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Nature & Recreation in Annapolis at Quiet Waters Park


We discovered Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis by accident — literally, you might say. On our way out to the Eastern Shore for a Mother’s Day hike, we got word of a wreck on the Bay Bridge that brought traffic to a stand still. Our destination, which was still a 30-minute drive from where we were, would now take over three hours to reach, according to Waze.

Luckily, we realized this before getting stuck in the snarl and got off Rt. 50 at the next exit to do some revamping of our day. After a quick study of the map and a simple Google search, we were on our way to Quiet Waters, a nearby park that sounded like it would be a good substitute for our original plan.



The last minute change turned out to be a seredipitous one. Quiet Waters Park is 340-acres of recreational bliss. There are hiking and biking trails that wind through the woods and paved paths that stretch along large grassy fields and other areas of the park. There’s plenty of room for picnics and pick-up games, a garden adorned with sculptures, a Visitor Center with art galleries, scenic views of the water, and perhaps best of all, paddling opportunities on the South River.




We didn’t cover nearly all of the grounds while we were there, but we did view works by local artists, got in some nice hiking, and enjoyed a kayaking excursion on the river. Along our hiking route, we saw old farm equipment and a composting exhibit with different kinds of equipment and processes on display. We also saw lizards, deer, picturesque river views, and a woodpecker merely a few feet away.




After our walk in the woods, we headed for the dock, just a short way down a paved path from the parking lot. Kayaks, canoes, paddle and row boats, and stand up paddleboards are available for hourly or daily use. The kayaks worked best for our crew of two families, and getting set up with our vessels was quick and easy. Within no time, we were all paddling and basking in the beautiful day. (Remember that one nice day amid a stretch of lousy ones? It was like a gift for all us mamas.)




Our venture on the water capped off our great time at Quiet Waters Park, but we’ll be going back. Not only was it a fantastic day, it was also a nice reminder to go with the flow (see what I did there?) when plans don’t pan out as expected. You never know, things may just end up working out even better.

Quiet Waters Park is located at 600 Quiet Waters Road in Annapolis, MD. Hours are 7am – dusk daily, except for Tuesdays when the park is closed. Admission is $6/car.

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