Where in DC?


It’s the third installment of the “Where in DC?” photo contest! The first person to correctly guess where this image was shot will win TWO Certifikid deals for an hour-long double kayak or canoe rental from Key Bridge Boathouse.

Just leave your answer below in the comments. Good luck!

And congrats to KFDC reader Jackie, who correctly guessed last week’s photo, the Game Fish sculpture at the Renwick Gallery.


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9 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Cristina Vasilis

    the kennedy center opera house chandelier? just a wild guess…

  2. Gigi S.

    union market

  3. Gigi S.

    recycled water bottle chandelier in union market

  4. Darluce Rivera

    Union Market

  5. Chrissy

    The Kennedy Center?

  6. Angela

    Smithsonian Art museum, mobile section

  7. Callie Reece

    Union market

  8. Ana

    Botanic museum?

  9. Ann Marie

    Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens

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