Five Things for Today: January 4, 2020

Walking over the wetlands at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens


1. Many people know Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens best for the water lilies and lotus flowers that bloom in the summer, but the natural oasis in northeast DC is a great place to visit year-round. The wild wetlands are scenic and peaceful, and even the dried up aquatic plants that fill the many ponds in winter possess their own kind of beauty. You can take it all in as you walk the paths around them and along the boardwalk over the marsh areas.  Look out for small fish, turtles, great blue herons, and other wildlife, too.  See more about it here and here.  The park is open 8am – 4pm daily, and admission is free.  And view scenes from our visit this past weekend on IG.


2. Around these parts, summer camp planning always starts early in the year, and there is a new one to check out that lots of kids are sure to love. Camp Half-Blood is opening a location in Rock Creek Park this summer. Based on Rick Riordan’s book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it combines Greek mythology, story telling, imaginative play, and the outdoors to create the kind of summer days children love. As they say, if you want to encourage reading and boost related skills, this is perfect because the campers don’t even realize the mission is all about learning and literacy. For more information, visit Camp Half-Blood’s website.


3. One of the best things we did in 2020 (after getting a puppy, of course) was buy a Peloton.  For obvious reasons, Covid made the gym not the best option for fitness, so we’d been trying to get outdoors for exercise and doing online workouts.  But I missed spin classes, both Levi and I love riding, winter would be coming, and everyone we knew who had a Peloton raved about it. So, we decided to give it a spin. We ordered the bike in late August, it arrived December 1 (after one delivery delay), and I’ve ridden it every day since.  Yes, it is that awesome and addicting!  Not only do you get the bike and cycling programs, there are all kinds of other classes available — strength training, HIIT workouts, yoga, pilates, running, and more.  The instructors are so engaging and motivating, and something about the whole experience makes you (me, anyway) look forward to the next class and not mind working out at home.  And while it seemed like a pricey purchase to us at first, when we figured what we paid for gym memberships, that our whole family can (and does) use it, and that it’s an investment in our health and fitness, the cost wasn’t so bad, after all.  If you’ve been considering getting a Peloton, I say go for it!  And if you do, you can use my referral code R3AJJM to receive $100 to use towards accessories at purchase. (Disclosure: I get rewarded, too, but that is not why I’m recommending… I just really love it!)


4. So many delicious sounding recipes for 2021, plenty of them perfect for cozy winter meals.


5. Now, this is doing the robot dance.


Great blue heron sighting at Kenilworth


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