Five Things: January 19, 2023

On the slopes at Timberline


1. Half of our KFDC crew (and a few friends) went skiing at Timerberline for the first time this past weekend. A post about it is coming soon, but the gist: They give the West Virginia resort a big thumbs up!


2. The real estate website, Redfin, recently shared Unique Things to Do in Alexandria: 11 Things to Experience as a Newbie with recommendations for places to go and activities to enjoy from area  bloggers. You might recognize at least one of them! 😉


3. A new exhibit is opening at the National Children’s Museum this Saturday, January 21. XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness provides children and caregivers the opportunity to think about and explore feelings to help them understand, appreciate, and express their emotions through facial expressions, words, movement, art-making, and other hands-on activities.  Read more about the museum here.


4. I’m on the hunt for a cute shacket! Anyone else?  Three options I’m looking at:  This yellow plaid, a nice soft gray, and this teddy version.


5.  17! ❤️❤️❤️  (And a little flashback about it.)


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