Ticket Giveaway: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Adventure Theatre!


As you’re making plans for the holiday season, here’s one to include on your family’s agenda:  Adventure Theatre’s unique production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Opening November 17 and running through January 7, the show is sure to delight audiences of all ages!

In this two-person version of the classic tale, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy discover a secret portal to a magical world called Narnia. With an evil White Witch ruling the kingdom, can Lucy, her new friend Mr. Tumnus, and her family band together to save this land from the eternal winter? 

The kids and I saw Adventure Theatre’s magical version of the show several years ago, and I’ve been told it’s the same, just with different actors.  We loved it then — you can read my review of it here.

Tickets for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe are $25 and available for purchase online. You can also try to win a Family 4-Pack through the giveaway!


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Giveaway: For a chance to win the Family 4-Pack of Tickets to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Adventure Theatre, simply leave a comment below telling me what tops your (or your kid’s) holiday gift wish list.  Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KFDC Facebook Page, too. This giveaway will run through Tuesday, November 14, 2023, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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This post is sponsored by Adventure Theatre, however, I only promote programs, places, and events that I genuinely believe in and think will appeal to KFDC readers.


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49 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Adventure Theatre!

  1. Mandy

    My girls really want the LOL Doll chalet!

  2. Smita

    I read the book with my son a couple of years ago!
    And he always wants the same thing for any holiday or birthday: LEGO! LEGO! LEGO!!!

  3. Jean L Holman

    Nintendo 64

  4. Jessica Chandrasekharan

    We’re focusing on experience gifts this year, so tickets to various events

  5. Sarah

    We love the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe book and my kids really want a dog for Christmas!

  6. Yuka Arbelaez

    We’re trying to do less stuff for Christmas and more experiences like sporting events, trips, concerts and theatre so this would be perfect!

  7. Adriana Threlkeld

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was my favorite growing up and I read the entire series. I’m now experiencing it all over again with my son! For the holidays–all things soccer tops my son’s list!

  8. Jessica McClellan

    We are reading this series and would love the family pack giveaway! My kids want a telescope!

  9. Lindsey

    My kids want a real claw machine 🙃🙃

  10. Eva Salvetti

    My kids want to go skiing this year and they put that in the list. My kids are too old for this show but if I win this I’ll take my friend Allison and her 4 year old.

  11. Cynthia

    How fun! Our kids LOVE Adventure Theater & want ALL the Legos this holiday season.

  12. Alice

    Garmin vivofit watch!

  13. Alice J

    Garmin vivofit watch!

  14. Carlene Walker

    Trying to focus on experiential gifts this year so getting tickets for things we can do as a family!

  15. Colleen C

    Also LEGO, LEGO, LEGO and a trip to Great Wolf lodge (although my daughter really wants to ride on a wolf like in the commercials.)

  16. Aimee Lorge

    A Nintendo Switch!

  17. Rachel

    My son wants a boxing bag 😉

  18. Nick Erneston

    A xylophone and tambourine for my toddler

  19. Brittanie

    My kids want a motorized car.

  20. Marcela

    My daughter is all about animals so getting a new pet or accessories for our current pets.

  21. Jane

    We’re going for small gifts but big experiences. Like snorkeling with stingrays at Seaquest or skiing at Masanutten.

  22. Lauren Mehler

    Our kids would love a Baltimore aquarium membership this year!

  23. Elizabeth Freedman

    My daughter just wants squishys!

  24. Jess

    Jellycats and lego 🙂

  25. Barbee J

    Legos are at the top of my kids list! Tickets to this show top mine! 😍😍

  26. Melissa Joy

    My 7 year old really wants a giant crane truck. My 5 year old wants silky straws. They aim high and low!

  27. Jenna koppel

    Definitely a fort building kit!

  28. Lailanie Symonette

    my daughter wants a new Oled Nintendo switch, i haven’t gotten a list from her 5 siblings yet 😭

  29. Katherine Somok

    Items for camping top our list this year! Sleeping bags etc.

  30. Man Leung

    The new Barbie convertible doll car!

  31. Nicole

    A cookbook focused on baking!

  32. Dana Chong

    Top of my son’s list is a video game. For my daughters it’s a 3D pen and a toy dragon.

  33. Michael & Mary HERMAN

    Our 6 year old granddaughter requested:
    1. a pack of seeds (or bulbs)
    2.a planter
    3. a watering can

  34. Robert Millwater

    My daughter wants new clothes.

  35. Vanessa Fuery

    My daughter wants a new iPhone and my son wants all the legos and Five Nights at Freddie’s merch.

  36. Heather

    My son wants Legoes!!!

  37. Bill

    Wow, looks fun!

  38. Tiffany Carter

    My daughter wants an electric scooter!

  39. Lizalu

    My daughter wants a watch and a sweater for her pup!

  40. Nhia

    My daughters want legos and DIY slime kits!

  41. Donna Knighten

    My grandkids want legos legos and more legos!

  42. Carla J

    At the top of my wishlist is traveling, my daughter loves theater, and my son is hoping for Robux gift cards. 🎁

  43. Cara

    My kids want Minecraft and Paw Patrol toys!

  44. Maureen Ward

    My son would love a metal detector!

  45. Sarah

    My son loves legos- they are top of his list

  46. Lori S

    Shoes and Clothes are at the top of my kids lists this year.

  47. Jessica Lilienkamp

    Tickets to local shows and activities that we can do together

  48. Chrissy Miller

    Both of my girls want a ski vacation to Utah! We have family there and they keep raving about the snow. Maybe next year. For now, my daughters will have to make do with skiing in PA instead.

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