BrickFair Returns for More LEGO Mania + Ticket Giveaway!


Anyone out there like those colorful plastic little pieces that fit together to form all kinds of cool creations and can keep kids and adults alike busy for hours? Yeah, I thought some of you might…

So, you’ll be excited to learn that BrickFair is returning to the DC area again this year for another weekend of LEGO mania! The nation’s largest LEGO fan festival will take place August 3-4 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va.

BrickFair brings together LEGO enthusiasts from across the country to share their passion for the toy by showcasing their amazing brick constructions, from tiny intricate works to elaborate, towering creations. Over 1,000 exhibitors will be there to display their designs, along with vendors selling all things LEGOS β€” T-shirts, hats, mini figures, models, and more.

And it’s not all just looking and buying. Visitors can get hands-on in the Stay & Play Area chock full of bricks for guests to exercise their LEGO artistry. There are also a few exhibitor models that are interactive — they are clearly marked, and the owner will be happy to assist and show off their talent.

This will all take place from 11am – 4pm both Saturday, August 3, and Sunday, August 4. Tickets are $12/day, free for ages 3 and under.

Giveaway: I have two 4-packs of tickets up for grabs for two lucky winners (that’s one 4-pack each). For a chance to win a set, simply leave a comment below telling me your family’s favorite activity so far this summer. To be eligible, you must “like” KidFriendly DC on Facebook and you can get an extra entry by following KFDC on Twitter. The giveaway will run though next Friday, July 19. Good luck!


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128 Responses to BrickFair Returns for More LEGO Mania + Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Andy S

    My kids and I have been going to the building museum almost every week. They love the playspace there, and I am enjoying a change from the natural history museum. Thanks for the post about Brickfair! Can’t wait!

  2. Latoya

    Our favorite activity is going to the beach( myrtle beach )
    My kids love the water they never want to leave.


  3. Patricia Rothweiler

    We loved your recommendation to visit the Smithsonian folklife festival! My daughter loved the wooden dog! πŸ™‚

  4. so far we’ve been loving going into the city and just hanging out on the mall. there have been so many days we haven’t been able to go to the pool is ridiculous!!!

    Rheanna Christine on facebook

  5. fan on twitter @RheChristine

  6. On a hot day, the spray park at Livingstone Playground can’t be beat.

  7. Tracy Mulroy

    Our favorite was a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Always such a fun time!

  8. Sarah Wells

    We love doing as much outside as we can – especially spraygrounds, water parks, pool, regular parks, carousels, etc! Love summer.

  9. LMartinez

    Our favorite activity so far this summer has been our multiple trips (6 in counting) to the beach where we just enjoy time together under the sun!!!! Love summers!!

  10. Jen A

    Blueberry Picking!

  11. Ginger T

    Our favorite summer activity is the O-Club Pool at Fort Belvoir!

  12. Ginger Moss

    Playing miniature golf and the Building Museum (and of course building with Legos!).

  13. Jessica H.

    Definitely seeing the dolphins at the beach!!

  14. Becki Chester

    Fav activity so far is the Nationals Game on the 4th of July, what a treat!

  15. Laine

    So far it has been going to baseball games! We’ve been to Nationals twice, Orioles 3 times and the Potomac Nationals 3-4 times!

  16. Thanks for this recommendation. It will build on your earlier reco that we followed to the Nordic Festival at the Kennedy Center. LEGOs galore!

  17. Rebecca Muyres

    My boys’ favorite outing so far has been the Maryland Science Center at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. They were there for 5 hours (I couldn’t believe it) and never got bored! We even solved all together the Sherlock Holmes mystery and they loved all the hands-on stuff!!

  18. Bridget Manifold

    We have a 3 year old and a newborn this summer, so we are taking it easy. Our favorite outings are walks at shady parks and picnics under a tree.

  19. courtney

    Any kind of water fun is our favorite!

  20. meg

    Out favorite family activity this summer was spending time with our extended family at the beach!

  21. Naomi

    We spent a week in Minnesota with cousins. Can’t beat that!

  22. Jen

    Our favorite activity has been blowing bubbles in the backyard. We’re easy to please πŸ™‚
    Thanks for having such a great blog.

  23. Julie

    Pick us! Our favorite activity so far this summer has been Discovery Theater kid’s shows. We especially liked All the Way Live! Thanks for offering this prize!

  24. MichelleL

    We always love visiting the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. There are so many things for the kids to do and learn there!

  25. Michelle Johnson

    Our favorite summer activity is going to the Water Mine water park in Reston. My kids love doggy paddling along in the lazy river!

  26. Gigi S.

    summertime local outdoor concerts have been a great place to meet up with friends.

  27. Kare Martinez

    My two little boys (2 1/2 and 1 1/2) are enjoying the sprays at the Yard Park. It’s so safe for little ones ad they can’t get enough.

