Five Things for Today

        Overhead view of the magnificent Great Hall in the recently reopened Building Museum


1. The list of places to go for indoor outings has been updated, and it’s a good one to keep in your back pocket for gray, rainy days.  (Though note that reopened Smithsonians require timed-entry passes, and many need to be reserved well in advance.)


2. In case you missed it yesterday, there’s a new giveaway going on for a chance to win a round-trip experience from SkySquad, a service that offers assistance in airports, from your car door through security, and all the way to the gate.  So helpful for traveling with young children, and just in time for a return to air travel! To enter, follow them on Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter, and comment somewhere on that page about why you’d like to win using the hashtags #KidFriendlyDC and #skysquadgiveaway.


3. Six ways to help kids regain a sense of purpose.


4. Just made these on taco Tuesday, and they were delicious!


5. An oldie but goodie 🙂


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