A Bunch of Things for Today (Because There is So Much): May 4, 2022



[Note: Opinions expressed through some of these link shares are totally and completely biased.]


1. Let’s start with the original source of the big news.


2.  What could happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned.


3.  A good perspective on it.


4.  And another one that also provides some much needed chuckles.


5.  Terrified and want to take action?  Here’s something you can do.


6.  Joe’s response to the leak.


Moving on to some local happenings…


7.   The Lincoln Memorial is turning 100!  To celebrate, all throughout May the Trust for the National Mall and National Park Service are presenting programs and events to honor Abe, the Memorial, and his legacy — including a Lincoln Memorial Centennial Family Day on May 14.


8. Enjoy some baseball outside of the ballpark at the National Postal Museum!  Baseball: America’s Home Run opened a few weeks ago and explores our national pastime through a unique, postal lens, including fan letters, post office baseball teams, the worlds of stamp and baseball memorabilia collecting, and more.  Read more about the wonderful Postal Museum here and here.


9. Starting this evening, you can enjoy jazz music every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Canal Park.  The Spring Jazz Series kicks off with a concert by Levine Music, which offers music instruction as well as events and performances for music lovers of all ages.


10. The National Building Museum recently announced this year’s Summer Block Party:  The Playhouse, presented in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library, will feature an Elizabethan-inspired festival stage, designed by a team from the University of South Carolina, in the cool comfort of the museum’s Great Hall. Guests will be able to enjoy Shakespearean activities like stage combat demos and hands-on fun during the day, and in the evenings, there will be performances of the enchanting A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (PS: If you think Shakespeare and kids don’t mix, think again! Read about some of our experiences with it here and here.)


Some other random things…


11. Trevor Noah never disappoints.


12. A great piece about bikinis and body positivity. (I had similar observations as those mentioned in the article on our European travels a few years ago!)


13. May the 4th be with you… in your quest for fun Mother’s Day gifts.


14. Let’s end with  10 Happy Things for May 🙂



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