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Dresses Under $25 Perfect for Hanging at Home


This isn’t a usual KFDC post, but it was inspired out of… frustration. Over a trivial matter, but frustration nonetheless. I don’t know what kinds of ads pop up in other people’s social media feeds, but I often see them for very cute, comfy looking dresses from brands I’m not familiar with. This is where I give social media credit for knowing me — lately, that is exactly the kind of apparel I like to wear between the workout clothes I keep on most of the day and the pajamas I put on before bed. They are easy to throw on, relaxed for hanging out in at home, breezy on an evening walk, and cute for a possible socially distanced back (or front) yard hang with friends.

What social media apparently hasn’t figured out about me is that I will not pay an obscene amount of money for said apparel. And that’s where the frustration comes in. I click through these ads, excited about the perfect dress, only to find it costs a ridiculous amount of money, especially considering the world’s current circumstances.

Thus, this post. I figured I can’t be the only one experiencing this frustration, so I scoured some lower budget brands — of which I’m quite familiar — and found dresses, all under $25, that I think are perfect for right now. These are not sponsored, just a round-up that helped ease my frustration and, possibly, others’ as well. Happy shopping — and dress wearing!


Gap Factory | V-Neck Midi Dress | $16.97-21.97


Old Navy | Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Shift Dress | $15


Old Navy | Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress | $17


Zara | Basic Dress TRF | $19.90


Target | Sleeveless Knit Dress | $22.99


Target | Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress | $20


H&M | Long Sleeve A-Line Dress | $24.99


H&M | Calf-length Dress | $19.99


H&M | Crinkled Cotton Dress | $24.99


H&M | V-Neck Dress | $24.99


H&M | Flounced Kaftan | $19.99


H&M | Sleeveless Jersey Dress | $17.99


Banana Republic Outlet | Knit T-Shirt Dress | $19.99


Amazon | AKEWEI Summer Maxi Dress | $18.98-22.98


Lole | Luisa Tank Dress | $20.70

(Note: This isn’t really a budget brand, but the dress is on sale and really cute and comfy — I have in black – and great for right now.)


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