  28. Amena Flanagan

    My 3 kids & I love going to Yards Park in DC to play in the fountains & pool & then have a picnic nearby in the grass & play catch!

  29. Gigi S.

    I’m following you on twitter

  30. Kate

    We have been having a blast this summer swimming at friends’ houses, ice skating (yep!) and this week enjoying Camp Invention

  31. Jennifer Park

    My 2-year-old son loves spraygrounds. Any & all!

  32. Diana G

    the kids love to go to the pool. and I like you on facebook.

  33. Diana G

    I am following you on twitter as gervitsd

  34. margaret

    our fave activity is simple…going in the backyard, swimming, grilling and having awesome friends over for the day! πŸ˜‰

  35. Sherry

    We have enjoyed the pool and playing with legos!

  36. michelle

    My son is absolutely obsessed with legos!!!!

  37. Ethel Wong

    Looking forward to see your update weekly.

  38. antonia

    Atlas theater camp!

  39. Hillary LaMay

    POOLTIME is our family’s favorite activity πŸ™‚

  40. Elizabeth Whitney

    We like to play board games.

  41. Sarah

    Our favorite activity is outdoor movies!

  42. Jenn

    Our favorite activity so far is Leesburg Animal Park. Our son is almost 3 & never wants to leave that place! πŸ™‚

  43. Hillary

    So far we really loved going to the Winkler Botanical Preserve and splashing around in a stream!

  44. christy

    My son loves the water, so his fav’s have been splash parks and the swimming pool for sure!

  45. maile

    Our favorite activity so far has been spending time at the beach with all the cousins. Great family time!

  46. Kathryn

    We have so many favorites! But I think most of all, we have enjoyed the activities and exploring at River Bend park & the other National Park Service locations! Smithsonian’s Folk Life Festival is a close second!!

  47. peaceful martian

    So far this summer we have visited the Air and Space museum several times and taken the train ride at Wheaton Regional Park. We also enjoy playing baseball at the local park and going to Baltimore to see the Orioles play.

  48. Chrissy Frank

    We did DC at night… Picnic on the Potomac then walking the Tidal Basin and monuments. So fun – and free!!

  49. lilia

    lavender picking and watching alpacas in farms in catlett, va

  50. KFD

    Our 2 1/2 yo daughter loves water. We took her to Wrightsville beach in Wilmington, NC. We had so much fun catching the waves, building sand castle, and collecting seashells.

  51. Jennifer

    We love heading to the pool or a local water park on a hot day!

  52. rachel

    spray park at Lee District in Alexandria!

  53. Jessica

    We love fishing in the summer. But we enjoy anything outside!

  54. Sherry

    Sleeping and visiting all dc we can handle!

  55. Julie

    Our pool! When the weather cooperates!

  56. jennifer math

    We have enjoyed camping and the local pools! Can’t wait for all the fun to begin!

  57. Jill Price

    Our favorite activity so far this summer has been going to the pool.

  58. Ben

    It has been a quiet summer so far but I would have to say Despicable Me 2 was a family favorite. Not only was the movie very good but there is nothing better than hearing your child laugh and he laughed a lot!

  59. Naafi

    Water !!! We take our 22 month son to nearby beaches: sandy point or north beach/ chesapeake beach. We also go to spraygrounds and nearby creek. Plus this summer we went twice already to River Farm which we learnt from your posting – we luuurrve River Farm !

  60. Sarah

    The local sprayground has been a big hit and is super easy to do.

  61. Sharon

    Having just returned from San Francisco, our favourite activity so far would have to been the day we spent at the Children’s Creativity Museum. Hours of fun for all ages – how I wish there was a place like this in DC! Failing that, we have thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed pace of summer – plays at the park, pyjama days and (of course!) hours and hours of lego play!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. mai

    We loved the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I look forward to your weekend roundup each week for places to take my kids. We’ve been hanging out in DC a lot more because of your recommendations. Thanks for doing what you do!

  63. Brandy Mahoney

    Our favorite activity this summer (so far) has been camping! We love camping and hiking as a family! πŸ™‚

  64. The kids always love a trip to Discovery Zone in Baltimore. My 4-year-old daughter, though, has just discovered Legos (she finally bumped up from Duplo) and is IN LOVE with the Friends sets.

  65. Manderson

    We always check your posts for “out of the box” things to do, thank you for being so creative! Our favorite recs were River Farm, the Nordic Festival (love, love Legos!) and the Big Bird flick at Air and Space. My boy twins could not have been happier!

  66. Carrie Daws

    I just started following your posts a couple weeks ago — we are moving to northern Virginia next week and I have a list of things we want to go see, some thanks to you!

  67. Kristen

    My kids love going to a different museum each week!

