Guest Post: What is the Perfect Age to Get Braces?


[Note: This is a sponsored post contributed by Dr. Bob Kumra of Kumra Orthondontics. As previously mentioned, I’ll be sprinkling in content that addresses topics applicable to many of us parents as our kids grow. Among that, a monthly post from Dr. Kumra on orthodontia. Kumra Orthodontics has locations in Washington, DC, and Stafford, VA.]

What is the Perfect Age to Get Braces?
Those who suffer from orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment by a professional orthodontist at any age. Your teeth are unique, just like you. Kumra Orthodontics in Downtown DC and Stafford, VA, can evaluate your oral health care needs to provide you and your family with the best orthodontic care available. Whether you are seven or 50 years old, braces can help straighten and beautify your smile. After an initial consultation and assessment of one’s teeth and gums, Dr. Bob Kumra will be able to discuss with you if braces are right for you or your children.

When Is The Right Time For Braces?
While patients at any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment, there are a few specific ages where treatment is optimal, like after the last baby tooth has fallen out and all of the adult teeth have grown in. By the age of seven years old, children should see an orthodontist and get an evaluation to address any possible issues. From the ages of eight to 14 years old, children’s heads and mouths are still growing, which makes this a good time in life to correct any orthodontic issues. Even after age 14, you can still benefit from an orthodontic consultation and treatment from Kumra Orthodontics.

How long will the braces need to be worn?
The question that Dr. Bob Kumra is asked most often by prospective patients needing braces is, “How long do I need to wear braces?” It depends on the individual patient’s case and their specific treatment. Most patients experience orthodontic treatments over a period of 18 to 30 months. A consultation with the team at Kumra Orthodontics is the best indicator of how long one’s specific treatment may last. Orthodontic treatment or braces can initially cause minor pain and sensitivity for a patient. It is important that parents explain to their children under age 18 what they may experience before, during, and after their braces are put on. And although wearing braces can be uncomfortable at first, they will get used to wearing them, and their braces will become easier to wear over time.

If a patient participates in a sport that requires a mouth guard or plays a musical instrument, make sure to speak with Dr. Bob Kumra about playing while undergoing orthodontic treatment. You will learn quickly how to engage in your favorite activities with your braces. Invisalign Teen could also be a good option if you feel that your child is able to carefully follow the instructions and use the clear aligners properly. Whether you are seven years old with crooked teeth or 50 years old with an overbite, Dr. Bob Kumra can administer the appropriate treatment for your specific needs and age group.

What’s the Next Step?
For more information or to schedule an appointment with Kumra Orthodontics in Downtown DC and Stafford, VA, visit them online or call (202) 785-8672 (Washington, DC) or (540) 602-7251 (Stafford, VA)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kumra Orthodontics, however, I only promote services, programs, and places that I genuinely believe in and think will appeal to KFDC readers.

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