Back to Fall Shopping for Little Ones

[Note:  This post was written by KFDC Contributor Emily Moise, a local writer and mom of two young children.   She always has excellent recommendations for kids’ items as well as local explorations with little ones. See more of them here, herehere, and here.]


If you are simultaneously saying “bring on the fall festivals,” crossing your fingers for back-to-school season, and bracing yourself for another pandemic winter, this post is for you. When excited but stressed, it’s time to get prepared and organized.

By the middle of last winter, I had a running list of all the things I wished I had invested in at the start of fall for my little ones. From better boots to indoor play equipment and everything in between. These are some of those items that will get you through complicated times with ease…

Stress-Less School Days

While your biggest concern may be keeping a mask on your two-year-old, another challenge may be keeping a backpack on them. If you haven’t checked this off your list yet, look for backpacks with chest straps that have a variety of designs and sizes to choose from.



Getting kids fed, dressed, groomed, shoed, and out the door on time is both a marathon and a sprint. Breakfast is made simpler (and more fun) with Dash kitchen tools like mini waffle and egg makers. They are versatile, quick, and almost fool-proof.



If getting your little ones dressed is a battle (either with your picky child or your spouse’s questionable choices), this days-of-the-week organizer (or this one) may be the solution for you. I can already see my Type A four-year-old relishing in this weekly organizing routine.




Smarter Outerwear

Boots were my biggest fail last year. My kids’ boots were not insulated enough or waterproof enough to get us through the seasons and all of the outdoor play dates. These highly-rated neoprene boots are exactly what we needed (and now I need to find them in my size).




If your kids are either too hot or too cold like mine, it may be time for a multi-layered coat (other colors here). I found some highly rated, toddler-sized styles here and here. Bring on the erratic weather, DC!



My daughter keeps asking for an umbrella, a request that actually may be practical looking back on last year and our “we need to get out of the house” rainy day walks. These c-handle umbrellas with “hidden bones” offer a safer, hands-free solution.



Seasonal Entertainment


Is it even almost fall if your child isn’t mentioning Halloween every day (and changing their costume idea every week)? It’s time to milk the holiday for everything it’s worth. Keep kids entertained with countdown tools, crafts kits, pumpkin paint pens, spooky books, and more.




Fall is baking season. With little ones, that means it’s “mommy, I want to help” season. Let them have some autonomy and experiment in their own mixing bowl with a junior baking set. Here’s a more versatile kid-safe cooking set.




If you are familiar with my posts, you know I raved about an indoor rope swing (and still do). I’m now eyeing this door hanging play set. I can just see my kids fighting over …ahem…taking turns on the swing now. If you’re handy, here’s a less expensive option to be installed.


What items are you eyeing for back to fall shopping?  Share with us in the comments!



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2 Responses to Back to Fall Shopping for Little Ones

  1. Such a wonderful and essential list of must haves for little ones. A backpack with chest strap is certainly quite innovative. Also loved the idea of days of the week organizer. Adored everything listed though! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Indoor rope swings is quite innovative. Looking forward to install it. The door handing play set is also a delight and I am sure it will serve perfect for the little ones, given the pandemic with restrictions on going out. Thanks for sharing the links as well. Loved the post.

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