{Giveaway} LEGO Mania Returns to BrickFair ’14


Calling all LEGO enthusiasts! BrickFair, the nation’s largest annual LEGO fan festival, is retruning to the area August 2-3. And you have a chance to win a family four-pack of tickets to the event.

BrickFair ’14 will bring together LEGO fans from across the country to showcase their amazing brick constructions, from tiny intricate works to elaborate, towering creations. Over one thousand exhibitors will be there to display their designs, along with vendors selling all things LEGOS — T-shirts, hats, mini figures, models, and more.

It’s not all just looking and buying. Visitors can get hands on in the Stay-n-Play Area chock full of bricks so you can build with and get creative. And some of the models are interactive, inviting guests to examine them even more closely (but be gentle!).

This will all take place at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va, August 2-3 from 11am – 4pm both days. Tickets are $12/ages 4 and up, free for ages 3 and under, but right now you can get a discount through Goldstar and try to win a four-pack for your family through the giveaway.

GIVEAWAY: I have two four-packs of tickets for BrickFair ’14 up for grabs. For a chance at winning one of them, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite summer activity. To be eligible, you must like KidFriendly DC on Facebook. This giveaway will run through July 6, then the winners will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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148 Responses to {Giveaway} LEGO Mania Returns to BrickFair ’14

  1. Nicole

    Our favorite summer activity is going on long walks on those rare days when it’s not too hot!

    • janet

      Stay -cations are our favorite summer time activity living in DC – grabbing a picnic lunch and spending a day away from home,yet able to sleep in our own bed.

    • Monekia Franklin

      We love beach trips! And a beach day with the perfect book is even better!

  2. Ann

    We are just starting the Lego adventure and would love to attend the Brickfair!

  3. Jessica

    Day tirips to local farms.

  4. Lisa Dishmon

    My favorite summer activity is going to the outer banks with my parents and my family.

  5. Ethel Wong

    Love to win and attend the brick fair.

  6. katie

    Our favorite activity is playing at the park with our friends, or taking a family walk with the dog!

  7. Jeannine L.

    Favorite summer activity is spending a long, lazy day at the beach!

  8. Ashley

    Going to the pool is our favorite summer activity!

  9. Brad

    Biking to Gravelly Point and watching the planes come in.

  10. Tracy Onslow

    My favor activities involve anything that brings a smile to my kids faces!

  11. Julia Cornell

    Our favorite summer activity is sitting and swimming at the pool.

  12. Thomas

    Trail biking 🙂

  13. J Tynes

    Love to win some tickets. For the summer, we like to keep it variable, but nearly always outside. The pool is becoming a real, regular favorite, followed by a trip to Wheaton Regional Park – so much to do there, with the train, carousel and amazing play areas.

  14. Jennifer Mckeel

    We recently moved to the NOVA area and coming from the desert, we are looking forward to exploring the DC museums and the nearby beaches this summer.

  15. Rachel

    Dodging thunderstorms! 🙂

  16. JennS

    Going to pool. Eating Popsicles with my kids.

  17. Laura Reed

    Having two boys our favorite summer activities are anything that keeps us moving! Bike rides, swimming, trips to the beach, and I set up obstacle courses on rainy days.

  18. Jackie

    Berry picking at the local farms.

  19. Amy Magoon

    staying in our pj’s all day!

  20. Vivian Arganza

    Hi KidFriendly! One of our favorite things to do is have a picnic in one of the many parks throughout DC. Our favorite place so far is the Arboretum.

  21. Michelle L

    Our family likes to go to the pool, visit museums and play frisbee golf!

  22. Cindy

    Water play and going to interactive fountains!

  23. A. Allen

    Our favorite thing to do in the summer is to visit the new sprayground at the Takoma DC recreation center campus. It’s age-group divided — something for all my kids!

  24. Mary Himebaugh

    Our favorite summer activity is catching fireflies late at night!

  25. Mary Himebaugh

    Our favorite summer activity as a family is catching fireflies late at night! My kids love chasing them around and seeing who can catch more!

  26. Samantha DiCola

    We love to build!! This would be so much fun!!

