Bet on the Oxon Hill Farm

Picturesque views at Oxon Hill Farm


A few days ago when Owen had an after school activity and Sasha and I had an extended afternoon together, we headed over to Oxon Hill Farm for a couple of hours.

I’m not sure why, but it’s one of those places that I tend to forget about, but really should visit more often with the kids.  Not only is it super fun for little ones, with animals to visit and lots of space to run around, it’s also scenic and serene, making you feel like you’re way more than just a few miles from the city.  And it never seems to be crowded. In fact, when we pulled into into the parking lot on our visit the other day, only one other car was already there.

Off to see the horses

Off to see the horses

The cows are the first to greet visitors walking up the gravel road to the main grounds (if you can call sitting still in the grass staring us down a greeting). They hang out in a large field where there’s also a barn and big red farm equipment.

How now brown cow?

How now brown cow?

Beyond that, the farm sprawls over a fairly large area, though it’s far from too big for little ones to explore it all.  There are more animals to visit, a barn and other farm structures to peek into, a museum housing old farm equipment, a chicken coop, and several other exhibits that offer a history of the farm. There are two trails in the park:  the Hiker/Biker trail is 1.6 miles starting at the parking lot and the Woodlot trail meander just .3 miles through the forested area. You can also just roam through the grassy areas, too.

An old plow in the museum

An old plow in the museum

Sasha, like most kids probably, is all about the animals.  We, of course, stopped to see all of them, making up names and singing an “Old MacDonald” verse for each one.

With an oink oink here...

With an oink oink here…

...and a neigh neigh there

…and a neigh neigh there

Hay is for... donkeys

Hay is for… donkeys

Hey, chicken lickin'

Hey, chicken lickin’

After strolling the grounds for awhile, we stopped in the Visitor Center, where there is a small play area for kids.  Sasha headed straight for it while I chatted with the park ranger who told me about all kinds of kids’ programs they host on both weekdays and weekends. She said they often have school groups visit, so if it’s just one or two children who want to join, they can tag along with them. But larger groups (she said play groups sometimes meet there) should call ahead to make a reservation.

More fun for kiddos in the Visitor Center

More fun for kiddos in the Visitor Center

Or you can take a self-guided tour and enjoy the farm at your own leisurely pace.

Roaming the grounds

Roaming the grounds


Oxon Hill Farm is located in Oxon Hill, MD, very close to National Harbor.  It’s open daily, except Thanksgiving and Christmas, from 8am – 4:30pm. Admission is free.



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  3. Marilyn Stanley

    I use to take my youngest kid there in the summer, now that kid has a kid, and I look forward to the day when I can take that grandchild to the farm as well.After all my children had grown up and established homes of their own ,I would sometimes go to the farm alone for the last concert of the summer , it would be a singer,and he would put on a lovely show!Somehow I lost track of what goes on at the farm,but somehow my mind has gone back to the quiet times that I spent there with my children, and then alone, memories have been brought to life again.

  4. Diane Kautzmann

    About 30 of us would like to visit around 5:00-7:00 on Saturday, June 26. Is the farm open until then during the summer?
    I can’t find a schedule beyond a month from now.
    Thanks so much

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