Giveaway: Put a Little STOMP in Your Spring!

STOMP, the hit musical production of choreographed percussion, is returning to DC April 23-28, and one lucky KFDC reader can win a pair of tickets to see it on opening night!

The explosive, provocative, sophisticated, utterly unique show appeals to audiences of all ages. The eight-member troupe uses everything but conventional percussion instruments — matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters, hubcaps — to fill the stage with magnificent rhythms. The return of the percussive hit also brings some new surprises, with some sections of the show now updated and restructured, utilizing props like tractor tire inner tubes and paint cans. As USA Today says, “STOMP finds beautiful noises in the strangest places.” See what all the noise is about!

STOMP is running at National Theatre April 23-28. Tickets are $55-75 and can be purchased online. (KFDC tip: Look for a deal here.) Run time is approximately 95 minutes with no intermission. Children under the age of four are not permitted to attend the show.

Read a KFDC review of STOMP from a few year’s back, and get a peek at it in the video below.

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Giveaway: For a chance to win a pair of tickets to STOMP at National Theatre on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at 7:30pm, simply leave a comment below telling me your family’s favorite spring activity. Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KidFriendly DC Facebook Page, too. This giveaway will run through April 14, 2019, then a winner will be drawn at random and announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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87 Responses to Giveaway: Put a Little STOMP in Your Spring!

  1. Sandy

    We love to hike and ride bikes.

  2. Peter

    Our favorite spring activity is finding unique places in our home to add “live, laugh, love” stenciling.

  3. Lane Windham

    We love getting together with family for Easter.

  4. Uliana

    Our family loves going to parks in the spring
    We also really enjoy visiting historic places around DMV to learn more about the greater area we live in

  5. Julie

    Anything outside before the weather gets hot and gross.

  6. Emily Peck

    Hiking, hiking and more hiking!!!

  7. Holly Peters

    Walking with our kids

  8. Caroline

    When the Children’s garden at the US Botanic Gardens opens back up. My kid thinks that place is nothing until she can play outdoors.

  9. Lori S

    We love to bbq with the neighbors.

  10. Katie Detweiler

    Scooter riding over threw WW bridge!

  11. Jason Wenrich

    We love to go hiking and visit the monuments

  12. M Coppola

    We love visiting the arboretum in the spring!

  13. Melissa

    Baseball. Of course. And spring dance recitals.

  14. Rebecca Wadler

    We love being outside riding bikes, going for walks, and Grilling!

  15. Spring hikes! We love to get outside after the long winter and look for flowers in bloom and all the birds and animals waking up and busy-ing themselves for spring!

  16. Kelly Turpin

    Exploring the great outdoors!

  17. Dana

    Picnics in rock creek park

  18. Christie Sunwoo

    Our family loves getting out on hikes or walks no matter what weather spring brings us!

  19. Lisa

    My family loves to see the Cherry Blossoms in the spring.

  20. Evon

    One of our favorite spring activities is visiting the Botanical Gardens..thanks for the content!

  21. Dee

    Hanging out together in the backyard!

  22. We have a tradition that every weekend in April we bike the capital crescent trail to DC and have a picnic by the potomac. We spend the day riding around the area.

  23. Jenny Han

    We love taking walks and hikes.

  24. Krista Bastianelli

    Our favorite Spring activity is the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival!

  25. Tracy

    We love bike riding around the area with our two kids

  26. Chrissy

    Our favorite spring activity is going for hikes in the arboretum!

  27. Laura

    We love to visit Mount Vernon and see the new baby lambs!

  28. Toni Sun

    Fly kite, go hiking, ride bike…we love outdoors.

  29. Erin nelson

    Going to the cherry blossoms

  30. Our boys play Banneker City Little League and love to attend practices and play in games! “Play ball!”

  31. Lisa Park


  32. Liza

    Riding bikes and hiking!

  33. Jennifer P

    We love going to Anacostia Park to ride bikes and fly our kite!

  34. Dina Saunders

    My family loves hiking the Scotts Run and Billy Goat Trails, which are both kid friendly!

  35. Amy

    Riding bikes!

  36. Elaine

    Spring break! I love traveling with my family. Sometimes it is a “big” trip, like a week in Fort Lauderdale, but usually it’s a road trip. We love being in nature and visiting national and state parks. This year we’re going to the Great Smoky Mountain National park!

