Where in DC?

What and where?

What and where?

I thought this dismal day could use a little lift, so I decided to bring back an old, fun feature that I’m not even sure why I stopped running. If you’ve been following KFDC awhile, you might remember the “Where in DC?” contest used to be a fairly regular thing. For those newer to the blog (or in need of a refresher), it’s a chance to put your observational skills to the test — and possibly win something, too!

All you have to do is identify the photo above and tell me where it was shot — be as specific as you can — and leave your answer in the comments below. Everyone with the correct answer will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

The prize this time is TWO of these Certifikid vouchers for 2 Admissions and Skate Rentals (for adult or child) to Washington Harbour Ice Rink in Georgetown.

This contest will only run until tomorrow at 12pm, so get your guesses in soon!

Good luck!


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30 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Elizabeth Lindsey

    It’s the “Our View From Here” Linn Meyers exhibit at the Hirschorn! But I’m confused – can’t everyone read the answers in the comments and just copy it? Thanks! – Elizabeth

  2. Kelly

    Hirshhorn museum, second floor.

  3. Kelly Maguire

    It’s from the Linn Meyers exhibit at the Hirshhorn!

  4. Paula Gonzales

    It’s the awesome painting in the center of the Hirschorn!

  5. sandy

    hirshhorn how cool

  6. Shazia

    The Hirshhorn! Fun game.

  7. Suchitra

    Hirshhorn museum, Linn Meyers exhibit

  8. Petra Holden

    It’s the painting at the Hirschorn museum 🙂

  9. Anouk

    Linn Meyers @ the Hirshorn museum…

  10. Julie

    Hirschorn museum, inside corridor, 2nd floor

  11. Dorice

    Hirshorn museum, Linn Meyers exhibit!

  12. Jen vo

    Hirshorn! Cute game!!

  13. The Hirshhorn! My kid always tries to touch it, so it’s hard to forget ?

  14. Neelam

    I learnt the correct answer from other answers but then educated myself about it by going to Hirschhorn website… Hopefully that’s the point and counts to be included in the drawing ☺️
    Hirshhorn museum, Linn Meyers, our view from here.

  15. Marina

    Hirshhorn Museum!

  16. Bethany

    This is from the Linn Meyers exhibit (Our View From Here) at the Hirshhorn. It’s a fantastic exhibit!

  17. Chloe

    Hirshhorn museum! We went there with our daughter this past summer 🙂

  18. Metzy

    Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum,2nd floor, Linn Meyers, Our View from here 🙂

    Stopped by the Hirshhorn during lunch last week 😀

  19. Shannon Wheeler Roberts

    Hirschhorn – 2nd floor, inner hallway – so cool!!

  20. Felicia

    Hirshorn museum, Linn Meyers exhibit, second floor.

  21. Jenny

    Hirshorn museum!

  22. Meghan

    Linn Meyers exhibit at the Hirshhorn museum, second floor.

  23. Gemma Sage

    Museum that my kids call “the big bagel”, aka the Hirshhorn, 2nd Floor hallway, Linn Meyers exhibit, right outside the amazing Ragnar K. exhibit, which I actually went to three times!

  24. Clara

    Hirshorn exhibit.

  25. Rachel

    Hirshhorn Museum – exhibit extends around the circular central gallery. It’s a delight!

  26. James Kaminski

    As soon as I saw the picture I knew it was from the Lynn Meyers exhibit at the Hirschhorn. Second floor.

  27. Meg

    Hirschhorn-Second floor.

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