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Five Things for Today: April 30, 2020

1. Dr. Seuss story time like you’ve never heard before is perfect for this rainy day — or any day, really. (And parents will dig it, too!)

2. Art Jamz, the studio that offers painting parties for all ages, is now helping you bring the experience home with virtual painting lessons and at-home paint kits. Choose from three kits at different price points ranging from $10-$100. They come complete with everything you need to have your own paint party experience, including a stretch canvas available in either mini or small, 5 paint colors, 2 paint brushes, and an artist mustache. Then sign up for a live virtual lesson with one of their talented instructors. Make it a family activity and inspire creativity for the whole gang!

3. A great way for kids (and adults, if you’re feelin’ it) to be active indoors on a rainy day: Kidz Bop Dance Party!

4. Are you there, Judy? It’s me, Cheryl. Listen to the one and only Cheryl Strayed interview the one and only Judy Blume on her Sugar Calling podcast.

5. John Krasinski has been delivering Some Good News during these coronatimes. It’s a feel-good, and he’s as likable as ever.

*Bonus (because I just can’t help myself): A heads-up for tomorrow!

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Five Things for Today: April 29, 2020

Who are those masked kids?

1. It’s going to be a lovely day! Take a walk in the neighborhood and collect materials to do some nature inspired crafts. Pinterest is full of ideas for things to make (and items to look for while you’re walking), but if you’re not on it, find some good ideas here.

2. If you’ve never been to Colonial Williamsburg (or even if you have), you can explore the living history museum from home. They’ve put together an online hub with virtual tours, educational resources, activity pages, video demonstrations, recipes, and more — lots of inspo for planning a getaway there when you can travel again. We loved visiting, which you can read all about here.

3. Watson Adventures has created a virtual version of their awesome Wizard School Scavenger Hunt. It’ll run every Saturday in May at 2pm & 4pm, and every Sunday at 5pm — cost is $60 for a team up to 4. Their Family Trivia Slam will continue through May as well. We’ve done the Wizard School IRL (read about it here) and Trivia online a few weeks ago (read a bit about it here), and both were a blast!

4. My kummerspeck is due to shemomedjamo.

5. I’m not sure anyone will really care about this article, but sharing because the title made me laugh. (It’s the little things these days.)

🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼


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Five Things for Today: April 28, 2020

Scene from yesterday evening’s walk – is that Venus over the Capitol?

1. Something to help explain to children all the recent changes in their lives: Coronavirus: A Book for Children was recently published, and it’s available for free (you can download it or read online through the link). It’s illustrated by Axel Scheffler, who is best known for illustrating The Gruffalo. A free audio version is also available.

2. Today at 4pm, join the Smithsonian Channel for an Aerial America Facebook Watch Party. They’ll be airing an episode of the show that offers glimpses of some of our nation’s most treasured landmarks from breathtaking heights. And today you can watch “communally” with others at home.

3. It may only be Tuesday, but here’s something fun to look forward to this weekend: The Lane Social Club is hosting a Shut the %#@$ up and Dance Party. What is it exactly? It’s a way to give parents an outlet for fun that takes care of the whole “gotta watch the kids” thing without the added guilt of more screen time. They are organizing two simultaneous dance parties, one to be played out loud for kids and the other a silent disco for parents (or both out loud in different rooms if kids are old enough). Parents will get their own racier-than-kidz-bop playlist led by 305 fitness instructor Owoade Kadara, while the kids have a party of their own with an engaging song leader, Corinne Zmoos from Crescendo Communications, who is amazing enough to effectively “babysit” from a distance. It will begin at 5pm on Saturday, and tickets are donation-based to help raise money for DC Diaper Bank.

4. Look for Venus in tonight’s sky — it’s supposed to be at its brightest ever!

5. This weekend we binged Win the Wilderness, a new show about six couples competing for a homestead in the remote Alaskan wilderness, where they will begin a new life. Besides the contestant challenges and spectacular scenery, it’s a compelling watch because of its relevance to right now — seeing how the couples work together and how they’d potentially get along living, essentially, in isolation.

🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙

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Five Things for Today: April 27, 2020

Seen on a recent neighborhood walk

1. Tune in to the Kojo Namde Show at 12:30pm today for “Kojo for Kids.” Bill Nye the Science guy will be on — and he’ll be taking questions from kid callers only!

2. Now is a great time to try Kiwi Co, the activity box subscription for kids. You can read more about our experience with it in this KFDC post (just be sure to note that it’s from a few years ago and that giveaway is no longer running — but you can still get 30% off the first month).

3. Kind of funny to share an article from AARP on KFDC, but this one has some good advice for right now.

4. One of my favorite artists, The Tallest Man on Earth, has been live streaming concerts from his quarantine digs on Fridays, and they are easily a highlight of my weeks. The last one was all request covers, and it was phenomenal.

5. Quarantine (The Soundtrack) 😂

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

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Five Things for Today: April 26, 2020

Gift giving, social distance style 💜

1. In case you missed the Facebook post, today at 2pm you can catch a free digital preview/presentation of Make Way for Ducklings, one of Adventure Theatre’s 2020-21 season productions.

2. A super sweet idea… One of Sasha’s friends organized a “Social Distance Gift Giving” party as way of connecting a group of them from school who live within walking distance in the neighborhood. They each were given the name and address of one person with instructions to “make something and write a note to the given out name…you will go to the location and place it somewhere without going inside.” They all dropped off their gifts and notes at the same time yesterday — then had a surprise waiting for them when they got home. Sasha had fun making a bracelet for her person, and loves what she received (see the earrings and note above… plus a jar of cat nip for the kitties). If your kids are missing their friends, too, this is a great activity to suggest for them.

3. Plan for tomorrow… At 12pm, enjoy Mondays with Michelle Obama, a PBS kids video series of our former (and favorite) First Lady reading children’s books. They will be livestreamed simultaneously on PBS Kids’ Facebook page and YouTube channel (you can also see last week’s reading of The Gruffalo).

4. This recent piece on Cup of Jo about the weird things we do to feel better is great. Be sure to read the comments — I’ve found many that I completely relate to and others that offer great ideas!

5. It’s times like these you learn to live again… this Foo cover collaboration is so good.

🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁 🎁

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