Giveaway: Enter to Win a Family 4-Pack of Passes to Awesome Con!

As mentioned last week, Awesome Con, the convention celebrating pop culture and geekdom, is coming to DC this weekend, April 26-28. For three days at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, there will be an amazing assortment of engaging events, comic books, collectibles, toys, games, original art, cosplay, and more, with something for all ages, including a while Awesome Con Jr. area with programming especially for kids.

Even better, I have a Family 4-Pack of passes up for grabs for one lucky KFDC reader and crew ($190 value), good to attend Awesome Con all weekend. Of course, you can go ahead and guarantee yourselves tickets by purchasing online, too.

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Giveaway: For a chance to win a Family 4-Pack of passes (2 adult, 2 kids) to attend Awesome Con this weekend, April 26-28, 2019, simply leave a comment below letting me know what your family is most excited for at the event. Get a second chance to win by entering on the KidFriendly DC Facebook Page, too! This giveaway will run through Wednesday, April 24 2019, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by Awesome Con, however, I only promote events, programs, and places that I genuinely believe in and think will appeal to KFDC readers.


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77 Responses to Giveaway: Enter to Win a Family 4-Pack of Passes to Awesome Con!

  1. Chris

    I love for my daughter to see that “kids” of all ages still like to play make-believe!

  2. Kimberly Rulf

    The Rulf family is most excited to see Star Wars characters! We are a HUGE Star Wars family.

  3. Erin nelson

    We are excited to see some super heros

  4. Jenny Han

    Hands on projects!

  5. Peter Vassalo

    Super Heros!

  6. Joel

    My son loves Avengers!

  7. Lailanie Symonette

    My 10 year would be excited to for the first time ever!


    My girls are giddy about the chance to meet Weird Al Yankovic. Because of course I’ve introduce them to his works from a young age. My wife disapproves, thinking they should learn the original songs before the parodies, but I say if it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for them.

  9. Monique

    Would love to see this since we have never been

  10. Diana

    Anything Star Wars

  11. Kinny

    Star Wars characters

  12. Annilyn

    The panels about science and sci-do intersections! So neat

  13. Amy M

    We would love to see Weird Al! Star Wars and Star Trek too!

  14. Lindsay Davis

    The superhero’s! 🕷

  15. Gigi

    My so is into Cosplay. Looks like a fun way to try

  16. Nicole Weinstein

    Anything Star Wars

  17. Allison A

    The workshops with artists!

  18. Jennifer H

    Would be my 10 yr old sons first time attending and he loves comics, video games, and would love to see the superheroes in person

  19. Brenda

    We are looking forward to the Awesomecon Jr activities and awesome photo ops with cosplayers!

  20. Jeannine

    Would be fun to see all the guests like Anthony Michael Hall and Kelly LeBrock! Interested in the Star Trek segments, too!

  21. Lauren

    Can’t wait to see it all!! We’ve never been

  22. Lori S

    We love all the star wars

  23. Demetria Ball

    My family is most excited in seeing the variety of different colorful costumes.

  24. Marcie Foster

    Most excited to see Darth Vader!

  25. Ozlem Onerci

    Super heros!

  26. Amy

    my kids are obsessed with star wars! so meeting characters

  27. Mary

    My kids are excited about the comics!

  28. Christy Reise

    We are huge Star Wars fans and would love to see the characters!!

  29. Mai M

    My family will be most excited to see Star Wars and Superhero characters! Meeting Milo Ventimiglia will make it extra special for me! 🙂

  30. Kristen Long

    Kiddos are excited for everything at Awesomecon. The whole entire thing.

  31. Jean L Holman


  32. Sonia Mena

    Anything Star Wars

  33. Melysa Sperber

    We are so excited for all the great characters to meet and take selfies with.

  34. Bob Jones

    We are most looking forward to the meet and greet with the Super Why characters at Awesome Con Jr!

  35. Grace Barrera

    We love comics and we would love to see all the awesome customes! My son loves Naruto!!

  36. Jennifer gonzale

    My son and I are so excited. This will be his first year attending. He is into superhero’s and ninjas. We’re excited to dress up as power rangers and to see everyone else dress up. He is so excited to be around other kids that love the same characters as him. I’m sure he will love the whole experience!

