Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to Nats vs. Braves this Wednesday, August 8!

There have been some pretty exciting Nats games lately, and we’ve been lucky to be there for some of them. Like that franchise record-setting 25-run doozy against the Mets last week… wowza! When the the kids and I were on our way to the game, I actually gave them a heads-up that we’d probably be leaving early, since 1) they had camp the next day, 2) it was supposed to rain, and 3) they were playing the Mets (sorry, Mets fans). But when we were up 7-0 after just the first inning, I had a feeling we’d be sticking around longer, and indeed we stayed through the rain and all nine innings for one awesome display of baseball.

Anyway, we have four tickets for the match-up against the Braves this Wednesday evening that we can’t use, and I would love to give them away to some KFDC reading Nats fans. So, I thought a quick giveaway would be fun. And, hopefully, whoever wins gets to enjoy some thrilling baseball action, too!

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Giveaway: For a chance to win four tickets (section 133) to see the Nationals vs. Braves this Wednesday, August 8, 2018, at 7:05pm, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite baseball moment this season. Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KidFriendly DC Facebook Page, too. This giveaway will run until Tuesday, August 7, 2018, at 8pm, then a winner will be picked and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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53 Responses to Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to Nats vs. Braves this Wednesday, August 8!

  1. Jenny Han

    Nats vs. Yankees series 🙂

  2. Jason Wenrich

    The all-star game!

  3. Jenny F.

    Julio Teheran’s first Major League home run.

  4. Kathleen kiley

    Loved that the Friday Nats vs Reds game was rain delayed until Saturday bc I was exhausted!

  5. Harmony Jones

    All-Star Game!

  6. Laura O’Keefe

    Kids running the bases and big win over the Mets!

  7. Ana starkis

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! We loved the all star game!!! 🌟💯

  8. Megan Farnum

    All Star!

  9. Terri Jo Bauer

    My 8 year old earning tickets to the Orioles by reading enough books during the summer! 🙂

  10. Anna Caffrey

    Bryce Harper winning the Home Run Derby!

  11. Katherine M Murray

    We haven’t had a favorite baseball moment this season because we haven’t been to a game yet! So, I guess our favorite moment will be winning these tickets! 🙂

  12. Amy

    The all star game for sure!

  13. Chenoa Sowa

    My favorite baseball moment this season was watching Bryce Harper win the Home Run Derby! Thanks for this opportunity—we love Kid Friendly DC!

  14. Jen vo

    All star game!

  15. Tim vo

    Took my daughter to her first game

  16. Erica hilburger

    Bryce Harper winning the home run derby

  17. Terri carr

    Watching with my dad

  18. Jen willoughby

    All star!

  19. Margaret Da Breo

    I will be a first timer. Very new to baseball and reminds me of game we play in Guyana called Rounders. Moving to DC, I see how much Washingtonians love to support their home team, especially the amazing Stanley Cup win. Excited to see a game and rep the Nationals.

  20. Holly

    Bryce Harper winning the Home Run Derby with his Dad pitching!

  21. Cristina Lucas

    All Star game!

  22. Jessica E Belford

    When Ovechkin threw first pitch against SF Giants to celebrate our CAPS and Washington DC sports fans! The place went wild! Go NATS!

  23. Alexis

    Taking my out of town friend to a fun game!

  24. Becky

    Loved watching Bryce Harper win the home run derby at home with his dad throwing for him!

  25. sandy

    so fun we went as a family over the July 4th holiday and loved the game and fireworks

  26. Laura

    We went to see a game and just watching my kids enjoy it was so much fun!

  27. Navarro

    My favorite moment this year was from the Nats last series with the Braves when Trea Turner hit a home run on the first pitch!

  28. Grace

    Bryce Harper!

  29. Kim

    I would love to go!

  30. Erica

    Bryce Harper winning the derby. My son turns 5 tomorrow(8/7) and Harper is his favorite player ever!

  31. Paula

    Ovechkin’s pitch!

  32. Brenda B

    Having a chance to take the kids to a game would be amazing! Can’t pick our favorite moment!

  33. Julie

    The all star game!

  34. Ali Hales

    Bryce Harper’s home runs!

  35. Brennan

    Bryce Harper winning the Home run derby on his home field!

  36. Kayce

    Would love to take my daughter to her first game!! Thank you!

  37. Kayce

    Also watching Bryce Harper at the home run derby was my favorite!

  38. Ashley

    When Bryce Harper won the home run derby!

  39. Amanda Hudson

    The best part of about this Nats season is knowledge that through this blog we might have a chance to actually go to a game this season!!!!

  40. Nadia Speziale

    I have a two year who recently is obsessed with baseball – we havnt been to a game since last year and he was a little over a year so I’m not sure he remembers but my husband and I have some amazing memories attending games before kids, and the Nats and the games were a Huge part of our transition to the NOVA area. We love the experience of the games and what joy baseball brings to the summer. Not to mention my husband (dad) is a huge Braves fan and the rest of us are Nats fans!!

  41. Erin V.

    My son’s first-ever at bat.

  42. Meredith

    My son seeing his first yankee game

  43. Justin

    Definitely the all star game! Thanks for the giveaway – would love to end the summer with a family outing to the game! ❤️💕😍

  44. Sylvia

    Having the All Star game in DC!

  45. Beth

    Haven’t been to a game yet this year but would love to!

  46. Peter Williams

    Best Nats moment this season for me is Bryce’s comeback win in the home run derby!

  47. CB

    Bryce’s home run derby.

  48. Caroline

    All-Star week was amazing. The home run derby was Awesome

  49. Robert Millwater

    Harper winning the Home Run Derby

  50. Ruth Robinson

    We have only made it to one game this year, and it was so much fun! Hope to go again before the season ends.

  51. Matthew Koehler

    My favorite moment this season was taking my 5 year old daughter to the FanFest. Now, I’d love to take her to a game!


    The all star festivities in town

  53. Megan Belser

    This would be so much fun!

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