Where in DC?


Do you know where this photo was shot? If you think you do, then enter to win this latest Where in DC? photo contest!

Just leave a comment below naming the location — be as specific as possible — and those of you who answer correctly will be included in a drawing to win FOUR of these Certifikid deals for a One-Hour Kayak or Paddleboard Rental.

This contest will run through tomorrow, and a winner will be picked this weekend, so get your guesses in soon. Good luck!


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19 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Transportation Walk by Yards Park!

    • ashley Ruff

      This is located on M st. at the Dept. of Transportation, in between the ball park and the navy yard across the street from skate park

  2. Dawn Horan

    This is located on the “Transportation Walk” behind the US DOT building on New Jersey and M Street SE. It is behind the West buidling of the DOT complex in the water area closest to Tingey Street.

  3. Jessica G

    Tingey Plaza by the US Dept of Transportation and Office of the inspector general

  4. Evelyn Garcia

    The Navy Yard area, Transportation Walk. This ship is one of a few transportation vehicles/vessels on top of the beautiful water fountains. LOVE this place!

  5. Alicia Remesz-Guerrette

    National Harbor

  6. Laura

    Transportation walk by the DOT, also know as the Navy Yard Area!!

  7. by the navy yard building.

  8. carri wasserberg

    Defense’s old intelligence agency building near Navy Yard

  9. Jackie Davidson

    The transportation walk fountain. By yards park.

  10. Mimi Smith

    Department of Transportation

  11. Krysti L.

    ‘Tranportation walk’ at DOT near Yards Park.

  12. Suzette

    Transportation walk near the Department of Transportation – Navy yard, yards park area

  13. nadia

    transportation walk at navy yard!

  14. Nicole

    Transportation Walk by the Navy Yard/ DOT Bldg. This ship is on top of the fountain.

  15. Jamie stewart

    Navy yard dc by dept of trans….canal park…yards park

  16. Jennifer Ibrahim

    Transportation walk in front of the DOT!

  17. Katherine

    We just walked through it this past weekend – I love that fountain at Transportation Walk near Yards Park.

  18. Carisa

    This is a fountain near Nats stadium. I think its on a walking path called Transportation Walk.

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