Celebrate Winter at Frostival

If you’ve been saying “been there, done that” to the bulk of this holiday season’s family events, then here’s something to refresh your celebratory excitement, and just in time for New Years weekend.   Frostival, the 2nd annual winter festival from Celebrate Fairfax Inc., will take place from December 30 – January 2.  The four days of fun will include musical performances, rides, games, crafts, storytelling, exhibits,  and more.

The indoor carnival will take pace at at the Dulles Expo Center  from 10am – 5pm each day, except for December 31 when it closes at 4pm.  Among the attractions  will be more than 15 interactive rides, bounces, and play areas,  entertainment from Rocknoceros, The Great Zucchini, and Reptiles Alive!, puppet shows, storytellers, kids karaoke, arts & crafts, and science activities.  For a complete schedule of activities and performances, see the Frostival website — the performance line-up changes daily, so if there’s a particular act you want to see, be sure to get tickets for that day.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the door.  Cost is $5/adults, $10/kids 3 -12, free for ages 2 and under.  Weekend passes for all four days are available for both adults ($8) and kids ($18), but must be purchased online.  Note a couple of specials:  On Thursday, December 30, all grandparents 55 and older are free with valid ID, and on Sunday, January 2, all activity duty military and veterans are free with valid ID.

The Dulles Expo & Conference Center is located at 4368 Chantilly Shopping Center in Chantilly.  Parking is available in the lots in front.  Visit the website to access a map and directions.


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  2. Falls Church Parents

    We visited the Frostival with our twin two-year-old daughters yesterday, and we had a great time with one big exception. The “food” served inside the Frostival was outrageously priced and horrible. For example, a “kids meal” consisting of a cold, tasteless, and nitrate-laden hot dog, along with a tiny bag of plain Lays potato chips, a few slices of apple, and a warm tube of yogurt was $8.00. A large sign in the cafe area proclaimed, “DRINKS NOT INCLUDED.” If you want a small bottle of water, it will run you $2.50. The hamburger I ordered was cold and nearly inedible; the patty was a discolored and disheveled thin thing that looked like no hamburger I had ever seen before — this was $4.00. My wife had to remove the cheap, fatty and nitrate-laden formed turkey from her “turkey wrap” after taking a bite of the tiny thing. It cost almost $30.00 for a few chicken nuggets for the girls, one water, and some food that neither my wife or I could finish.

    Additionally, there was minimal seating, and one long line to place your order and get the food. It took me almost half an hour to get our miserable meal. The tables were smeared with food and condiments from previous diners and were basically filthy.

    The nonprofit, “Celebrate Fairfax” (created by the Fairfax Board of Supervisors), runs the event; this is their second year. If there are other parents out there that were as unhappy as we were about the poor quality and exorbitant prices of the food, we suggest you write the Fairfax Board of Supervisors and express your displeasure.

    If you are thinking of attending the Frostival, be sure to bring your own healthy snacks and a couple of bottles of water (easily hidden in your diaper bag or purse). They have a big sign posted at the entrance informing paying visitors that bringing in food is forbidden, but whatever. There are plenty of family-friendly healthy eating choices near the venue (e.g. Chick-fil-A); just ask for a bracelet to get back in so you don’t have to pay twice.

    Despite enjoying the rest of the Frostival, we probably won’t be making the trip from Falls Church next year. There are plenty of other family events in or near Falls Church. If I were on the Fairfax Board of Supervisors, I’d fire the current food vendor. It would have been a nice time, except for our disgust with ourselves for being fleeced on the food. I don’t understand why event planners would try to get away with serving such sub-standard food at such ridiculous prices. Conscientious parents will not come back, or they will choose to leave and eat elsewhere.

    • My name is Barry Feil, and I’m responding as the President of Celebrate Fairfax, Inc., the non-profit organization which produces the FROSTIVAL.

      I would like to thank Falls Church Parents and others who attended the event; we hope that you were able to enjoy your day. It appears your kids had a great time!

      We created the FROSTIVAL specifically for parents looking for a high quality experience for their children at a time when they most need it, at the end of the long winter holiday. On just about all counts, feedback has been outstanding. We’re thrilled that the community has embraced this new winter tradition.

      We also appreciate any and all concerns voiced about our event. In this matter, however, I would like to point out that there are six restaurants just outside the venue, and we made it very easy for families to leave and return after lunch. Alternately, the food service at the Dulles Expo Center – which is not under our direction in any way
      – created plenty of options for families. It sounds as if Falls Church Parents had a negative experience with food service, and that is truly unfortunate. Had we known about it at the time, we would have certainly worked with the food managers at the venue.

      I’m glad that you were able to enjoy the event and your kids had a “great time.” That is what we strive to accomplish with our events, and we would hope that any parent with any concerns would reach out directly to us.

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