Where in DC?


Here’s a little photo contest to start your Sunday — and I think this might be a tricky one. If you think you know where this image was taken, tell me the location in the comments. All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a TWO of these deals on admission to Washington Harbour Ice Rink (good for four people total). The contest will run through Wednesday, November 26, and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter. Good Luck!

And congrats to KFDC reader Melissa, who won the last “Where in DC?” contest. That photo was snapped at the Safeway on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan.


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15 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Mike Jasser

    O Street Manion Pool Room. We had our Wedding there!

  2. chris vontz

    0 street mansion (pool room, like Mike said). Just went there for the first time last weekend and got pretty lost. Thanks for KidFriendly: lots of great discoveries made with you guys (and that’s the ADULT me speaking…i’d follow this stuff even if we didn’t have a beautiful kiddo).

  3. Ginger Moss

    O Street Mansion – we just had our son’s Bar Mitzvah there! What a cool place!!!

  4. robin quintard

    mansion on O st

  5. Terri Jo

    The pool room at the O Street Mansion

  6. Laura Steichen

    O street mansion!!!!

  7. Kate

    O Street mansion – unforgettable if you’ve been there!

  8. steve

    O street mansion, in the pool room.

  9. sawsan salameh

    O street mansion pool room!

  10. megan

    O Street Mansion!

  11. Kay

    O street mansion, in the pool room!

  12. O Street Mansion — Kane wanted to buy the barber shop chair!

  13. Chiara Giorgetti

    Mansion on O Street. At the Pool room, super cool!

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