Five Things for Today: February 25, 2021

      In the woods at Rock Creek Park


1. Something I realized yesterday as I was looking back at early KFDC days…for some strange reason, I didn’t start including images in my posts until a few months into it.  The first one that actually had a lead photo was Walks in the Woods about good local hikes with kids.  It’s been added to over the years — with both new places and pics — and it’s perfect to feature on another lovely, 50-degree winter day.


2. There are only a few days left of Black History Month, so check out these ways to celebrate it — several that take place outdoors, so you can enjoy the sunshine and social distance. Of course, you can partake in just about all of the activities beyond February.


3. If you need justification to buy that expensive item of clothing you’ve been eyeing forever, give this article about cost-per-wear a read.


4. Take a virtual vacay. (FYI, the City Guesser option is really fun and addicting!)


5. Good advice 😉



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