Five Things for the Last Day of 2020

The newest member of the KFDC fam!  Can’t think of a cuter way to get ready for the new year 😊


1. First thing:  THANK YOU for sticking with KFDC through this weird and challenging year. Given my blog is all about activities to do and places to go, things got a bit tricky back in March when Covid-19 shut down all of the activities to do and places to go.  But as I said then, I still wanted to inform and inspire and help us all navigate this new, bizarre socially distanced world.  Thus, the Five Things for Today began.  It’s been so nice to see it get a good response and to know it’s been helpful for readers, whether by sharing useful info or just providing a chuckle. It has helped me, too.  Having this daily purpose and researching, reading, and relaying all of the random things gives my spirits a much needed boost.  Anyway, it’s been an odd journey, and I appreciate that so many of you stayed — or joined — for the ride. ❤️


2. Plan for New Year’s Day brunch! Washingtonian has a round-up of 12 DC area restaurants with takeout, delivery, and/or outdoor dining options to kick off 2021.


3. New Year’s traditions from across the globe — while we can’t travel to international destinations right now, bring the world home to you. Also, NYE countdown specials.


4. Take a news quiz to see how well you know 2020.


5. Time’s Top 100 Photos of 2020.


Bonus:  Something fun and silly to wrap up the shitty year.


Happy New Year!  


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