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Five Things for Today: March 30, 2020

The coronavirus version of hopscotch

1. In case you didn’t see when I posted on Facebook: This American Life stories that kids seem to like.

2. These creative designs with everyday objects are amazing — and great inspiration for an activity at home.

3. Since we can’t go out to catch a flick, Amazon just introduced Prime Video Cinema, access to the latest movies that were just released (or would have been) in theaters.

4. When I talked to a friend recently about the anxiety I (we all) feel right now and how overwhelming and hard-to-process everything can be, she sent me this article, which I found insightful and helpful.

5. Kudos to Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. I hope more people who are in a position to do so follow his lead. (Also, Hoda ❤️❤️❤️)

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Five Things for Today: March 29, 2020

Happy Sunday 😋

1. National Geographic is offering free access to all of their coronavirus coverage, including their Resources for Families with good articles and tips for being at home with the kids during this time. And their National Geographic Kids section is always great to check out with children.

2. I’m not usually a post-my-meals person on social media but recently shared my very favorite, super delicious, easy to make breakfast that I eat all the time.

3. While the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore is closed, they have moved online, offering science activities, events, and even content for adults.

4. Being “stuck” inside might be a bummer, but this will make you feel a little better. Actually the whole episode it came from is a great, feel-good watch.

5. This Washington Post piece is incredibly moving. Warning: I didn’t promise rainbows and unicorns in all of these five things.

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Five Things for Today: March 28, 2020

Only about 900 pieces to go…

1. If you’re thinking about heading out to Shenandoah National Park to get outdoors with a lot of space, be sure to check these alerts as many parts are closed due to COVID-19. In a similar vein, I’m no longer recommending getting out for certain activities, as some places seem to be drawing too many visitors to maintain safe social distance. More here — scroll down to the Hang Out(side) section.

2. Certifikid has a bunch of cute ideas for crafts with empty TP rolls. (And we know that everybody has a lot of them lately!)

3. This is a perfect time to work on a puzzle. Local stores that sell them are closed, but you can still buy them online. Whether you pick one the whole family can to do together or opt for something tougher just for adults, it’s not just a good activity that takes up time, there’s also something very soothing about it. Surely, we can all use some soothing right now.

4. Sasha and her friends are missing their sleepovers, but Netflix Party has been a great substitute in the meantime, since spending the night at each other’s houses always includes a good movie or show and lots of chatting. Don’t forget the popcorn! (Of course, this would be a fun thing for adult friends to do, too.)

5. Need an awesome distraction, even just for a minute? Here you go!

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Explore the Wild Side of Our National Parks at BioBlitz!


Registration is open for the National Parks BioBlitz in DC this Friday and Saturday, May 20-21. Hosted by the National Park Service (NPS) and National Geographic, BioBlitz is a fast-paced expedition to discover and document the plants and animals that thrive in our national parks and celebrate the centennial of NPS.

You can register online to join a scientist-led inventory team in one of the area national parks. Most inventories are one to two hours and best suited for ages 8 and up. There are some great birding opportunities for those wanting to get an early start, fish counts in the creek, bugs, bats, plants, and more. Not only is this a cool way to explore and gain an appreciation for the natural resources in our parks, the verified data gets uploaded to NPS databases and gives valuable information to national park scientists.


For those with younger kids, there will be a Biodiversity Festival at Constitution Gardens on the National Mall. The festival will run 9 am – 5 pm, both Friday and Saturday, May 20-21. From morning outdoor yoga, kid-oriented music performances and live-animals, to explorer talks, science and nature exhibits, there will be something for all ages at the festival.

All events are free, but to guarantee a spot on an inventory team, you need to register online.

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