Juice in the City Bringing New Deals – and a Giveaway – to Local Moms!

If you ask me, there’s no such thing as too many deal sites. Especially when one “aims to bring moms what they really want: insanely good deals on crazy-fun things to do.”

This is what Juice in the City, launching in District and surrounding areas any day now, has planned for local moms. They’re already bringing big discounts to more than 10 other cities around the country on everything from food to kid fun to spa treatments to fashion. Now we get to get in on the savings, too.

Even better, to celebrate the DC launch of Juice in the City, I’m giving away $25 in JuiceBucks to use toward any purchase to one lucky winner.Β  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what kinds of deals you love (feel free to be as specific as you want), then go here and subscribe to Juice in the City.Β  You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter, but you still need to subscribe through the website to enter the giveaway.

The contest will run through Tuesday, and I’ll announce the winner, who will be selected from a random drawing, on Wednesday morning.

Good luck, and happy savings!


*I receive a small compensation for this post. However, the opinions expressed are my own.



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29 Responses to Juice in the City Bringing New Deals – and a Giveaway – to Local Moms!

  1. Tunde Wackman

    Deals on local gymnastics places, dance classes, swimming lessons, etc. would be fabulous! Also to local farms for whatever is in season.

  2. Anna

    I love deals on dining and museums.

  3. Tamara St. Louis

    Local Farms and local products. My kiddos love to be outside, so anything that is outside (a season friendly festival) would be great! Kid friendly restaurants are good too:)

  4. Torey

    Kids classes and camps!

  5. Kelly

    Photography sessions, local farms, museums, and events. By the way…we are new to the area and love your site! What a great resource.

  6. Elizabeth debaptiste

    I love all kinds of deals. Activities, food, stores. I am a dealaholic and proud.

  7. Katherine

    Deals on activities – museums, classes, family concerts plus destination sites. Anything that is for the active, on-the-go family

  8. Margaret McGowen

    I love deals for dining at kid friendly restaurants, craft stores, toy stores and kids activities like petting zoos and farms. I also appreciate if the deals are targeted to our area meaning within 10 miles of DC.

  9. Lindsay

    restaurants! Both for families and for grown-up treats.

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  10. Suzi Thompson

    Northern VA (Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church) deals, in addition to those in DC!

  11. Love it! Thanks for the support!!! =)

  12. Natalya

    Any weekend deals would be great!

    Signed, working mom.

  13. janetg62

    discounts on events for kids–plays, concerts, etc

  14. I would love deals that you buy in advance (not same day things since we are in VA)… things to do with 5 and 7 year old boys who are new to the area!!

  15. KMG

    I love deals on food, groceries, pedicures and toddler friendly events!

  16. I love deals to local salons and restarants…things I would not treat myself to at regular price. I also like online deals on clothing/toys/ect. so I can shop from home!

  17. Diane D.

    Restaurants and family activities

  18. Lauren

    I love event deals and toy deals! Thanks for letting me know about this new deal site!

  19. Lilian

    I love event deals, photography deals, fall festival deals, pumpkin patches, any kid friendly restaurant or any kid friendly museum.

  20. I don’t think there are really any bad deals! bring ’em all on πŸ™‚

  21. Deals on baby clothes and items (especially organic), classes for preschoolers, fall festivals tickets, spa treatments/massages for mom, sweet treats, espresso, and photography sessions.

  22. Laurie Chenoweth

    I like deals for going to the theater (Arena Stage, Studio Theater, Kennedy Center) so my husband and I can enjoy a date night out without going broke! Thanks πŸ™‚

  23. Lynn Cooper

    We love deals that are fun and educational for our family. Whether its outdoors or indoors the family that plays together, stays together! πŸ™‚

  24. Melissa

    kid friendly restaurants, classes at the National Zoo or events at National Geographic, pottery, kidville (so expensive), mygym passes.

  25. Ettedgui Family

    Love a great deal! Especially for deals like b-day packages for children,classes (art, dance, music, sports, etc), work around the house (home inspections, plumbing, doors, floors, windows, tree cutting service, yard work, etc), kids concerts and movies (Performing Arts, Disney, Dora, etc), family trips (weekend or vacation deals for hotel, air, car rental), food deals that include kids are always great!

  26. Jennifer

    Kid’s fashions, summer camps, mountain or beach getaways within a 4 hour drive, home contracting, Disney vacations, Caribbean kid friendly resorts, farms and festivals, spray parks and pools…

  27. Kamakshi

    I love a great deal. Kids apparels, fashion, department stores deals, movies, kids’ classes, yoga, etc.

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