Giveaway! Introducing “Time 4 Mom,” a New Subscription Box & Online Community for Busy Moms


I think it goes without saying that it’s an exceptionally busy time for most moms right now.  The pandemic has added a whole new layer of responsibility, activity, and stress to parenting — and to life, in general — that we often forget to take time for ourselves.

This is just what motivated Tracey Coates, a family lawyer, host of the podcast The Tracey Coates Show, and mom of two children to launch Time 4 Mom. The monthly curated subscription box and online community for busy moms was created to inspire personal growth, self-care, and a little bit of me-time.

“As a busy mom of two very active kids, a wife, a daughter, sister and friend, I’ve constantly got a dozen balls in the air trying to juggle motherhood, my family law practice, my marriage, and my podcast,” says Tracey. “Trying to make time for me often falls miserably by the wayside. I realize that we moms can’t be everything to everyone all of the time, and we’ve got to start prioritizing ourselves and stop landing last on our endless “to-do” lists, which is why I created Time 4 Mom.” 


What’s unique about Time 4 Mom is that subscribers get more than the monthly subscription offerings.  In addition to receiving a fun box of thoughtfully curated goodies each month, subscribers are invited to join a private Facebook community to connect with other amazing Moms, enjoy periodic book club meetings to spark meaningful conversations, and participate in monthly virtual trainings to inspire personal growth (starting January 2021).

October’s box is focused on the theme of refresh and recharge and includes products related to finding time for yourself and filling a need for self-care during the pandemic.  One item inside is a copy of the month’s book club selection, Nicole Lapin’s Becoming Super Woman, a simple 12-step plan to go from burnout to balance.

In upcoming months, Time 4 Mom will focus on stress, health, mindset, relationships, parenting, and more. Download a free Time 4 Mom Self-Care & Time Management Bundle here. 

Want to learn more about Time 4 Mom? Check out the website, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and enter the giveaway below for a chance to win the October box for yourself!

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Giveaway: Two (2) KFDC readers can win a complimentary box from Time 4 Mom! Want a chance to win? Simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite self-care activity.  The contest is open to new subscribers only, and by entering you give permission to share your email with Time 4 Mom. This giveaway will run through Sunday, October 18, 2020, then two (2) winners will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


This post is sponsored by Time 4 Mom, however, I only promote services, programs, and products that I genuinely believe in and think would appeal to KFDC readers.


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62 Responses to Giveaway! Introducing “Time 4 Mom,” a New Subscription Box & Online Community for Busy Moms

  1. Alexis

    My fav activity is a Swedish or hot stone massage

  2. Katie Fioravanti

    This looks great! My favorite self-care activity is walking in nature and breathing in fresh air.

  3. Rachel

    Geez right now it seems like it would be going to the bathroom alone! 🤪

    • Jennifer

      Getting out for a run without the stroller. Rarely happens but when it does it really boosts my mood for the day! (Although I liked another moms post about going to the bathroom alone – that would also be nice lol)

  4. Lauren

    Wine and reading

  5. Naomi

    Puzzles and wine

  6. Erin

    Best self care is taking a bubble bath !

  7. Cait Murphy

    Mine is laying in bed and reading webcomics… nerd mom over here!

  8. Ila Furman

    A quiet chair, hot coffee and a good book.

  9. Shawn Brain

    My favorite self-care activity is doing some sort of physical activity – be it going for a jog early in the morning or playing tennis with a friend during my lunch break. Getting outside and exercising provides some much needed “me” time and helps reset my mind and body.

  10. Lynice

    My self care is tea time! With three littles finding time for a warm pot of tea helps me feel more “together”

  11. Anna

    A cup of strong tea, cookies and a magazine 😊

  12. Shonya

    My favorite self care is a full body exfoliation. I love the feeling of baby soft, smooth skin.

  13. Christale

    My self care is just sitting on the couch when my five kiddos go to sleep and playing my favorite games on my phone because that’s my only time for ME time when everyone sleeps lol.

  14. Colleen

    A glass of wine and reading a magazine!

  15. Sonia

    Watching Netflix

  16. Nicole Christensen

    My favorite self care activity is curling up with a good book!

  17. Jessica M

    Self care during these times is an oxymoron buuuut if I had to list one thing I like to do to take care of myself…..sit in an empty and therefore quiet car. Yup. Sit. In peace, alone. With quiet. Ahhhhhh.