  37. Lisa Holley

    We love getting dressed up in costume. My son went as Yandu last year and got to meet the actor who played him. It’s also my husband’s birthday present to our son every year.

  38. Jennifer Richkus

    This will be my son’s first time at a convention like this. I can’t wait to see his face when characters come to life!

  39. Ashling Thurmond Osborne

    Super heros!

  40. Ben

    I would be so excited! I mean, my son would be so excited for anything and everything, what 13-year old (or 42-year old) wouldn’t be!

  41. Sara N

    Star Wars, Superheroes…we would love it all!

  42. Andrew

    Definitely seeing all the people dressed as superheroes!

  43. Robert Millwater

    seeing all of the characters

  44. Charmaine

    Comic books and art — my daughter’s super into these, and the cosplay will be epic❤️

  45. Emily

    Daddy loves Star Wars & is excited to introduce our kids to everything Star Wars!

  46. Jesse

    My son loves loves loves Spiderman!!!

  47. Nikki

    We have never been, so we would be excited to see everything here.

  48. Paula L

    Everything! Star Wars and superheros – my daughter and son would both be equally thrilled!

  49. Mychalene Giampaoli

    Graphic Novel artists! (and everything)

  50. Laura

    We would love to see all of the characters that will be there!

  51. Piper Scott

    My daughter is most excited for the costume parade and meeting some of the artists.

  52. My son wants to do the workshops on drawing graphic novels with professional artists.

  53. Mel

    My kids love making comics and would love this event!

  54. Rebecca

    Seeing all the characers for sure!

  55. Laura Brea

    It would be awesome to bring dad as a surprise! Super fan of Star Wars!

  56. Superheros and star wars are our fvaorites

  57. Caroline Bodnar

    I’d love to meet Jason Isaacs from the Harry Potter movies

  58. Kimberly Din

    We are excited to see the cosplay outfits, the photos ops, and see what merchandise is on sale! Sad that Matt Smith is no longer going!

  59. Christine

    Anything and everything superheroes.


    Comics, comics, comics!!!

  61. TJ Johnson

    My teen and tweens have been looking forward to going to a Comic Con/Awesome Con! Looking at the this year’s lineup, it will be an incredible experience. Even dad will get in on the fun. Cary Elwes, too? Sold!

  62. My son would love to see anything Marvel or Star wars!! He is such a big fan! Thank you for this opportunity!! You always have the best events and giveaways for children and the whole family!

    Thank you!

  63. Julie

    There’s nothing better that time spent with my children doing something that we both enjoy.

  64. My kids love Star wars and all the different toys!

  65. Ginger Moss

    WE would love to attend Awesome Con. We’re looking forward to the anime and programs/talks and movie shorts.

  66. Sophie

    we just moved here from Germany…..and we really look forward to this .. thanks for doing God’s works

  67. Stephanie Wee

    My 7 year old eats, drinks and breathes Marvel and Star Wars. He would be beside himself to go to this!

  68. Ujalla

    My 2 year old loves Avengers. He is really into Iron Man and Spiderman!

  69. Hope

    We live in the area, but we have never been to this event. Just found out about this. We would love to take a pic with actors from the walking dead. 🙂

  70. Cindy B

    My family has a lot of interests: child #1 loves Star Wars 1-9, child#2 Guardians of Galaxy’s retro soundtrack, dh discussing the minute differences between DC and Marvel franchises, and me I’m a Whovian. So Awesome Con is a great fit for us!

  71. Yvonne

    Hopefully meeting all the people who are coming to event!!

  72. Ally

    the very real looking photo of R2D2 and the look of awe on the kids’ faces above is enough reason to want to attend!

  73. Hunter Johnston

    My family and I would be so excited to go to Awesome Con. This would be our first comicon. We really hope to be able to see all of the celebrities and comics. I’ve been a huge fan since elementary school.

  74. Phuong Nguyen

    There are so many exciting activities for kids in Awesome Con website!! Definitely my son and daughter would love to meet R2D2 and my son is collecting Pikachu cards so it’ll be an awesome event for him. Today is my Birthday, and going to Awesome Con will be perfect for a celebration!

  75. Barbara Sacks Singer

    We’ve never been to this so we’d be excited just to attend the event and take it all in!

  76. Anacristina Adams

    We would all love to go!! Weird Al is my husbands favorite! My kids would love it as well! They love all nerdy things like us!

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