Giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win Tickets to Dinosaurs Alive! 3D


Dinosaurs Alive! 3D started taking audiences on a big adventure at the National Museum of Natural History’s Samuel C. Johnson IMAX® Theater last month. The film follows some of the world’s preeminent paleontologists as they uncover evidence that the descendants of dinosaurs still walk (or fly) among us. Along the way, they explore some of the greatest dinosaur finds in history…and the magic of the movies brings them alive on the big screen.

Are you ready to join the adventure, too? You have a chance to win a 4-Pack of tickets to see Dinosaurs Alive! 3D. Or you can guarantee your prehistoric journey and purchase them online or at the Box Office. It’s playing daily with several showings throughout the day.

Giveaway: For a chance to win the 4-Pack of tickets to see Dinosaurs Alive! 3D at the Samuel C. Johnson IMAX® Theater, simply leave a comment below telling me your child’s favorite thing to see at the National Museum of Natural History. To be eligible, you must be a KFDC blog subscriber (sign up in the upper left sidebar) and “like” KidFriendly DC on Facebook. The giveaway will run through Thursday, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Smithsonian Enterprises, however, I only promote services, events, and programs that I truly believe in and/or think would appeal to KFDC readers.


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60 Responses to Giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win Tickets to Dinosaurs Alive! 3D

  1. Rebecca Smolar

    She liked the butterfly exhibit

  2. Adina

    The gift shops (all of them). Theo also likes the caves in the gems and metals exhibit, and the hall of evolution (cavemen!).

  3. Sadie

    My daughter’s favorite thing to see at the Museum of Natural History is the area with the gems and minerals.

  4. Erin

    My boys love to visit the Oceans/Animals, Bugs, Mummies, and of course the dinosaurs!

  5. April Ty

    She loves, loves, LOVES, the dinosaurs as well as the mammal exhibit.

  6. AFenia

    My son loves the butterfly area and the giant elephant.

  7. Christine Y

    My son loves the dinosaur fossils.

  8. Julie

    My kids love the insect exhibit !

  9. Meg M.

    We can never go to the Natural History museum without a walk through the oceans exhibits to see the fossils and living fish.

  10. Diana russell

    Son loves going back to the history of man exhibit and the geology section.

  11. Roxanne

    My kids love to look at the under the sea life, whales, jellyfish and sharks

  12. Andrea

    My daughter’s favorite thing to see at the NMNH is the African Elephant located at the Family Rotunda.

  13. Jill

    My son loves ocean life section.

  14. Danielle

    The insect “petting” zoo.

  15. Valerie

    My son loves the bug exhibit!

  16. Josh

    Dinosaurs and the ocean life hall.

  17. Kim

    Definitely ocean hall!

  18. Erin

    My son loves the animals!!

  19. Lane Windham

    Hi – – She loves all the sea creatures.

  20. steve

    He loves the bugs! (I rather like the cockroaches, as long as they are nicely contained)

  21. My kids like the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond

  22. Jeanne

    The dinosaurs are definitely their favorite!

  23. Miwa

    My son’s favorite is the giant squid and the miniature aquarium with the small fishes swimming in it.

  24. Jen

    We love to see Henry the elephant. And the butterfly garden.
    Thanks for having such a great blog!

  25. Kimberley Waldron

    My son liked the bug displays and the gem collection.

  26. Patti

    My little girl is like me and loves the gems and minerals!

  27. Lisa

    My boys love the bugs and dinosaurs!

  28. Lorelle Bewley

    My children love the qrius area where they get to take things out and look at them in the cases and under microscopes.

  29. Barbara Sacks Singer

    Dinosaurs of course, and the “toy” stores!

  30. Reagan Holmes

    Another vote here for the insect section! We also love the main mammel section and the gems/minerals.

  31. Theresa

    My child loves the history of man exhibit. We always say hi to the Neanderthal and her baby!

  32. Andrea

    The butterfly room is one of our favorite places!

  33. nikki

    Favorite exhibit for my girls have and is the Dinosaur exhibit. They are so excited just alone to see the T-Rex and all other fossils and info. It never gets old with them.

  34. Katie Francis

    The T-Rex! and counting his teeth!

  35. Genet

    My son loves the Dinosaur… all day, everyday. Which is why I hope to win this for him and his friends. 🙂

  36. mayra griggs

    we love the elephant!

  37. Deepika

    The immersive butterfly house!

  38. Piper

    My daughter’s favorite exhibit is Ocean life!

  39. Linda So

    My kids love seeing the dinos and mammals

  40. Clara

    Rocks and insect zoo.

  41. Charlene

    Dinosaurs! That’s a no brainer! lol

  42. Maureen

    Seriously, they love the entire place!

  43. Melanie

    My daughter wants to be a geologist, so she loved the gem stones and the Hope Diamond.

  44. The Triceratops – of course. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve taken my son’s picture with him!

  45. Jessica

    My daughter will be 6 in August. I’m not ashamed to admit that she’s just as fascinated by the Hope Diamond as I am. We imagine what type of jewelry we would want that big stone in and all the fab places we would go wearing it. #bigbluebling !

  46. tlo

    The oldest loves the mummies, the preschooler can’t get enough of the insect zoo, and the toddler would spend hours in the discovery room!

  47. CRD

    The butterflies!

  48. Lisa Ramish

    My little one is happy just spending time with the elephant in the foyer. But he loves the dinosaurs too.

  49. Sandra Mudd

    The dinosaur exhibit and the mammal exhibit are my kids favorite.

  50. Jennifer

    My son loves the dinosaur fossils!

  51. Preethi

    All the dino stuff, for sure!

  52. Amy Tanner

    Our favorite exhibit is the Bones Exhibit!

  53. Kristen

    Our kids haven’t been to the museum yet, but they do love dinosaurs!

  54. Christina

    As Cub Scouts, my boys live in the Gems and Minerals. Love that place!!

  55. Jay

    My kids love the dino fossils!!

  56. Rebecca

    We go straight to the bugs. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is his favorite. Besides the dinosaurs, of course. 🙂

  57. my kids love all the dinosaurs!

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