Enter to Win a Day Out With Thomas at the B&O Railroad Museum!


I know lots of tiny train enthusiasts will be excited about this… Thomas the Tank Engine™ is returning to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. The crew from the Island of Sodor will be rolling in to the “station” on their annual Day Out With Thomas tour, stopping from April 28-30 and May 5-7. And two lucky KFDC readers can win a Family 4-Pack of tickets to go on opening day, April 28!

A Day Out With Thomas ticket includes all kinds of locomotive-themed fun. Along with all-day admission to the B&O Railroad Museum and fun live entertainment, you get to take a scheduled 25-minute train ride behind Thomas the Tank Engine™ and enjoy all of these activities and programs:

• Photo opportunities with Sir Topham Hatt
• Thomas Imagination Station of interactive play
• Carnival Games
• Moon bounce
• Kid’s climb-on train
• Craft & tattoo stations
• Interactive B&O Railroad Museum exhibits
• Free rides for children on Thomas Power Wheels, Museum’s carousel, Happy Train, & Choo Choo Blueville

Tickets to a Day Out With Thomas are $22 and available for purchase online. Of course, you can also try to win them through the giveaway below.

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Giveaway: For a chance to win one of the Family 4-Packs of tickets to Day Out With Thomas on Friday, April 28, with a 1:45pm train ride time, simply leave a comment on the post. To be eligible, you must subscribe to KidFriendly DC (see sign-up to the left). This giveaway will run through April 2, 2017, then a winner will be drawn at random and announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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192 Responses to Enter to Win a Day Out With Thomas at the B&O Railroad Museum!

  1. Jenny McCambridge

    My son would love this. Thanks!

  2. Laura Steichen Steichen

    Whoa, my 2 and 5 year old boys would love this outing! pick us, please 🙂

  3. Lauren Krulick

    Choo choo all a board !!

  4. Alison Alford

    What a great contest!

  5. Rachel

    How fun! Would love to win!

  6. Nicole Reo

    My son is a huge Thomas the Train fan and would love this! So cool!

  7. SusanD

    Thomas delights my son. WE would love to go!

  8. Oh I hope i can win tickets!! We love Thomas the train!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  9. Brianne

    I know a huge Thomas fan who’d be incredibly excited about this. Thanks for this giveaway, and more generally, for all of your terrific blog posts!

  10. Brenda Butler

    My grandson loves thomas

  11. Laura

    My kids would love to meet Thomas!

  12. Rachel Bradford

    My little one loves Thomas – the number 1 blue engine.

  13. Abby a Drake

    Cute!!! My son adores Tjomas the Train and this would be perfect not just for him but for us! He’s always saying “choo! Choo!”

  14. Shellee Chen

    We love trains!

  15. Kimberly McWilliams

    Me please!!! We love Thompson!

  16. Our two boys will absolutely love this!

  17. Jessy

    My 3 boys would LOVE this!

  18. Sarah

    This would be a great day with my family!

  19. Steph

    My little train lovers would love this opportunity.

  20. Katie Breiner

    Daughter loves Thomas!

  21. Maria

    Time to play with Thomas! Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

  22. Melissa Henry

    My boys would love this!

  23. Laurie pickett

    Day out with Thomas is so much fun! My youngest hasn’t been yet he’d love it!

  24. Jenny F.

    My daughter is so into trains – she would love this!

  25. Amy

    My sons would love this! We have been meaning to go there!

  26. Amy

    My sons would love this! We have been meaning to go and visit Thomas!

  27. What child doesnt love thomas????

  28. Carolina

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  29. Yahira

    I am looking forward to this. Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets.

  30. Rebecca

    Oh what fun this would be!!! Choo, choo!!!

  31. Joanne

    My grandson would LOVE this!

  32. Ciara Knudsen

    This is great!

  33. Magdalena

    Our lil man would go bonkers.

  34. Erica

    My son is obsessed with trains and would LOVE to see Thomas in action!

  35. Guiomar

    This would rock my son’s world!!!

  36. Marcela

    My daughter would be thrilled to go.