  68. Sarah

    My son loved the Cat in the Hat show

  69. So far, our favorite activity we’ve done this summer is to go to the local creek…thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  70. Katherine

    So far this summer my kids have begged to return to the American Trail at the zoo every week this summer. They especially love the tide-pool.

  71. Jen D

    We have so many favorite activities. We really love to go to Glen Echo for a carousel ride, picnic and the playground. We also love to explore the Smithsonian museums. OK, so maybe I enjoy that a little more than the kids. πŸ˜‰ We also just discovered there is an awesome playground and waterpark at Lee District Park (VA).

  72. PMW

    The Mosaic District Saturday morning cartoons + coffee, with the splash park of the kiddos, has become a new routine for us. Can’t beat sitting on a park bench watching the Jetsons on the big screen sipping an LPQ latte with the kids having a blast and staying cool.

  73. Kat

    Seeing fireworks on the 4th of July!

  74. We absolutely love going to the fountain in Downtown Silver Spring. We go almost every afternoon.

  75. Liz E

    Horseback riding in Brown County State Park in Indiana.

  76. Teresa

    The best thing we have done this summer is celebrate our son’s 3rd birthday! Kiddie Pools are so much fun!!

  77. Michelle

    I love going to the beach with my family and going to the pool. We always love cooking out and playing in our backyard going to the movies.

  78. Sophie Du

    We love to go to various playgrounds, nature centers, and water fountains around DC area. It’s always fun to watch the kids play happily and have lots of laughter. Thank you for your website for the wealth of information!

  79. Paridhi

    We loved watching 4th of July fireworks from the Capitol vantage point.

  80. IndianInUS

    Visit to Lavendar farm (in Catlett, VA) and picking the stems. But my daughter rates her projects made in Home Depot (Monthly – First Saturday Kids event 9AM-Noon) and Lowe’s (Kids Build & Grow event)

  81. Jay

    Arlington County’s July 4th event (kids play, games, food, music etc) in Long Bridge Park and watching the fireworks in the night!

  82. Having more relaxed family time has been the best thing about summer so far. We’ve had more time to be creative with Legos & visit loved ones. The kids also love staying up late to play a few nights! We’ve also enjoyed tending our veggie garden.

  83. Shaan

    Our Virginia Beach trip is full of adventures (Parasailing, Dolphin Watching Cruise, Aquarium etc) and Norfolk Naval Base tour are some of the best in summer trips.

  84. Joanna

    When the heat gets too much to play outside – we have really enjoyed bowling parties with our preschool buddies at the Fort Myer Army base in Arlington – its a great place that is actually open to non military families and has GREAT pizza!!!

  85. Uday

    While my kid is waiting for Arlington County Fair in Aug 1st week, she enjoyed fruit picking experience in Homestead and Butler’s Orchid farms in MD.

  86. SD

    We really enjoyed the activities at Jamestown Settlement. (I “liked” on Facebook).

  87. Talia

    Our favorite activity this summer so far has been trying out all of the splash parks in the city! Our 13 month old is hilarious with the fountains – he will smack the water for an hour straight. Already liked you on FB and follow you on twitter as @runnerteet. Yay for legos!

  88. Torey

    Favorite activity so far: Sandy Spring Adventure Park, hands down! We go to Brick Fair every year. So fun and always on Dylan’s birthday weekend!

  89. Katherine

    We love your FB feed and blog! So far this summer the kids are really enjoying the day trips in the region — fossils at Calvert Cliffs, swimming holes and hiking. We signed up for Maryland’s Park Quest so we’ve been doing those. And swimming/water play is always tops.

  90. Ann-Marie W

    Our favorite activities have been playing tourist in our own backyard. Smithsonian Museums, Roosevelt Island, Gravelly Point, Building Museum, Monuments, you name it. Kids are old enough now to appreciate it!

  91. With all this rain, our favorite activity is playing with our duplos! Nothing keeps their attention as long.

  92. Rajalakshmi Axelsen

    Our favorite activity so far has been going to the National Building Museum, Spray grounds and meeting with other moms and kiddos at the local playground, when the weather permits, getting together for play dates at our houses when it’s wet outside. πŸ™‚

  93. Michiko

    We really enjoyed watching the fireworks at the City of Fairfax event. It was our first time going to the event, but we were so impressed. The event was well-organized. Also, my 7-year-old son loves playing with his Legos. He has been creating 2-3 major creations a day! A nice relaxing summer.

  94. Kelly B

    We are “liked” on FB and Following on Twitter. So far our favorite summer event was our local 4th of July parade and festival.

    We love Duplos and Legos. We’d love to go to BrickFair.

  95. Aymee B.

    So far, playing with friends, summer school and summer camps… until dad comes back from Spain the first week of August; then, we’ll travel searching for new places: our favorite thing to do over the summer πŸ™‚ Thanks for the site! It’s fantastic!