  27. Kim

    Summer reading program and lots of time at the splashpad

  28. Betsey

    Taking our dog Bruno to the dog parks and beach! We enjoy watching him have fun in the sand!

  29. Sarah S

    We love going on family hikes and heading to the pool.

  30. Stevie Bishop

    Our Favorite summer activity is visiting spray parks

  31. Heather Escamilla

    We just love having no schedule and being able to enjoy each other! Pool, DC adventures, etc!!!

  32. Kara Gotsch

    Favorite family summer activity has got to be swimming at the pool or beach.

  33. Jordan Silverman

    Our favoirite activity: our breakfast picnics are packed the night before, our picnic lunches are cold and ready, we’ve got enough food and changes of clothes to last us a week (its just how I tend to pack), and when my kiddos wake up at the crack, gosh willing I’m as ready as they are, to hit the road. . . With some extra kids in tow, we like to find a nearby stream/hiking area, and 6 or 8 hours later when a weeks worth of food is somehow gone and we’re all sun soaked and waterlogged and happy-as-clams, all we’ve done is run and laugh and play in the woods and streams and find critters and skip rock, it’s always, always the best day it can be!

  34. carri wasserberg

    During the summer months we love to spend time in the park playing on the playground, playing sports, hiking, etc. Being outdoors is the best part of summer!

  35. Jill McNabb

    Our favorite summer activity is attending the Brick Fair! We also love going swimming at the beach or neighborhood pool.

  36. Rose

    Going to the parks and grabbing hot dog/ice cream later!

  37. Kim

    going to Port Discovery!!

  38. Leah Gunderson

    Our favorite summer activity is swimming on the army base we live on and camping. It’s fun to spend time together as a family.

  39. Erica B

    Swimming is our favorite summer activity!

  40. Irina

    one summer activity that gets everyone excited is swimming at the pool

  41. Rheanna

    Definitely going to the pool with the kids, and all the late nights catching fire flies! Summer is so much fun

  42. Julie Kleitsch

    We love Mount Vernon any time of year, including summer!

  43. Allison

    spray parks and outdoor concerts!

  44. Kacey bollrud

    Any kind of water play…pool, beach, water park, spray ground, water table, slip n slide, sprinkler… You name it!

  45. Neverland Scraps

    My favorite summer activity is being able to send the kids to their one-week of camp. I love being able to write them daily notes, left in their suitcase, worry about them and hear all their stories when they get home. It always gives us a lot of things to talk about during the year and gives us something to look forward to in the summer. Love camp and love watching my children grow in the Lord at camp!

  46. Susan B

    Spending family time with my newest family member. We just had a baby last week!

  47. Cristina

    Love long days at the beach w family.

  48. Jaime Zimmerman

    Picnic at turtle park

  49. Caroline

    We love visiting the pools and spray parks!

  50. nicki watkins

    I would love to win tickets! My husband and I could take his cousin and her young daughter.

  51. julia pardini

    everything outdoors with my 3 little boys— beach , pool, puddle jumping

  52. sarah remes

    My son’s favorite activity is playing with Lego’s. My favorite activity is going swimming.

  53. Christine

    We have so many favorite things to do in the summer and DC is the best place to spend summertime! Picnics in the great area parks, pool time, cooling off in the museums and my son’s favorite, waiting for the ice cream truck to circle the neighborhood! My boys love Legos too, Brickfair would be a great place to spend a hot day!

  54. Cheryl SB

    We love to go to the pool.

  55. Katie

    Making popsicles and catching fireflies!

  56. Spray grounds, wading pools, & Rita’s ice!!!

  57. Laura

    I love enjoying the warm weather and being outside as much as I can….

  58. Rachel Bradford

    Having the time off to see my babies in the morning.

  59. Carol

    Our family always enjoyed taking a ride in our jeep ( without a top), and stopping for ice cream or slushies.

  60. Jennifer

    We love going to the spraygrounds around town!

  61. Terri Jo

    We love to use the slip n slide on hot days!

  62. Sarah

    We love hanging out at the pool with friends and neighbors!

  63. Shani Bagley

    The pool, of course!!!

  64. We have SO, SO many favorite summer activities, but I think Nat’s baseball is at the top of everyone’s list this summer!