  37. Gotta be in it to win it! Thanks!

  38. Lisa Shaw

    How cool is this?!? I’m very excited to have found your blog! I took my boys to the Puppet Co this past weekend in Glen Echo to see a show and also to the Rock Creek Park! Thanks for your wonderful recommendations!

  39. Karen W

    Full steam ahead for family fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Elana

    So excited to go see Thomas!

  41. Kaitlyn Bell

    My sons would lose their minds with excitement!

  42. Harmony Jones

    My 3 littles would love a day out with Thomas!

  43. Sia F.

    Love your blog!!! My son is a huge Thomas fan and is looking forward to hanging out with him in April.

  44. Christina Fraser

    My daughter loves trains!!!

  45. Em Jacobs

    Toot toot!

  46. Amy Minkin

    My twin boys are obsessed with Thomas, Percy, rocket and all the trains right now! To see the the train up close would be super cool and amazing!:)

  47. Josel

    This would be so much fun!

  48. Beth Radke

    My son loves trains and Thomas.

  49. Sonia

    My kids love trains and would love to ride one.

  50. Susanne koch

    Wow, my two boys would love to go!

  51. Susanne koch

    My boys would love to go!

  52. Tim vo

    Would love to take my kids!

  53. Jen vo

    Would love to go 🙂

  54. Rebecca

    This is a fantastic event! My family would love to win tickets!!

  55. Thuy Hoang

    Looks like a great day trip for the kids.

  56. Katy Lambert

    Love this! ?

  57. Tanya Lau

    Would love that! My kids love Thomas!

  58. Crystal McClintock

    My youngest would love this!

  59. Jen

    This is my go to website for what to do with the kids each weekend! Would love to be chosen for the Day Out with Thomas!!

  60. Shanea

    Toot toot! My little ones would love an outing like this one!!

  61. Caressa

    I would love to win Thomas tickets! My 5yr old, 3yr old and 22-month old are obsessed with Thomas!

  62. Becky

    My son would love this!

  63. Megan O'Brien Ruyle

    This sounds great!

  64. Eric

    Thanks for providing these great opportunities. Love the site, and my kids would love this!

  65. Samuel G.

    My daughter and two sons would love this!

  66. Laura O'Keefe

    My 4 year old loves trains and we’d love to win tickets!

  67. Jenna

    My son loves all things Thomas! I would love to take him since it is close to his birthday!

  68. Kristin

    Yes please

  69. Alex K

    My 2 year old’s dream!

  70. Melanie Castellanos

    I have 2 boys, very close in age that are obsessed with trains right now, especially Thomas! Fingers crossed.

  71. Joyce

    Sounds like fun!

  72. Jackie Lai

    We would love to go!

  73. Leigh

    Very cool experience.

  74. Shawn Brain

    Thomas is my sons ABSOLUTE favorite so thanks for telling us about this!!

  75. Steve Arrington

    A day out with Thomas sounds awesome! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  76. Kimberly Tuomey

    We love Thomas.

  77. Selin ovadiya

    It would be a dream come true……

  78. Caroline

    Nice giveaway!

  79. Adrienne williams

    Would love to win a family pack!

  80. Jessie Willis

    What a fantastic prize!!

  81. Diane C.

    Whoooo wouldn’t want to go?

  82. Julie

    Free ticket giveaway

  83. Heidi Hutman

    This sounds amazing! Crossing my fingers 🙂

  84. Susanna

    Thanks ?? I love ❤️ win

  85. Jessica lin

    Never thought I’d be entering this sort of giveaway but my 2 year old son is train insatiable!

  86. Sarah

    My two boys love Thomas! This looks like so much fun!

  87. Katie Dodge

    My kids would love to see Thomas!

  88. Robert Millwater

    my daughter would love this

  89. Jennifer

    This sounds like so much fun! We love the b&o museum!

  90. Marie Lyon

    We would love to go! My boys would be in heaven!

  91. Colleen

    Would love to visit this museum!

  92. Patricia Kingsford

    What a fun thing to do with my two train loving boys!

