Where in DC?


Almost exactly one year ago, I said I would make “Where in DC?” posts a regular feature on the blog, and I kept it up for a good while, but then it just…fizzled. Not for lack of interest, just because I got a little lazy. So, I’m reviving it with the promise to make it a regular thing again.

If you’re new here, or if it’s just been so long that you don’t remember what these are about, here’s the deal: I post a photo, and you guess where it was taken for a chance to win a prize. Just leave your guess in the comments below (be as specific as possible), and all correct answers will be entered into a drawing to determine the winner, who will be picked from the bunch at random.

The prize for this one will be FOUR of these Certifkid deals for a Boomerang Pirate Ship Family Fun Cruise Ticket. The contest will run through the weekend, and a winner will be picked on Monday. Good luck!


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55 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Jessy Sparenborg

    National zoo, Asia trail

  2. Neverland Scraps

    My guess is the National Zoo, by the Panda Bear Exhibit.

  3. J Tynes

    Asia Trail of National Zoo

  4. Rebecca

    My guess is the trail by clemyjentri park.

  5. Katie

    Children’s garden at the botanical gardens in dc

  6. Lisa Arnold

    the bamboo forest, Spring Valley (Washington, DC)

  7. tom lewis

    Outside guess, children’s garden at the Botanical Gardens

  8. Becca Snodgrass

    The Zoo!

  9. Christine Szathmary

    US Botanic Gardens, Children’s Garden

  10. The trail behind the parking lot across from Clemyjontri Park! …in the bamboo, of course! šŸ˜‰

  11. Nita

    National Zoo.

  12. Erin

    Botanical Gardens

  13. Yvonne

    The National Zoo!

  14. Jennifer K.

    I’m guessing the National Arboretum?

  15. Angela

    Ticonderoga farms in chantilly, va

  16. Emily

    The Arboretum! At the very bottom of the trail in the Asian Gardens next to the Anacostia River trail. Great spot!

  17. Esmer Gurevich

    Glen Echo Park šŸ™‚

  18. Mara

    National zoo

  19. Kathleen

    Ticonderoga Farms.

  20. Carrie

    We love the Bamboo at the Arboretum! That would be my guess!

  21. sarah remes

    Children’s garden at the botanical gardens

  22. Abigail

    National Zoo– The Asia Trail.

  23. jordan silverman

    Tokoma Piney Branch Park?

  24. Brandie

    The picture is at the zoo near the panda exhibit.

  25. Stephanie Pico

    This picture was taken at the national zoo

  26. Lonna Seibert

    Looks like the Asia Trail at the National Zoo!

  27. Angie

    The National Zoo – between Cheetah Conservation Station and Visitor Center.

  28. Shelley Rakip

    Great Country Farms!

  29. Xavier

    Battery kemble?

  30. Rebecca M.

    Ticonderoga Farms

  31. Lashad Kirkland

    National Zoo in the Bamboo field

  32. Linda So


  33. Krissy Ayd

    Ticonderoga farm

  34. Debra Yarcho

    Ticonderoga Farm in Chantilly

  35. Claudia

    Asia trail at the national zoo.

  36. Andrea

    National Zoo!

  37. Stacey Bradshaw

    The zoo:)

  38. Tracy Bowen

    This photo was taken at the National Zoo.

  39. Jackie Davidson

    The botanical gardens children’s garden

  40. Linda Wilson

    National zoo

  41. LDB

    The National Zoo

  42. Jennifer Curtis

    Wow, I totally would’ve said the zoo. But reading some of the answers, it makes me wonder if it’s the arboretum. So because my son really really wants to ride the pirate ship, I’m going to go with Asia trail at the National Zoo.

  43. Hilary Chapman

    The bamboo maze at Ticonderoga Farm!

  44. Tiffany

    The National Zoo via the Panda Trail

  45. Clara

    Asian Garden at the arboretum

  46. RWF

    National zoo but not by the panda exhibit. Close to the cheetahs.

  47. Rachel

    The National Zoo.

  48. Meg

    the arboretum in washington dc

  49. Kelly

    The George Washington Parkway!

  50. Todd

    By Panda Trail at National Zoo

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