Giveaway: The Big Apple Circus is Coming to Town!

The Big Apple Circus is returning to the DC area with a spectacular new show for it’s 41st season! Coming to National Harbor February 14 – March 24, this year’s extravaganza will feature real-life wonder women, led by new ringmaster Stephanie Monseu.

World-renowned for its one-ring, intimate, and artistic style — where no seat is more than 50 feet from the performers — Big Apple Circus is passionate about revitalizing the circus for modern-day audiences with unique and astounding human feats in the ring and enough sizzle outside the ring to entertain guests from the very moment they enter.

The season promises another sensational experience filled with Big Apple’s roster of superhero talents, ready to incite jaw-dropping awe and sheer joy in audiences of all ages. Ringmaster Monseu will be joined in the ring by a multitude of fierce female-led acts and more, including the “strongest mom in the world,” performers will (literally) bounce off the walls in a feisty trampoline act, a double wide trapeze act showcasing seven fliers & two catchers in addition to the quadruple somersault, a daring and balletic dual aerial straps act, a gravity-defying horizontal juggler, hilarity from circus clowns, and many more phenomenal acts.

This year, adults and children can also experience new pre-show thrills and sample an array of culinary delights. Upgrades to the food selection include bespoke circus classics and divine cocktail creations by one of the nation’s top mixologists Pamela Wiznitzer (three-time “American Bartender of the Year” nominee). In addition to tasty bites and bevies for the general public, the VIP Experience in the Mirror Room is peppered with eye-popping fun activities and photo-ops galore.

The Big Apple Circus is running from February 14 – March 24 under the Big Top at National Harbor. Tickets are $20-95 and can be purchased online through You can also look for a deal on select seats. Of course, you can also try to win them through the giveaway below.

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GIVEAWAY: For a chance to win a Family 4-Pack of Tickets to any weekday 7pm performance of the Big Apple Circus at National Harbor from February 14 – March 24, 2019, simply leave a comment below naming the best movie you’ve seen recently (in a theater or at home). Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KidFriendly DC Facebook Page, too. The giveaway will run through Saturday, February 9, 2019, then and a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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135 Responses to Giveaway: The Big Apple Circus is Coming to Town!

  1. Ashley

    Instant Family!

  2. Jane

    A dog’s way home

  3. Lindsey M Morrow

    How To Train Your Dragon

  4. Rebecca Kirchmer

    The greatest showman

  5. Liz

    Sadly, I can’t even remember the last movie I’ve seen!!

  6. Britne Brown

    The Hate U Give was the best movie I’ve watched in a while!

  7. Carla Jurewicz

    Marry Poppins:)

  8. Sandy

    We love The Greatest Showman. My kids got it for Christmas!

  9. Erica

    Incredibles 2. I don’t get to watch many movies.

  10. Katrin Sparico

    Just saw transalvania 3

  11. Michelle Turner

    Current favorite movies at our house are The Greatest Showman and Trolls!

  12. Nikki

    wreck it Ralph 2

  13. Laura

    The Greatest Showman was a hit recently for our entire family!

  14. Nima

    Mary poppins returns

  15. The Upside. Just wanted to see how the French blockbuster has been adapted for the US.

  16. Patti Pollack

    My family loved The Greatest Showman, the soundtrack was amazing!

  17. Cristina Lucas

    The Breadwinner

  18. Brenda Laham West

    Mary Poppins Returns was better than expected! Dick Van Dyke’s guest appearance simply brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful modern family movie with an ode to the classic!

  19. Andrea

    Private Life!

  20. Carolyn Seugling

    Tully was so good because it felt very real and made me cry. Being a mom is tough!

  21. Megan

    We love Peter Rabbit and The Greatest Showman.

  22. Rebecca Wadler


  23. Sonja Clark

    Smallfoot is our most recent movie.

  24. Sonia Mena

    The Greatest Showman

  25. Alison Nixon

    The most recent movie my daughter and I watched and that she liked was Ice Age. We laughed so hard.

  26. Moira Todd

    A Star is Born, so good!!!

  27. Mariya

    We watched “Night at the museum” after visiting the National museum of natural history. The kids loved watching the exhibits come to life.

  28. Sandy

    Green book was amazing

  29. Alison

    Instant Family was fantastic.

  30. Cyril E

    Mary Poppins Returns

  31. Alison

    What an awesome giveaway! Mine is Wreck It Ralph 2. Thanks for the post about this!

  32. Janelle

    Mary Poppins Returns!

  33. Ang Holmes

    The nutcracker and the four realms…my girls loved it!

  34. Robert Millwater


  35. Elana Benatar

    Mary Poppins Returns!

  36. Karen

    Mary Poppins Returns

  37. Britt

    Mission Impossible: Fallout

  38. Holly

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

  39. Alicia Fuentes

    “Growing up Smith” is beyond great!!

  40. The Black Stallion (1979) is amazing!!

  41. Theresa Ann Snyder

    The best movie I have seen in the theaters lately was A Star is Born

  42. Anuja patel

    Aquaman in theater we saw with family. It was an awesome movie.

  43. Smita

    Just saw Vice. Christian Bale and Amy Adams were amazing!

  44. The best movie I saw recently was Christopher Robin.
    It was a very nice and sweet movie with characters in real life.