  65. julia

    We love going to pools, water parks, and the beaches.

  66. Steve

    Picking fruit at the orchards while at home or going to the beach.

  67. Ainna Moening

    Favorite family summer time activity is any activity involving water.

  68. Rossette

    Our family’s favorite summer activities are playing in the backyard and going to all the different parks in the area.

  69. Michelle

    We like the pool, Nats games, camping at Cunnigham Falls State Park and Udvar-Hazy!

  70. Lauren

    Road trips are one of our favorite summer activities! It’s amazing to visit and explore the county!

  71. Rebecca

    Lots of favorite summer activities, including going to the beach, outdoor summer concerts, grilling and picnics, and making homemade ice cream and popsicles. And lazy days at home building with Legos!

  72. Tricia E.

    One of my family’s favorite summer activities is going for a hike in the mountains where the air is nice and cool.

  73. Chelsea B

    Our family favorite summertime activity is most definitely squirt guns !

  74. Giordano

    Swimming…and more swimming!

  75. Denise

    Our favorite summer activity is going to the beach

  76. veronica

    our favorite summer activities are eating ice cream at coldstone’s, going to summer concerts at downtown silver spring and the washingtonian and visiting brookside gardens.

  77. Naomi

    We love hanging out at Yards Park! Thanks!

  78. Renee M.

    Beating the heat at the pool!

  79. Charmaine

    Yards Park concerts and DC spray parks!!

  80. Our favorite summer activity is hitting up the splash park. The kids get soaked, but mom doesn’t have to!

  81. Jonathan Heisey-Grove

    We love the water parks – a great time with little hassle or stress and great on the really hot days!

  82. Lynsey B

    We love to spend the summer at the pool.

  83. Milena Santoro

    We love the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum, because it is free (except parking), air-conditioned, and ideal for running around in, when there is a lot of pent-up, stuck-indoors-because-it-is-code-red-air energy! Hope we win this package, because my son has been dying to go and this would be our first time!

  84. Jessica M

    Our fav summertime activity is spending the afternoon at the pool. We pack snacks and dinner and when my husband leaves work he comes straight to the pool. We have a picnic dinner, swim and play pool games and then shower/change the kids into their pjs at the pool. By the time we get home all that’s left is to brush teeth, read a book and go right into bed.

  85. Jen

    Swimming at the community pool

  86. christy m

    we love being in the northern va area in the summer – and you certainly help us find fun things to do! we love discovering local parks and visiting animal farms. and my son loves legos and would certainly love logo mania! thanks for a chance to share and win.

  87. Angel

    Favorite summer activities: Swimming in pools, eating ice cream, going to the beach!

  88. Jami

    Summer strawberries on the back porch!

  89. Michelle Campbell

    Favorite summer activity is sitting in the backyard with friends and talking until sundown around the fire pit.

  90. Anouk

    Summer, winter, any day is a good Lego Day! Would love to go to the Brick Fair!

  91. dawn

    My boys would love to attend this event. Already liked your site on FB a while back. Love your blog!

  92. Sophie

    We love to play in the spray parks and the Reston outdoor pools in the summer!

  93. becki graham

    Sandy springs adventure park or Atlantis water park

  94. Liz E

    Going to outdoor concerts!

  95. Tracy

    we love swimming and catching fireflies 🙂

  96. Tammy

    Swimming and eating popsicles!

  97. Emily Radel


  98. Sherri Sirotzky

    We love going to the pool!

  99. Laura Pienik

    I love the pool, who doesn’t? Its the ultimate symbol of summer!

  100. Briita Allgeyer

    Swimming at the pool, and outdoor lego building of course!

  101. Jon R

    We just moved from Alaska, so our favorite activity this year has been visiting Civil War locations and other historic places here in Virginia. Our family has never had so much US history at our finger tips! We are overwhelmed with what to do next!

  102. sergio zampognaro

    Our favorite summer activity is visiting museums and other indooring

  103. Marjorie Childs

    My absolute favorite summer activity is swimming.

  104. Carisa Pineda

    Pick your own fruit, especially peaches!

  105. Emily J.

    Nats games and sitting around the water table with the kids.

