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Even though Peapod, the online grocery delivery service, has been around for awhile now, I never took advantage of it until a couple of weeks ago. I guess that’s because I actually don’t mind (dare I say, enjoy?) grocery shopping. I like to stroll the aisles and think about meals to make at home. I also like to select my produce and protein (fish/meat/chicken) to make sure I’m getting good quality, and was a little skeptical of a delivery service doing that for me.

However, as my kids get older and their lives get busier (which means mine does, too), I’m always looking for ways to streamline where I can. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try Peapod and host a giveaway for KFDC readers, I figured why not give it a go?

The online order was easy to execute — I just signed up and started filling my shopping cart. I liked how they highlighted Weekly Specials, so I didn’t miss the great deals on berries and several other items. After that, I mainly browsed by “aisle,” and made sure to include plenty of produce and a big piece of salmon, so I could see if what they sent met my standards. At check out, I chose a two-hour delivery window for early the next morning to make sure we’d be home, but time slots throughout the day were available.

The verdict: The service was great! My delivery arrived right in the middle of the time slot, no items were missing, and the fruits, veggies, and fish were all up to par. I’ll definitely be using it again when I’m in a pinch.

Ready to do some online grocery shopping? Go to Peapod.com to get started. And to stay updated and on specials and other news, follow them on Facebook here and on Twitter and Instagram @PeapodDelivers.

Giveaway: Want a chance to win a $100 gift card for Peapod? Simply leave a comment below telling me what kind of service already does or would make your life easier. To be eligible, you must follow KidFriendly DC on Facebook and subscribe to the blog (see sign up on left sidebar). All entrants must live in DC or have a DC address they can use for delivery (possibly work or a friend). The giveaway will run through Sunday, August 23, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase my groceries as I tried the Peapod service, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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38 Responses to Enter to Win a $100 Peapod Gift Card!

  1. Sarah

    I love peapod! I often give giftcards for it as a gift for baby showers and new parents! Life saver!

  2. Laura Steichen

    I’ve used blue apron, it’s nice having the food all prepped and ready to cook. I’ve learned some new cooking techniques too.

  3. Jessica

    I really like the idea of Google Express, but it doesn’t go to my area yet nor have enough options online yet. Has potential though. I would love a service that could CHEAPLY help me decorate my home.

  4. Tamika Turner-Graydon

    As a newbie to the DMV hands-down bring able to have my groceries delivered is Heaven! I have nine people in my household and we gave up our cars when we moved here so I worried about buying groceries especially since there’s so many of us but Peapod has been like a rockstar for us and we love it!

  5. Jessica

    ScratchDC, by far the best of all the meal delivery services and it’s a local business, always a plus to support your local entrepreneurs!

  6. Linda L

    I haven’t tried pea pod yet, but it sounds super useful. I tried BlueApron but it didn’t really work well for our schedules.

  7. Kaui

    I discovered blowout bars shortly after I went back to work after maternity leave. Getting blowouts are a lifesaver for a working mom with a little one who won’t let me go to the bathroom alone:). It’s a timesaver, roughly saving me 3 hours per week, time I now spend with my daughter. Plus, I have more hood hair days now.

  8. Katie Francis

    I tried pea pod and they messed up my order, but refunded me for the things that weren’t right, and I got to keep them. I know that if you sign up with them on-line they offer your first delivery for free.

  9. Jenny

    I am a single mom and grocery shopping is not my favorite task. Grocery delivery is a great I allow myself every so often!

  10. I have never used Peapod, but I am sure it would be great! I hate shopping with the kids

  11. Jane

    We use Peapod often and find their service amazing! They have only been late twice, and they called both times to tell us they would be arriving late. The delivery people they hire are kind.

  12. Gabby K

    If Google Express delivered in my area, it would be a lifesaver! Hopefully, they will deliver to my home soon!

  13. hadley

    I love grocery delivery!

  14. Priscilla

    I haven’t tried any grocery delivery services since moving to the district. However, my mother absolutely LOVES it! She says it very convenient, especially if you don’t drive or if you live in a high rise apartment.

  15. Max

    Using Tranquil Blessings’ Mobile Massage service has been a life-saver for myself, family and friends because we don’t have to do anything except open the door when they get to our home and then…relax…thanks for the awesome content and giveaways!!!!

