * * * *


Wireless Headphones
I was way late to the wireless headphone party having just started using them a few months ago, but they have been a Game Changer. I can now listen to a podcast while walking the dog without worrying about my earbud wire getting caught in the leash, and I can gesticulate wildly while talking on the phone without knocking them out of my ears. (And I realize many longtime wearers are rolling their eyes and thinking, “Duh!”… but surely there are others who haven’t yet converted to wireless). There are lots of Prime Day options, but this pair gets good reviews and is under $20, and these are a good splurge deal.



Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one and make a purchase, I may get a small commission. This helps me continue to bring you KFDC. Thanks so much for the support!


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