  93. Tiffany

    Perfect for my two year old son!

  94. Tiffany

    Sounds so fun! Great activity for my 2 year old son!

  95. Sarah Weber

    My 3.5 year old is a huge Thomas fan and this would be right up his alley!

  96. Kandice Fults

    He’s the cheeky one. 🙂 My boys are true Thomas fans. We’d love this!

  97. Flory Lietz

    This would be so much fun!

  98. MrsDalton

    We’d love to spend a Day Out With Thomas!! This will make someone’s family very happy…good luck to all! Choo-Choo!!

  99. Heather Wadsworth

    My six year old son and two year old daughter would love this!! Thank you for offering fun giveaways. 🙂

  100. Heather Sills

    My son is obsessed with Thomas, Percy, and friends. He would love this so much, squealing with delight.

  101. IBF

    Kids are finally old enough to enjoy this!

  102. Mike Sacks

    Giveaway entry!

  103. Holly K

    My 3 year old loves Thomas trains and would love this event!

  104. Anne

    For my daughter.. thanks for the opportunity!

  105. Olga

    We have never been to this museum yet, so it will definitely be a double winner! My 2 kids love Thomas so it will be unforgettable. Thank you for your weekly postings and giveaway opportunities.

  106. Mimi

    This is great!

  107. Jen

    Oh my goodness, my son would LOVE this! We spent hours in the museum just on a visit! It would be great to get free tickets!

  108. Jennifer Ibrahim

    My son would go insane with glee and my daughter would have a blast too 🙂

    Fingers crossed!

  109. Chloe

    Our 4 year old daughter would love to go! Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. Pammy

    Rad giveaway! Ahhhhh squeeee! my son lovessss trains!

  111. Laura

    This would be amazing. My 3 yo would lose his mind if he got to see Thomas!

  112. Elaine Zaidan

    My 7 year old has been lucky enough to go twice, my poor 3 year old has never been. Hoping to take him this year!

  113. Rachel Lanman

    My girls would love this event!

  114. Elaine

    My 7 year old has been lucky enough to go twice, my poor 3 year old has never been. Hoping to take him this year!

  115. Moira Angel

    My son would have a blast!!! He has had pretty good luck these days – crossing fingers he wins!!

  116. Moira Angel

    My son would love this! Pick me! 🙂

  117. Amy Griffin

    Love KFDC. Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

  118. Sarah

    John (2) is obsessed with trains and would have such a blast! And who knows, maybe his baby twin sisters would enjoy it, too!

  119. Holly Bryant

    Always wanted to take the kids!

  120. Tammy Kaplan Zabari

    My kids would love this

  121. Deni

    My little guy loves Thomas! We have to go visit:)

  122. Christine Cunningham

    My son would love this for his 4th birthday. I think my 1yr old would get a kick out of it too

  123. My 3 year old would get such a kick out of this! A great family event!

  124. Julie Riley

    My kids would love to see Thomas!!

  125. Alissa McKnight

    My two boys would LOVE this!!!

  126. Emily Olson

    We just visited this museum for the first time two weekends ago and my 1.5 year old and 3 year old boys were in love. Not to mention we the adults were in love. Thanks for considering us for this!

  127. Sarah K

    My two would love to meet Thomas!

  128. Rachael

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  129. Kate Bateman

    All aboard! Looks like a wonderful way to encourage my daughter’s interest in trains – and enjoy a reprieve from all things Frozen : )

  130. Veeral

    Bust my buffers!

  131. Jane

    Hi Thomas!!! Great idea!

  132. Jane

    Hi Thomas! Great idea!

  133. Jamie Zachary

    My kids have never been and would love to go ???

  134. Nicole Brown

    This would be amazing! My son and nephews would truly enjoy!

  135. Kim

    Son would love it!

  136. Wen

    Awesome outdoor activity for the kids!!

  137. Mrs.Dalton

    This is adorable and will make someone’s family very happy! Good luck to all! Choo-Choo!

  138. Lea Mattice

    Here’s hoping!

  139. Melissa Johnson

    My sons would love this!

