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Kid Eats: Ted’s Bulletin

It’s probably apparent from many of my posts that I live on Capitol Hill. When I moved here 14 years ago, the restaurant choices were…limited. And I don’t mean there were just a couple of good eateries that I became tired of easily. Aside from the oh-so-scrumptious Eastern Market breakfast and famous Market Lunch, there really weren’t any good eateries.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. If you live on the Hill or have foodie tendencies or keep up with new developments in the city or all of the above, then you are undoubtedly aware of all the seriously good restaurants that have opened in the neighborhood in the last few years. Both Barracks Row (8th Street SE) and The H Street Corridor (H Street NE) are now cross-town destinations for a solid meal. Fourteen years ago, if someone had told me that would be the case, I would have laughed and asked what they were smoking (then probably bummed a little for myself).

One of the best things about this crop of new restaurants is that most are family-friendly. But among all of them, there is one opening any day now that is bound to be a standout: Ted’s Bulletin. I haven’t even eaten at the place yet (just have taken a walk through) but I swear it’s going to be one of our favorites. Hearsay is already working heavily in its favor—word from folks who attended the soft opening, as well as Yelp reviews, have been excellent. As for the interior, the 1920’s art deco décor is perfect, both fun and sophisticated. The front room, with marble floors and wooden bar, has the feel of a saloon and soda shop at the same time—liquor bottles line the back wall, while a pastry case on the side displays cakes and other tasty-looking treats. The back dining room is open and light-filled and lined with cozy wood and leather booths that offer a view of the kitchen. And the kicker: old black and white movies projected onto the white-painted brick wall.

Okay, the food. It’s being described as “American comfort” and “upscale casual” and “out of this world,” and dishes like ribs, roast chicken, brisket burgers, and linguine in red sauce with pork and beef meatballs fit the bill, not to mention breakfast-style selections are served all day. It’s the kind of fare my kids will devour (and there is also a kids menu with plenty of choices). Then there is dessert. The cakes looked so good I wanted to smash my face in them. I hear they also make their own pop tarts. Enough said.

Finally, I have to mention the carry out window, a little sliding glass door in the middle of a paned bay window that actually has “Carry Out” printed on it, where one can stop and get a milkshake to go. It’s adorable. And sure to be dangerous. In a very good way.

The grand opening is any day now. I stopped by earlier today, and they said definitely by the weekend. Ted’s Bulletin is located at 505 8th Street SE.

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