  45. Paula

    The Greatest Showman

  46. Lucy Foglia

    Best movie we’ve seen recently was Mary Poppins

  47. Piper Scott

    My daughter and I really enjoyed the Peter Rabbit movie 🙂

  48. Josh Chiang

    Mission impossible fallout

  49. Sallie Spangenberg

    Miracle Season!

  50. Shu

    A dog’s way home

  51. Rachel Bradford

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  52. Jennifer Curtis

    Im in love with a star is born right now

  53. Brianne Little

    Mary Poppins Returns

  54. Lisa

    Mary Poppins Returns ☂️

  55. Marcela

    We loved wreck it ralph 2

  56. Angela Young

    Bohemian Rhapsody

  57. Jenny Bradbury

    The best film I’ve watched at home with my daughters is Nim’s Island. The best film we’ve seen in theaters is the new Spider-Man.

  58. Karene

    Song of the Sea

  59. Joyce

    We have been watching The Hobbit with the kids!

  60. Kathleen kiley

    Mary Poppins Returns
    (Of course)

  61. Andrea Salerno


  62. Nayoung Lee

    My kid loves Merry Poppins Returns

  63. My kids live the circus!! Hope to win tickets 😁

  64. Barb Braffett

    A Star is Born for adults and Mary Poppins Returns for the family 🙂

  65. Just last night we watched Finding Dory and our almost three year old, loved the “Fish Movie”

  66. Mary Jones

    My daughter loves the songs in The Greatest Showman.

  67. KC

    I loved A Star is Born!

  68. sally Kamran

    The Greatest Showman!

  69. Monica

    Mowgoli on Netflix 🙂

  70. Aldwyn Hamilton

    White Fang – for kids a little older (at least 6), about a wolf who is good at heart and how he and some good people/intentions prevail!

  71. Kern

    The Greatest Showman! Great family movie and got the kids interested in going to the circus, which they have never done!

  72. Erin nelson

    The Kid who would be king 👑

  73. Yazmin Rivera


  74. Lori S

    We loved Bohemian Rhapsody

  75. Gregory Magee

    Mary Poppins returns

  76. Joyce

    Paris to Pittsburgh

  77. Jia

    My son loved watching Bumblebee in the theater.

  78. Bethany

    Mary Poppins Returns!

  79. May

    The Greatest Showman

  80. Ruthie Arbit

    Marry Poppins Returns and the original Mary Poppins!

  81. Sage Morgan-Hubbard

    Beale Street was the best movie I’ve seen in the theaters on a kid-free night!

  82. Jasmine B.

    Wreck it Ralph!

  83. Shelly McKenzie

    Ocean’s 8

  84. Jenny

    The Greatest Showman!

  85. Carolyn

    We did “If Beale Street Could Talk” for date night

  86. Sara R Agarwal

    The Jungle Book!

  87. We watched The Nutcracker this weekend and my girls loved it so much.

  88. Mary Allen

    The new Mary Poppins

  89. Allison Gordon

    The Greatest Showman!

  90. Kelly

    I still Love Inside Out but waiting for How to Train Your Dragon 3!

  91. Jenny McCambridge

    Incredibles 2

  92. Scott

    Not a kids movie, but The Big Lebowski – can’t watch it enough.

  93. Paula L

    A Star is Born!

  94. Katherine M Murray

    Well, our whole family is obsessed with The Greatest Showman so I think it’s safe to say we would love tickets to the circus! 🙂

  95. Mariana

    Roma on Netflix was a wonderful movie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. KC

    Greatest Showman

  97. Julie R

    Mary Poppins Returns!

  98. RO

    Coco (for the second time!)

  99. Jean Louise Holman

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  100. Kid friendly DC rocks!

    Black Panther

  101. DC

    The greatest showman

  102. Sarah Collins

    I hardly watch movies anymore, but Dumplin ‘ on Netflix was so good! I was pleasantly surprised 😊

  103. Michelle Germany

    Veggie Tales – The Stra of Christmas. My sone (4-year-old) & I watched over and over. It was funny, action-packed and there’s always a great moral. I highly recommend it for all audiences.

  104. Michelle Germany

    Veggie Tales – The Star of Christmas. My son (4-year-old) & I watched over and over. It was funny, action-packed and there’s always a great moral. I highly recommend it for all audiences.

  105. Caroline

    Incredibles 2 was incredible!

  106. Melva Medina

    My family enjoyed the “Nutcrackers” We watched three more times and we loved it.

  107. Emily

    Crazy Rich Asians

  108. Laura S.

    The Greatest Showman was fantastic…I can’t get the music out of my head and I love it!

  109. Mia

    Curious George Christmas (had to watch it many times)

  110. Cindy B

    Bumblebee was my son’s favorite movie.

  111. Sara

    A star is born

  112. Scott N

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  113. Olga Petryniak

    We love Meru, a great movie about mountain climbing and perseverance.

  114. DL

    Crazy rich Asians

  115. Paige Grymes

    The best movie I’ve seen recently is Crazy Rich Asians. 🤞🏼

  116. Emily Sadowsky

    The Greatest Showman

  117. Andrea Purse

    The LEGO Movie 2!

  118. MaryEllen M.

    The Peanuts Movie!

  119. Katie baer

    The kid who would be king!

  120. CF

    To all the boys I’ve loved before.

  121. Venise Lewis

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

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