  140. Sabrina Adewumi

    How fun! We went last year and the kids as a fantastic time ?

  141. anna

    My son would love this!

  142. Stephen

    My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son would love this!

  143. Sara

    You always find the BEST things! My son would LOVE this! Thank you!

  144. Esti Hecht

    So much fun!

  145. Jasmine Johnson

    omg my 7 year old loves Thomas his room is filled with these trains we would reallllly love to have tickets coming from Washington dc that would be such a blessing

  146. Paula

    Looks like so much fun!

  147. Carrie Treagy

    This looks really cool! I’d love to win tickets!

  148. Elaine Qualter

    We’ll throw our hat into the ring! My three little boys would love this outing. What a great idea! Thank you!

  149. Bahar

    My four boys would absolutely love meeting their Thomas friend!

  150. Trisha McRoberts

    My daughter would love!!!!

  151. Jennifer Weiner

    My two daughters would absolutely love to meet Thomas!

  152. Carisa Pineda

    Went years ago. Would love to do it again.

  153. Elizabeth Bastos

    I was recommended by a complete stranger today to your blog… and I am so happy that I found you for many reasons! However my 21 month old is obsessed (understatement) with “choo choo” (Thomas the train) right now and we are so excited about this!

  154. Carrie Ann

    Would love to go to Thomas!! 🙂

  155. Teerarat Wongtimarat

    Great! Choo Choo

  156. Tram

    Thank you for a chance to win. Good luck everyone!

  157. Gabby

    KidFriendlyDC, you did it again! Thanks for sharing news of this exciting event!

  158. Claise

    Great giveaway! Thank you for sharing!

  159. Ashley D

    Would love take our two boys to DOWT! My oldest loved Thomas and my youngest is now old enough to enjoy this kind of thing. He was a newborn the last time Thomas rolled into town.

  160. Brianne Little

    Thank you the fun chance to take my family!

  161. Ran Bi

    My son would love this! Thank you!

  162. Ran

    My son would love it! Thank you!

  163. Audrey Metzler

    Thanks for the giveaway, my son will be thrilled to meet Thomas!

  164. Katherine Murray

    My girls love Thomas! What a fun giveaway!

  165. cara cook

    Yes Please! My some is OBSESSED with Thomas 🙂 Thank You!

  166. Bonnie

    What a great giveaway!

    Thank you!

  167. Teerarat Wongtimarat

    Choo choo

  168. Amanda

    Would love to win for my 2 year old

  169. Haydee Estrella

    Pick the HV family! <3

  170. Debby

    I took my son last year and he really wants to go back with his sister!

  171. Avital

    Would love to take my 3 year old. Thanks!

  172. Crystal

    My now 7 year old son loved this a few years ago. I think my 2-year old daughter would now get a kick out of it. And her older brother would love guiding her through the experience.

  173. SJ Lee

    Our two kiddos would love this! All aboard!

  174. Gina Thorp

    I love Kidfriendly DC!!

  175. Jonathan

    Choo choo!

  176. Maddy

    We love Thomas!

  177. patricia wonder

    would love to take my family. thanks.

  178. Merav

    I finally subscribed! Hope you pick us 🙂

  179. Stephanie Fisher

    We love Thomas!! Would love to win ?❤️

  180. Barbara

    And the lucky kid is…..(hope it’s me)

  181. Monique

    My son loves Thomas the Train, this would be the perfect outing with him! Kid friendly you’re the best, I always find nice activities here.

  182. Ready to see Thomas

    Winners Win! Can’t wait to see Sir Topham Hatt.

  183. Bethany

    Thomas and Friends is a huge hit in our house!

  184. LaShanda Adams

    I would love tickets for my 3 year old who loves Thomas the Train. Thank you for the opportunity.

  185. My grandson loves Thomas and all of his friends.

  186. Amber Roberts

    We would love this for a fun family outing. My sons love Thomas! Thank you for this chance I’m crossing my fingers!!

  187. My Kids love Thomas and they saw all the movies and they really enjoy.

    Hope we can win and they can see Thomas in real life wich is they’re dream.

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