Still Time to See The Magic Paintbrush at Synetic Family Theater

Synetic Family Theater’s production of The Magic Paintbrush has experienced such great success, the theater is extending its run for an additional two weeks.  The play, based on the the classic Chinese folktale of the same name, has been selling out shows all season and recently received the Helen 
Recommended© honor.

I just included my take on the show in the latest weekend round-up, so here is a repost:  The Magic Paintbrush takes the audience on a dramatic adventure through China. Owen and I saw the play a couple of weeks ago, and we were both enchanted.  Performed completely through pantomime (or physical storytelling, as the theater calls it) I was unsure how Owen would respond.  But while he couldn’t quite follow the story, he was nonetheless captivated by the expressive actors performing along with beautiful Chinese music and action-packed scenes, including Cirque de Soleil-like choreography, as actors whirled mid-air on suspended curtains. I’d recommend reading the story with your kids prior to the show, so they have a better understanding of the plot, but even if you don’t have an opportunity, they’ll likely be mesmerized all the same.

You can read another, more thorough review here.

Tickets for The Magic Paintbrush are $12 and available for purchase through the Synetic Theater website.  Click the following links to buy tickets for specific dates:

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