  16. Marjorie

    I would like something where I get a sample of vinyl each month. What I don’t use I send back.

  17. Becky

    I’ve used Peapod every two weeks (religiously) since my first son was born 3 years ago. It’s a lifesaver! But, I found that my produce wouldn’t last for 2 weeks (and, I don’t actually need to order groceries more frequently), so I added a weekly delivery of produce from Washington’s Green Grocer (washingtonsgreengrocer.com)! Love it! Not only does a weekly produce box keep fruits and veggies fresh, but it “forces” us to eat more fruits and veggies (can’t have them go bad!), and it motivates us to try new things.

  18. Sharry

    My husband works in DC and at times he is there for ALOT of hours. This is a great way to stock up the fridge for those longs days and nights at his office.

  19. Nickyl

    I’d love a service from giant that allowed same day delivery of a low minimum order

  20. Ann Marie Binsner

    I love peapod. It is a great way to get the shopping done.

  21. Emily

    I love Peapod! I have 3 little kids that are no fun to take to the gtocery store. I have used Peapod every week for about a year. The produce is often better than what I see in the store. If there is anything wrong with the order, they credit my account – no questions asked. I highly recommend the service.

  22. mayra

    i like to order peapod before we travel so when we get home groceries will arrive that day or the next. One less thing to worry about when we get home from a trip

  23. rebecca

    We love having a milkman – South Mountain Creamery. We’ve also used Backyard Produce for delivery. Nice during the farmers’ market off season.

  24. Ann

    Grocery delivery is awesome. Love instacart too: multiple stores.

  25. Kat

    When my kids were younger I wished there were more drive through services where I didn’t have to get out of the car (things like milk, produce, bread, and also more drive through ATMs). I like the idea of the Peapod pickup spot in Chevy Chase since you can just run in pickup what you ordered, and bonus that you can get gas there at the same time.

  26. Ash

    I’ve never used PeaPod, however, I love the idea of it!

  27. Jen

    Grocery service would make my life awesome! Not having to navigate DC traffic to get healthy food with two under two would really help me. I would be a good repeat customer πŸ™‚

  28. Scott

    This would be awesome for our family.

  29. Clara

    Having an extra pair of arms would be nice

  30. Kate Bateman

    We’ve used PeaPod twice and had good experiences both times — a couple things were missing, but they substituted with good alternatives. Friendly, on-time delivery and they’ll take away all your extra plastic bags for recycling. However a minor complaint is sometimes things are ‘over-bagged’ – using a separate plastic bag for each of 3-5 items that easily could have been put together. The environmentalist in me cringes.

  31. Laura

    I used Peapod a few times and liked it for the most part. The reason I stopped is because they don’t warn you when something is sold out. For example, I bought rye bread. When the driver showed up, he said there wasn’t any rye bread left and didn’t bring any other bread at all. I still had to go to the store.

    I found the curb-side delivery service to be better because I can schedule it when I’m out doing errands. And if there is no rye bread, I can run inside and get white.

  32. Martha

    CSAs are also a great way to get local, fresh quality produce when you don’t have time to shop. It also forces you to branch out and embrace veggies that you may not normally buy (hello, beets!).

  33. Esti

    I like Google Express. Fair prices and quick delivery. I use them for deliveries on heavy items and they get delivered straight to the door of my apartment.

  34. Jen

    Online bill paying, which I’ve done for 15 years — back before my bank offered it — makes my life easier.

    What service would help? Someone to get my basement full of outgrown baby clothes and gear in order. But that’s a tall order! πŸ™‚

  35. Preethi

    Definitely any delivery service (amazon prime!). Thanks!

  36. Linda

    I LOVE Hello Fresh. I actually don’t mind cooking when I don’t have to shop or plan or search through my fridge and cabinet for ingredients. I get home from work, get the kids doing something useful, and then put on a podcast while I cook dinner in peace.

  37. Chiara Giorgetti

    I would like to find a good way to give away unused toys and outgrown clothes efficiently and easily. My basement is overflowing!

  38. Joan Kubes

    I think I could really benefit from grocery delivery. I do have some things on automatic delivery from amazon and appreciate that because of the lower price they offer too.

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