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Boat Club Membership for Sale


KFDC readers who are getting ready to move from the area are looking for another family to take over their boat club membership. Here’s their ad with details:

Looking for a really outstanding activity to do regularly with your kids and still enjoy yourself? How about a reduced-price boat club membership that you can use to take out any one of several boats in the area? The membership operates similarly to Zipcar, but with a set monthly fee for boating, giving you the freedom to operate a boat you don’t own or have to care for in any one of three locations in Washington, DC, Virginia, or Maryland.

Most boat club memberships involve a hefty upfront initiation fee, which in this case our family has already paid. We are looking to transfer the ownership on the three remaining years of our 5 membership commitment, without the initiation fee, starting in mid-September, and in doing so you would only be responsible for the ongoing monthly fee (with upfront payment required for the first year). That is a REALLY good deal as the initiation fee is usually several thousand dollars. See the Carefree Boat Club website for more information and background.

This opportunity is only available to one family. If you are interested, please contact Sachin Agarwal at sachina@yahoo.com

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