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Amazon Picks for Spring & Summer Adventures with Kids

[Note:  This post was written by KFDC Contributor Emily Moise, a local writer and mom of three kids, ages 6, 5, and 9 months.   She always has excellent recommendations for kids’ gear as well as local explorations with little ones. See more of them here.]


Spring brings so much anticipation for warm-weathered adventures. Whether you’re beach bound or backyard bound, here are Amazon picks that will get you and your kids in gear from here to September.  Most of these recommendations are best for the 8 and under crowd, but some range all ages!

Dust off the scooters and bikes and get ready to roll. Here are some ways to spruce up your kids’ favorite set of wheels.


Bike (& Scooter!) Basket – This basket zips closed and detaches as a shoulder bag. Here’s one for the traditionalists.



Bike Wheel Spoke Beads – Like Croc charms for your bike! Add some handlebar streamers for extra flair.



Lights & Sounds Attachment – Choose from 25 kid-friendly sounds – like “race car” and “magic carpet” – to alert pedestrians and drivers.



Bike Lock – This has a simple self-coiling design, comes in a variety of colors, and has a mounting bracket that would work with scooters.



Radio Flyer Scoot to Scooter – This one’s for the little ones who want to keep up. Love a grow-with-me item!


* * * 


It’s never too early to prep for three months of water life. If your suits are pilling, dive toys dulling, and goggles snapping, refresh your pool bag with these items.


Two-Piece Swimsuit – Two-piece for the bathroom break win. Here’s another one chosen by my almost seven-year-old. P.S. These are still our winning swim trunks.



Seek & Splash Number Dive – A to-dive-for game for any little swimmers in their math era.



Giant Gator Ride-On – This was one of my son’s favorite birthday presents this year, and he cannot wait to take it for a swim.



Bungee Strap Goggles – Bungee strap is the frustration-free way to go.



Travel Size Shower Set – We have this set in a plain (now boring after seeing these) style. Just irresistible.


* * * 


I’m a sucker for kids fashion that’s cute and practical. These are items that I’m doubling down (and up) on.


Butterfly Shorts – Flowy bottoms with built-in bike shorts (with pockets!). Perfect for little athletes, or just for the playground hangs and cartwheeling.



Waterproof Slip-On Shoes – My kids love their Crocs, but Native’s closed-heel shoes are so practical, especially in this go-with-everything rainbow print. Here’s a lower cost option.



Unbreakable Sunglasses – For kids who want a “cool” pair of shades. This polarized, unbreakable (!) pair looks like a winner for everyone.



Ponytail Hats – Great for windy beaches, sports, or just for some extra sun protection. Here’s another cute option.



Baby Booties – The best button-close, gripper-soled baby booties in the sweetest print for the season.


* * * 


Half the battle is a great bag! Here are my picks for bags that’ll make you and your kid [appear] organized for any outdoor occasion.



Freezable Snack Bag – Eliminate the need for separate ice packs! There is a smaller pouch size as well as a classic lunch box size.



Bogg Bag XL – A standing, waterproof carry-all for parents. I’m eyeing the add-ons too: phone holder, wallet, and keychain.



Sling Bag – Perfect for encouraging self-sufficient kids during travel or every day outings. My son loves his Pokémon version.



Snacks Bag – Make your “snack lady” job a little more appealing with this appropriately-sized bag. Here’s a smaller version for an emergency stash.



Mess-Proof Wet Bags – Swimsuits and wet clothes will have their place! These are machine washable and have a strap to attach to bags or strollers.


* * * 


Well Played
When my outdoor toys don’t hold up or hold attention, they get the axe. Here are my minimalist musts for outdoor play, plus one to give a swing at.



Lightweight (Don’t Hurt!) Frisbees – We’ve had these for years now and they are still flying strong.



Pump & Splash Water Table – This is a totally worth it price tag. The water table phase is a long one, so invest in something good!



Collapsible Beach Bucket Set – The most compact set for on-the-go adventures. This set of 3 includes buckets, shovels, and mesh bags for carrying and collecting. Here’s a set of 2.



Family Pickleball Set – Something to consider if your kids are old enough to rally. The paddle rabbit hole is a good one too – so many designs to choose from.



Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket – Make sure you have a good-sized lounge area for all of the outdoor play time viewing!


* * * 


Don’t let the best laid plans get spoiled by the small stuff. Here are some ideas and products to help weather the elements of the season.


Sunscreen Applicator Brush – IYKYK! Here’s another fun option. I am also restocking our supply of this “clearscreen” for face and the spray version for body.



Boogie Insect Repellent Lotion – This is a highly-rated insect repellent from a reputable children’s brand. It’s fragrance-free which is great for sensitive skin (and noses!).



Sand Remover – The sand whines will be defeated! This one has great reviews too.



Race Car Bandages – Get ready for more outdoor falls! These should help end the tears quickly, and there are lots of styles to choose from, like mermaids and rainbows.



Tangle Teezer Brush – Beach hair, do care…at some point. These brushes are so gentle on brush-sensitive kids. Add some highly-rated, tangle-free hair care products.



What’s on your warm-weather shopping list? Tell us in the comments!

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