  37. Kir

    Takoma Park Easter Egg Hunt!

  38. Stefany Meyer

    We love going to Nationals games!

  39. Jane

    We love hiking in the spring and love searching for salamanders

  40. Robert Millwater

    playing at parks and playgrounds

  41. Cristina Lucas

    Visit NYC with the family

  42. Marisa

    Hiking in Rock Creek Park!

  43. Peggy M

    Spending time outside in the sun, riding bikes, spring sports.

  44. Sonia Mena

    Riding bikes and going for hikes.

  45. Carine Rosalia

    We love to hike and camp in the spring.

  46. Mai M

    Bike rides with the family! 🙂

  47. Ali W

    We love spending time at the National Harbor or at our local parks.

  48. Amanda

    We love to get our garden started!

  49. Britne Brown

    Our fave spring activity activity is being at and playing at the park- we love Watkins Park!

  50. Emily

    Visiting Brookside gardens!

  51. Kristin

    Bike rides and Nats games!

  52. Sallie Spangenberg

    In spring, we love jumping on the trampoline and planting flowers to watch them grow!

  53. Jeannine

    Spring hikes all over the DMV!

  54. Danielle

    We love walking around the tidal basin and seeing the cherry blossoms

  55. Catherine Crow

    Easter Egg Hunt

  56. Amanda filtrin

    We love all the outdoor activities during spring! Especially the kite festival!

  57. Beatrice Torres

    Picnics and feeding ducks at local parks… I’d a regular springtime activity for us!

  58. Ken Thornton

    The Cherry Blossom Festival.

  59. Angela

    Hiking and seeing spring blooms!

  60. Demetria Ball

    My family’s favorite spring activity is getting together and eating bushels of crabs 🦀 .

  61. Ann taylor

    Love camping and getting outside

  62. Natalie Carson

    Our favorite spring activity is hiking.

  63. Kim

    Definitely playing outside and the start of our hiking season!

  64. Katherine W. Francis

    I would love to take my daughter! We hit the trails at Rock Creek Parkway as soon as spring comes!

  65. Liz

    We love eating dinner outside!

  66. Kate Mize

    My kids favorite spring activity is planting flowers. Anything that gets them out in the sun getting dirty.

  67. RY

    Picnics outside!

  68. Sue Gutierrez

    Gardening, playing on the swing outside, visiting all the awesome parks in walking distance of our house, playing on the National Mall.

  69. Przemek

    Riding a bike to Georgetown

  70. JLP

    Riding the scooters around the Arboretum!

  71. Laura

    Getting to the zoo before it gets too hot to walk around

  72. Marcela

    My dàughter loves Easter celebrations in the spring and of course cherry blossoms.

  73. Lori

    Hanging outside in the nice weather with the dogs!

  74. Favorite spring time activity is hiking, camping visiting arboretum and eating outside.

  75. Donna Smith


    My family’s favorite Spring activity is the Blossom Kite Festival! We go every year and the kids always have a blast! We also play soccer with Volo City ( I got the tip for this from KidFriendly DC)! We like the National Cherry Blossom parade too.

  76. Jennifer Sleboda

    Our favorite spring activity is going to parks and gardens to see the flowers and flowering trees!

  77. Clara

    Playing outside

  78. Joo Young Lee

    Our favorite spring activity is to plant seeds or sprouts in the pot and in our backyard. Watching something growing is truly a rewarding activity.
    We also liked to do all different kinds of egg hunt from egg hunt in our back yard with neighbors to more eventful ones like helicopter drop egg hunt or fancy egg hunt in the zoo with gigantic eggs full of goodies.

  79. tara

    The kite festival!

  80. Jill Nielson

    We love visiting Anne Marie Sculpture Garden to look for fairy houses.

  81. Dani

    Our favorite spring activity is seeing the magnolias in bloom at the arboretum

  82. Allison Gordon

    Egg hunts!

  83. SPHarley

    We love to go hiking to see the bluebells at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area.

  84. Jennifer Curtis

    We simply love being outside in the spring time. The clear blue skies, bright sun, and birds chirping make for a wonderful backdrop to a great day!

  85. Jean L Holman

    Cherry Blossoms

  86. My kids love to go hiking followed by stopping for frozen yogurt!

  87. Lindsey S.

    Visiting all the local parks and being outside again!

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