Five Things for Today: August 18, 2020

Day trip to Lewes… worth every second of the drive there


1. A few weeks ago, we day tripped to Lewes, DE, specifically Cape Henlopen State Park . We met up with friends, rented surfboards, and enjoyed a great day at the beach. It’s just over a two-hour drive from DC when traffic is light (ie, probably better on weekdays), and such a lovely area. Also plenty of space to social distance with a broad, wide beach and a limit on the number of visitors in the park.

2. It’s Restaurant Week! Through August 30, many restaurants around the DC area are offering special menus and prices, including specially-priced family-style to-go meals.

3. From DCist: How to make sure your ballot is delivered in the DMV.

4. This 1,100+ mile ride by five black cyclists along the Underground Railroad sounds like an amazing journey and endeavor, and you can help support it.

5. Knocked it out of the park.


πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„ πŸ„

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7 Responses to Five Things for Today: August 18, 2020

  1. Milena Santoro

    I totally agree she knocked it over the fence! Loved that you posted it as #5 with no descriptor so we all had to click to see what you were talking about! LOL! Love your posts!

  2. Jen

    Excuse me for asking, in regards to a day trip and getting wet and messy and having to go to the bathroom- is there any facilities open for that?

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      Yes, there are facilities in Cape Henlopen Park – showers and restrooms. Depending on where you hang out on the beach, it could be an easy 2-minute drive to them. You could check out a map in advance and plan to be closer.

  3. Maiya Clark

    Thank you so much for the DCist article on drop boxes! I want my vote to be heard and I don’t trust USPS to get it done.

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