Giveaway! DREAM BIG in IMAX 3D at the National Air & Space Museum


DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World is the latest film to grace the giant screen at the National Air & Space Museum. Promoting the E in STEM, the movie was produced to offer a fresh perspective on engineering, show the creativity and compassion of engineers, and inspire kids of all backgrounds to want to become engineers. From the world’s tallest buildings to underwater robots to footbridges in Haiti to a solar car race across Australia, DREAM BIG celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small and highlights how engineers push the limits of innovation in unexpected and amazing ways. View the trailer here.

The kids and I recently caught a screening, and we all left impressed and inspired. I especially appreciated that it featured several women engineers and their accomplishments. There was mention at the beginning of an aim to get more little girls interested in STEM, which got Sasha’s attention. She actually said excitedly, “That’s me!” and was thoroughly engaged until the end. Owen was completely captivated and particularly fascinated by an engineer who works in Haiti building footbridges for needy communities. When the credits started rolling, he pulled off his 3D glasses and exclaimed, “That was awesome! I want to be an engineer!”

DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World in IMAX 3D opens at the National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater in Washington, DC, and the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center’s Airbus IMAX Theater in Chantilly, VA on February 17, 2017. It’s rated G, and run time is 42 minutes. Tickets are $9/adult, $8/senior, $7.50/ages 2-12 and available online or at Box Office. You can also try to win a 4-Pack through the giveaway below!

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Giveaway: For a chance to win a Family 4-Pack of tickets to see DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World at the National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater or the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center’s Airbus IMAX Theater, simply leave a comment below naming an engineering feat you find fascinating (a building, bridge, etc.). To be eligible, you must like KidFriendly DC on Facebook, and you can get an extra entry by entering there, too. This giveaway will run through February 23, 2017, then a winner will be drawn at random and announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Smithsonian Enterprises, however, I only promote services, events, and programs that I truly believe in and/or think would appeal to KFDC readers.


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64 Responses to Giveaway! DREAM BIG in IMAX 3D at the National Air & Space Museum

  1. Sadie

    It may be in our backyard, but I am still always amazed by the Washington Monument!

  2. Molly Hyde-Caroom

    We LOVE your site and this IMAX sounds amazing! It will be the perfect field trip to supplement our physcial science unit if we win! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  3. Jessica

    Any structure that was built hundreds+ years before modern building practices were around and modern tools/computers. Think pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Roman Colosseum, Sagrada Familia, Westminster get the picture!

  4. Monica Alvarez

    Thank you for this opportunity! Strandbeest is an amazing engineering robot.

  5. Michael Lampart

    Palm Islands in Dubai!

  6. Lan

    Inca citadel in Machu Picchu, Peru

  7. Amy mahoney

    Gateway Arch in St Louis! I can’t even imagine how it would have been built

  8. Jenny F

    Eiffel Tower!

  9. Alexis

    The Burj Khalifa!

  10. Julie R

    Leaning tower of pisa!

  11. M. Ketcham

    Great Wall of China and the Colosseum in Rome

  12. Jeannine

    My visit to see the grandness of Borobudur in Indonesia, as a child, has always remained with me. Such an impressive sight to see those temples, which were built so long ago.

  13. Nicole Christensen

    The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel!

  14. Barbara Sacks Singer

    Hoping to inspire my little Lego builder toward STEM! His big sister is doing the S in STEM at University now! My guy is fascinated by the pyramids in ancient egypt.

  15. Robin Lazarus-Berlin

    This film looks amazing! The trailer gave me chills. The International Space Station is my vote.

  16. Sunny bartkowski

    Brooklyn bridge is amazing!

  17. Monica Christensen

    Liked KidFriendly DC on Facebook 🙂 … newest fascination is using origami techniques in engineering as featured on NOVA/PBS last night!!!

  18. Felipe Mello

    The Pyramids in Egypt – Fantastic!!!!

  19. Felipe Mello

    The Pyramids in Egypt. Fantastic!!!

  20. Valarie

    The Great Wall.

  21. Amy H

    I think all bridges are an amazing engineering feat. How were the first engineers brave enough to try?!

  22. Liz

    Angkor Wat in Cambodia

  23. Diana G

    I’m fascinated by the islands built in Dubai. What a feat!

  24. Danielle M Werchowsky

    The engineering feet I find most interesting is the building of really tall buildings. This would be a great movie to see.

  25. Ana starkis

    My son loves to build any thing and everything (with his toy hammers) he would love this! ? ☺️☝️

  26. Nicole L.

    I think the golden gate bridge is an impressive structure to see.

  27. Ledina

    So important to a changing renewable energy environment!

  28. Ellen Gervits

    Machu Picchu, Peru

  29. Dana Turnage Chong


  30. Jill Schaub

    The Brooklyn Bridge!

  31. Jen vo

    The pyramids … HOW!?

  32. Tim vo

    Bay Bridge tunnel

  33. Deepika Davidar

    The Ram Jhula Suspension Bridge across the Ganges river in Rishikesh, India. Built in the 1980s, it spans 230m. I’ve crossed it and it’s terrifying but absolutely stable!

  34. Andrea T.

    The Eiffel Tower

  35. Marcela

    Mount Rushmore is pretty amazing to me.

  36. Liz Garza

    All things green such as solar panels, green roofs, etc.

  37. SD

    Golden Gate Bridge – amazing engineering and beautiful!

  38. Sonia

    Chichen Itza, Mexico

  39. Melinda

    I love structures from long ago…the Roman Colosseum is a favorite!

  40. mark meyerson

    maned space travel

  41. Natasha

    Reclaimed land in the Netherlands!

  42. Katherine Murray

    My daughter says the Eiffel Tower.

  43. Kate Smith

    The Great Pyramids. Seriously.

  44. Kandice Fults

    More recently, SpaceX landing a space rocket back on Earth!

  45. Amanda Perry

    Would love to see this movie!! The Taj Mahal has always amazed me.

  46. Emily Abraham

    The Ferris Wheel – especially the very first one, at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893! P.S. check out the book “Mr. Ferris and his Wheel.”

  47. anna

    my budding engineer is interested in submersibles!

  48. Faye Hammersley

    Underground tunnels, especially under water.

  49. Grace Ha

    The Manhattan Bridge – but that could be because I was married near there 😉
    Any bridge is an engineering feat to me!

  50. Emily

    The Golden Gate Bridge

  51. Jen

    My dad’s a civil engineer. Everyone in my family is a sucker for bridges. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is pretty amazing.

  52. Cindy B

    Boy #1 Chesapeake Bay Bridge, boy#2 Tappan Zee bridge in NY.

  53. Sabrina Adewumi

    Amazing!! I degrees in Engineering and Interior Design, and I’ve always been fascinated by structural marvels such as really tall buildings, cantilevers and glass walkways/platforms. Look forward to his!

  54. Linda

    Ferris Wheel at the National Harbor!

  55. Jasmine B.

    Very impressed by the Coronado Bridge!

  56. Amanda Kendall

    All bridges amaze me, especially the incredibly long ones such as the Donghai Bridge in China.

  57. Kieata

    We love the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, we love that you can walk, ride a bike and drive your car all at the same time. The structure is beautiful.

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