Where in DC?

Where in DC?


Last week’s contest seemed to be a hit — lots of you submitted answers trying to identify the location of the “Where in DC?” photo — so let’s do it again!  In case you missed it previously, this is a chance to test your observational skills, see how well you know DC, and have a little fun. 🙂

Simply let me know in the form below where you think the image above was captured — and be as specific as possible.  Everyone with the correct answer will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win admission for 4 (2 adults, 2 children) to the ice skating rink of your choice (with the exception of Ice & Lights at Cameron Run).

This is a quick contest and will only run through tomorrow — Monday, November 15, 2021.  A winner will be picked and notified shortly after.  Good luck!


Last week’s answer:  The photo was part of the sculpture of Fala, FDR’s dog at the FDR Memorial on the Tidal Basin.  I accepted all answers that mentioned the FDR Memorial.  Congrats to KFDC reader Erin D. on winning that one!

Teddy had some feelings about Fala


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