  18. Katherine W. Francis

    My favorite self care activity is prayer outside. I go outside, anywhere that I can see a tree or some grass or the sky (in the city, sometimes its all you can find), and I just talk to God about all the stuff. It helps.

  19. Tiffany Carter

    Foot massage!!

  20. Katie

    My favorite self care is going for a walk outside to recharge!

  21. Jacquelyn

    Creating me time has been crucial this year. I wake up before the rest of the family to exercise, read the Bible, journal, and drink coffee. It’s the best routine change I’ve ever made. One of the silver linings of this year.

  22. My favorite self-care activity is setting, and sticking to, boundaries I set. Thanks for your phenomenal content✨

  23. Emily

    Yoga. Uninterrupted.

  24. Shannen Osborne

    I love getting manicures and pedicures!

  25. Elizabeth

    Currently, bike or peloton ride – need to work it out!

  26. Nicole

    Best self-care for me is exercise and, weirdly, both time alone and time with close friends.

  27. Jason Wenrich

    My wife’s favorite self care activity is sewing and crocheting

  28. Lauren

    Literally anything alone, especially a walk or coffee and a magazine.

  29. Rachel Turow

    Definitely having a personal trainer. It gives me two hours a week where I only work on my own goals and feeling good. So crucial right now!

  30. Amanda H

    I love a nice long hot bath or a massage when that is possible!

  31. Cathy Carlin

    My favorite self-care activity is simply to sit outside, anywhere that I can be alone with my thoughts.

  32. Jojo

    I have a special needs child and the only and best self-care activity for me lately is sleeping.

  33. Jean L Holman

    Video Games

  34. Wendy

    I like going for a walk or otherwise escaping the house sometime! At home, a face mask or tea/coffee.

  35. Elizabeth Baiocchi

    For me, self-care is all about fresh air. Getting out of my house for a walk, taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, is incredibly refreshing.

  36. Tierney

    My hedonistic self care would be reading or watching a favorite show with a snack or drink, while my “good for you” self care is exercise.

  37. Ginny

    My self care is getting outside for a walk and chatting on the phone with a friend- fresh air + good conversation is insanely helpful!

  38. Jenny Han

    Netflix binging and wine!

  39. Lily Au

    I’ve been hosting a virtual weekly “Spa Face Mask Friday” with girlfriends 🙂

  40. Melissa Storms

    A bubble bath with a good audiobook on speaker is my favorite way to get a little time alone and take care of my body and mind.

  41. Colleen

    Reading with a cup of coffee (in the AM) or glass of wine (in the PM)

  42. Abby Teetsel

    Going for a run, taking a barre class, or making time to read and drink a diet Coke!

  43. Lori

    Currently it’s working out with workouts on YouTube.

  44. Tala

    A walk in nature

  45. Dani

    Gardening is my perennial self care activity

  46. Carolsue

    Taking a hot bubble bath is my favorite self-care activity

  47. Mel

    Sunday afternoon nap!

  48. Jenny McCambridge

    Sleep and hanging out with my girl friends.

  49. Laura Roth

    A great book and some chocolate

  50. Danielle

    Guided meditation before bed

  51. Michelle Ellner


  52. Valencia Higgins

    My self care regimen is working out. Whether its 15 mins or one hour I make the time to workout. I have two toddlers 3 and 1 year olds

  53. Rajee Pandi

    My self care activity is meditation, yoga and walking with my family

  54. Alice Miller

    FAVORITE ACTIVITY? Walking! Nothing better than being outside, burning calories while discovering new sights right in my own neighborhood. I look for different routes and get lost in my thoughts while seeing intriguing homes, cute parks, cut- through paths, and curb finds to share with my group. Every day is a new adventure!

  55. Beth

    Hiking outside alone

  56. Kelly

    I have two self care things I truly benefit from — one affordable and one not so affordable, so it happens less often. The former is a pilates lesson which we can pretty much find for free or a fair cost right now due to COVID, and the latter is a massage (1 hour minimum) that allows you to fully relax and maybe take your stresses away for a bit. Both helpful, both worth it! Self care is SO IMPORTANT!!

  57. Pilar Nichols

    My favorite self-care activity is laying on my hammock with headphones on listening to music!

  58. Pilar Nichols

    My favorite self-care activity is laying on my hammock with headphones on listening to music!

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