T(w)een Scene: First Show at the 9:30 Club — with Mom!

Taking kids to concerts might not be a new thing for many parents. Plenty of moms and dads have indulged young fans of Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and other popular artists and acts that perform at large venues like Verizon Center, Merriweather, and Nationals Park.

But a concert at the 9:30 Club wasn’t something I’d ever really considered for a kid. In all the years I’d gone to shows there (a long time, even at the original 930 F Street location…and, oof, now I’m totally dating myself), I just didn’t think of it as a bring-your-kids-along kind of place.

Until last spring, that is. I had just snagged a couple of tickets to see Kishi Bashi, whose music I have loved for years, and who would be playing the 9:30 in June. His new album Omoiyari had just been released, and I was listening to it pretty obsessively, playing it a lot in the house. I knew Owen enjoyed Kishi Bashi before that, but he really dug the new album, often asking me to turn it up or play again.

Dad joins on sax for a song

Then, I had a perfect idea: I should bring Owen to the concert. Sometimes when there’s going to be a show I really want to see, I just go ahead and get a couple of tickets without making plans with anyone to join me, figuring someone — Levi or a friend — will want to go. That was the case with the Kishi Bashi tickets. I had the extra ticket, with no claim to it by anyone else, so it would be Owen’s.

I checked the 9:30 Club website to make sure he could attend a show, and the FAQ section says that “Unless otherwise posted our club is all-ages, all the time.” They didn’t otherwise post for the Kishi Bashi concert, so we were good to go. I kept it a surprise until school was done a couple of weeks before the concert date. It would make for a cool end-of-7th-grade gift that he would be super psyched about.

And boy was he, both when he found out he was going and at the concert. It turned out the show was seated (a first of the all the times I’ve been to the 9:30 Club), which was nice for a first show there and kind of perfect for this particular concert. We got there pretty early and lined up outside before doors opened. When we went in, I think they gave Owen a special underage double stamp, then we grabbed a couple of seats in the second row once inside. While Owen saved them, I ordered sandwiches for us, so we could have a little dinner before the music started. It was all quite orderly and civilized — amazing what seating can do!

Encore within the audience

As for the concert, it was phenomenal, one of the best I’ve ever been to at the 9:30 Club. That’s partly because Kishi Bashi is so damn talented, partly the seats in the second row, partly the touching song he performed with his father on saxophone, and partly that he came into the audience for the encore and played a little acoustic set with all of us surrounding him making it feel intimate and like we were all in the best place to be at that time. But, mostly, what made the experience so special was sharing it with Owen and seeing how much he enjoyed and appreciated it. He wasn’t even embarrassed by my dancing.

So, I’m not saying everyone should get their kids to the 9:30 Club stat (could you imagine the wrath of all the single millennials?!). But if a particular band or artist your kid (or you) likes is going to be playing there, and you want to enjoy some live music together, know that you most likely can. And while I think 13 was a good age to be there, shows are all-ages (unless otherwise posted) — parents are the best judges of what’s appropriate for their children.

The 9:30 Club is located at 815 V Street NW. See what concerts are coming up soon!

PS: Since I’ve gushed about the show so much, here’s a quick clip from the encore that still gives me goosebumps when I watch…


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7 Responses to T(w)een Scene: First Show at the 9:30 Club — with Mom!

  1. Kate I.

    I took my 9 year old to a seated holiday performance by Lindsey Sterling at The Anthem, and it was great, minus our Lyft getting sideswiped on North Capitol en route to the show 😮

    We’ll return there next month to see Alissa Cara. Since The Anthem is often standing room only, I’ve opted to splurge on their Super Excellent Seats, which are in the balcony close to the stage. Definitely worth it.

    Thanks for your post!

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      Love hearing this! The Anthem fantastic, I’m actually taking Sasha there for Maggie Rogers in a couple of weeks – it’ll be here first show at a venue like that. Have fun at Alissa Cara! (Also, how crazy about your Lyft!)

  2. Tara

    This is so timely — I’m taking my daughter to her first concert this week, and it’s at the 9:30 Club! Grace Vanderwaal, a teenage singer best known for winning America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago. And this particular show starts at 7, if anyone likes the concert idea but doesn’t want to keep the kids out too crazy late…

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      How cool! My kids were obsessed with Grace Vanderwaal on America’s Got Talent! (And she is so talented!) What a great first concert that will be. Have fun!

  3. Jennifer

    What a cool post! Waiting a couple years for my littles to stay up that late but filing this under “memory making” for sure 🙂

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