Five Things for Today: March 26, 2020

Channeling Frida Kahlo with a fun and reflective art prompt.

1. The National Children’s Museum, which just opened last month, but like most places is now temporarily closed, launched a daily, digital “STEAMwork” Series on their Facebook page. Each day at 2:30pm, talented members of their team feature different STEAM projects, challenges, experiments, and story times for children under 12 and their caregivers.

2. My kids had such a wonderful art teacher in elementary school, and she’s been doing some great prompts on her blog that encourage thoughtfulness and reflection along with creativity. This Frida Kahlo-inspired post is especially fantastic.

3. Kidstir, a company that makes subscription boxes providing cooking inspiration for children, is giving away 15,000 kits to keep the joy of cooking and baking alive as families are affected by the coronavirus. Sign up to get one! (Note: there is a $4 shipping fee so they can support as many families as possible).

4. An instant mood booster.

5. My friend, Shannon, just revived her blog, But I Do Have a Law Degree. Some of you might remember it from several years ago — it was really popular when she was writing regularly. Anyway, she’s super cool, funny, and real and that all comes through in her fantastic writing.

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