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Book it to the National Building Museum

All dressed up and ready to build

The National Building Museum ranks high on my “standby” list of things to do with the kids; no matter what the weather or day of the week, I can always count on a good time there.   From the Building Zone and magnificent Great Hall to fascinating exhibits and educational programs to fun, interesting special events, there is always something — actually, make that many things — to keep everyone adequately entertained.

That said, there is even extra impetus to head there this week.  First, there’s the rain.  You won’t give a second thought to the crappy weather when the kids are having a blast erecting giant Lego houses, playing construction worker dress-up, and hauling pretend building materials in toy trucks.  And who says you need a nice day for a picnic?  Pack a lunch or pick up some food at the in-house Firehook Bakery, then stake out a table, bench, or even some floor space to enjoy a bite in the Great Hall.

Another reason to visit NBM this week is the Book of the Month! program taking place tomorrow, October 5.  On the first Tuesday of every month, children can enjoy special story times and hands-on activities in the Building Zone’s Book Nook at 10:30am and 11:30am.  The books explore building-related themes such as patterns, city planning, construction, and celebration of other cultures.  Tomorrow’s featured book is Lot at the End of My Block by Kevin Lewis.

And if you want to change your Building Museum experience up a bit, there is a special event taking place this Saturday, October 9. From 10am – 4:30pm, the Festival of Building Arts invites guests to enjoy a day of activities that center around building — help create a mural or design a mobile; try a hand at drywall finishing, plastering, roof thatching, and other techniques; check out the Designing Tomorrow exhibit, talk to architects, roofers, plumbers, landscape designers and other building experts; enjoy live performances like interactive readings and demos by artisans. The festival is recommended for kids ages 5-13. Admission is free, though a $5 donation is always suggested for entrance to the museum.

The National Building Museum is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm. The Building Zone closes at 4pm daily.


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