  106. Joe W

    Bike rides for ice cream with the kids.

  107. Sam Cicotello

    Would love a chance to win tickets and I enjoy you posts. Here are some things on my summer list. Saturday morning pony ride at rock creek park. Free kids club at Home Depot in Bethesda on the first Sat if the month, BFG at Imagination stage, Ferris Wheel at National Harbor, hike Billy Goat trail, kayak on Potomac, trying something musical at Harmonic in Chevy Chase, bike ride on beech drive in Rock Creek on Saturday.

  108. Linda

    Kids’ birthday parties at the DC spray parks.

  109. Karen

    Sitting on the beach on a sunny day burying my toes in the sand.

  110. Dana Goina

    My twins will love to visit the LEGO Brick Fair !!! We are a LEGO Fan Family!!!

  111. Mary B

    Watching my 6 yr old son spend hours playing Legos. No lie, he is a Lego master and I am in awe of what he builds with his mind, not an instruction booklet. Sure he plays outside and does crafts but seeing his creative side has me bursting with pride.

  112. Hyon Kwon

    Going to the pool and to the beach!@

  113. Kat

    We like going on vacation to the beach in the summer!

  114. Liz

    My family loves to go to the beach during the summer!

  115. Dru Murphy

    We go to the pool ALL the time!

  116. Andy

    Pools and playgrounds!

  117. Luis

    We like touring playgrounds and going to the beach.

  118. Sonia

    camping and making smores is definitely our favorite summer activity.

  119. Sarah Lambert

    Going to Glen Echo Park for the carousel, the playground, and a puppet show.

  120. Jacqui

    Spending it with my two young boys playing and exploring the great outdoors.

  121. Fruit picking! Berries, peaches, veggies, you name it.

  122. Erin

    We love just going to pool now, amazing.

  123. Chris

    Project Bricks at the Cleveland Park library on Tuesday evenings is a lego lovers heaven no matter the season.

    Also, with the Smithsonians being crowded in the summer, we like to explore the smaller museums to beat the heat. Kreeger, AU Art Museum and Koshland Science Museum are all intimate and engaging if you can sign up for some of their excellent children’s program.

  124. cristina

    Hanging out with family and friends at the pool.

  125. Elisebet F

    Summer BBQs are my favorite. I love to eat!

  126. Stacy

    Visiting family and camping near the beach!

  127. Jennifer Curtis

    We love to swim in our community swimming pool!

  128. Sara M

    We love going to the pool!

  129. Meg M.

    I love “playground hopping” with my two girls (3 and 6)…Wheaton Regional and Lee District are two of our favorites!

  130. Lisa L

    We like going to amusement parks!

  131. Katie

    We love going to the splash park or pool!

  132. Carrie

    We would love to go to Brick fair! Our favorite summer activity is swimming and visiting splash parks! And of course finding great new Activities through Kid Friendly DC!

  133. Melissa Wild

    Our favorite summer activity is going to the beach.

  134. Matt Mosley

    Our favorite activity is heading to the neighborhood pool.

  135. YY

    love watching live music being performed outside!

  136. Jen Godzwa

    Our favorite summer activity is going to the pool!

  137. Kerry

    We love the farm parks- Frying Pan Farm Park, Oxon Hill Farm and Claude Moore Colonial Farm. Great for checking out the animals, taking a walk in the woods and having a picnic!

  138. Julie Wannamaker

    This is our first summer in the area. We just moved to the DC area from Colorado. So far we love going down to the national mall, all the awesome parks & spray parks around town & the fun festivals & festivities that happen *every* weekend! We are really enjoying the area & would love to check out this Lego event!

  139. Jonathan

    The folk life festival is ALWAYS a highlight of our summer. We’ve already spent three days at it this year!

  140. Nikki

    Love just spending time with the family, but this summer trying to go new places that are local (which your blog has given me ideas =) ) that we have never been before since my girls are getting older .

  141. dede

    Our favorite activity is sleeping in but we also love just going with ideas that come to mind early in the morning- we learn best when it is child driven!

  142. Kari

    We love to visit family during the summer…fishing, swimming in the ocean, bike riding…etc

  143. Jen

    Our favorite summer activity is swimming!

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