  96. Marcela

    We have visitors from out of the country so we’ve been doing the tourist thing throughout the area and its been fun revisiting for me and seeing the sights for the first time for my guests and my daughter.

  97. Beth Creech

    Our favorite summer activity is lee district sprayground!

  98. L Castellanos

    First Thanks YOUR site is my go to when i must decide what to do whether with friends or my family 2 1/2 year old senior citizen mom i dare not mention her age and 45 year old brother mentally challenged and it never fails. Water parks seem to be of great joy at the moment for my daughter livingston is frequented. AS well as the strathmore music series is just fantastic. I have a sister who has gone to lego land in denmark and this is probably the closest we could get to the same experience my daugher has gained more interest as it is an activity done by the whole family

  99. Jennifer Garnett

    My kids’ favorite has been camps and lessons – especially the horseback riding!

  100. debbie g.

    Like on FB and follow on Twitter. Our favorite thing to do is our annual trip to Bethany Beach. The kids LOVE the beach!

  101. Lisa Roder

    favorite summer activity is going to our neighborhood lake and pool. stay cool this week! liked you on FB and followed on Twitter!

  102. Brittany Joseph

    One of our favorite summer events we have done so far is fishing. My kids love to fish, camp and explore nature. Thank you,

  103. mecki

    Splash parks have also been a great hit.

  104. Darlene

    Favorite summer activity so far is camping! We are in Lego camp this week and this would Rick my son’s world!!

  105. Kristen

    This is great and my kids are lego crazy plus both of their birthdays are in August…..

  106. Terry Welch

    We’ve discovered duck pin bowling this summer, which is great for hot days and uses balls light enough that even our three-year-old can play.

  107. Jen M

    Swimming together at the pool!

  108. Our favorite summer activity this year was strawberry picking.

  109. So far it’s been the Waterpark on Andrews Air Force Base. It has a kiddie pool and adult pool as well so we all get to have some fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Happy Summer!!

  110. Prakash

    Kids were super excited during Assateague & Chincoteague islands trip highlighting Wild Ponies cruise!

  111. John

    It has to be our friends get-together with families in Sandy Spring Beach, MD and kids swim in the beach!

  112. Austin

    Playing in the ocean and the sand in OBX! Taking swmming lessons and swimming like a fish!

  113. Ettedgui Family

    Our family’s favorite activity so far this summer has been enjoying DC Kid Friendly activties with 12 cousins. Like Stories in Art, Swimming, Sprayparks, Pirate Cruise, National Mall events, Mini golf at the NBM…and whatever else we figure out between now and the end of summer!!!

  114. Ettedgui Family

    We follow KidFriendlyDC on FB.

  115. Ettedgui Family

    CD /@scdlr follows KFDC on Twitter.

  116. Shivanna Ramrekarsingh

    This summer our favorite activity has been learning to bake and cook different things. And when things get hot in the kitchen, we cool off at the splash parks.

  117. Delci K.

    Brickfair sounds like so much fun. I don’t know who would be more excited to go, my husband or my son!

  118. Robert Cheung

    We tend to bring new excitement to my kids each weekend in the summer. So far, we’ve been the Great Falls, national zoo, manassas battlefield national park, and many other places. Thanks for inspiring us.

  119. sharin

    we love that we can find many many new places for our kids to explore…

  120. Michelle McFarlane

    The swimming pool

  121. Beth

    Collecting rocks from our local creek.

  122. Jody

    My Husband took my 8 year old son to the NASA four day family space camp in Huntsville, Alabama. It was the most fun they have ever had. My Son was thrilled and my Husband was even more astonished at how many things they fit into such a small period of time. Well worth the travel to get there!!!

  123. Toby

    Favorite summer places – ice skating rinks for when it gets real hot outside (Kettler & Cabin John especially); batting cages, especially Rocky Gorge Batting Cages on 29 (you bat in a covered area, which means shade on the hotter days and coverage during rain – their machines also consistently work unlike some of the other batting cage places in the area and they’re more reasonably priced, too); and North Beach/Breezy Point for going to the beach – closer to DC for days trips, no long trips over the bridge and through the Eastern Shore, kid-friendly, and shallow/calm waters – only drawback is both places have fees, but that is made up for in the savings in tolls/gas/travel time.

  124. Carine

    My 9 month old is crawling like crazy. So any indoor playground with soft mat, tunnels and so on make him so happy. We also enjoyef the berries picking!

  125. We LOVE hiking!
    (I just followed you on FB – Heather Hurd)

  126. Followed you on Twitter (@SushiJammies)

  127. Felicia

    My kid enjoys running his dump truck everywhere we go.

  128. Becki

    We have been going to Saturday morning entertainment at Reston Town Center.

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