Five Things for Today: November 24, 2020

The newest memorial in the National Mall area


1. The National Museum of the American Indian is closed, but you can still enjoy the outdoor areas including the new Native American Veterans Memorial that opened on Veterans Day.  Learn more about it here.  (PS: The museum also shared Thanksgiving recipes from Native American chefs.)


2. CertifiKid currently has deals on a couple of aerial adventure and zipline parks in the region, where you can enjoy a thrilling outdoor activity while social distancing.  Tree Trekkers is in Frederick, MD, and Empower Adventures is in Middleburg, VA.


3. Several authors and reviewers pick the best children’s books of 2020.


4. Is anyone else watching The Undoing on HBO?  If so, any theories about who did it? (Feel free to share in the comments!)


5.  Funny not funny (because it really does feel that long) 😂😭


PS:  Making plans for the holiday season?  Don’t forget the annual KFDC guide has all the info you need on how to enjoy it around the area!


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2 Responses to Five Things for Today: November 24, 2020

  1. TCW

    I am loving The Undoing! Donald Sutherland is my fave!! I still think the husband(Hugh Grant) is guilty! As more and more unfolds about his past, I think he could still be the primary suspect. Although, the new twist points to Henry, which I would be in shock to find out if he did this…Time will tell…

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      Donald is great… actually, all of the actors are stellar in the series! The Henry plot twist is interesting, but it almost seems too obvious now. I’m not counting out her lawyer friend. Just the fact that she keeps popping up makes me suspicious.

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