Scenes from the 2019 DC Cherry Blossom Peak

Surely you’ve heard (or seen) by now that the cherry blossom peak has begun…and it is glorious! Going to see the brilliant pink and white blooms stretching around the Tidal Basin every year does not get old. The beauty of the flowering trees and that it’s such a fleeting occurrence — the peak rarely lasts more than a week — always makes it feel special. The only downside: The crowds. Lots of people like to see the blossoms, and that hasn’t changed this year. But it’s worth dealing with, in my opinion, to experience the peak. Hey, you could even consider it part of the experience.

The Capital Weather Gang is hopeful for an extended bloom this year, with weather conditions working in the flowers’ (and our) favor. If you plan to do some cherry blossom viewing, be sure to check out these tips first. You can also listen to me discuss some ways to enjoy the season in this podcast by Everybody’s National Parks.

And for a glimpse of the peak, here are some scenes from an outing there. There are a lot, but I just couldn’t help myself!

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