Keller Williams Concert for Kids

Keller Williams is playing at the State Theatre on November 27

With the long holiday weekend coming up, many of us staying in town will be looking for some extra activities to do with the kids.  Here’s something cool to consider for Saturday afternoon: Keller Williams in concert at the State Theatre in Falls Church.

You may be familiar with Williams’ music — he’s released 16 critically praised albums, plays shows all over the country, and already has a devoted adult fan base. That’s about to change — in a good way.  With the recent release of his album,”Kids,” a collection of music intended for children and families, Williams is certain to gain an entire new set of followers, many of them likely under the age of 10.  And grown-ups will appreciate him even more for making kids’ music that we can enjoy, too.

If you’re not familiar with Keller Williams, I recommend checking out some samples from the new album on his website, particularly the videos that feature him singing with his daughter.  It’s hard to put his music into a single genre; it’s an interesting mix of bluegrass, folk, rock, and funk with humorous, catchy lyrics that both kids and adults will have fun singing along to.  What makes it even more likable is knowing that Williams , a multi-instrument extraordinaire, creates it all himself, layering a variety of sounds to form a unique musical fusion.  “Hula Hoop to the Loop” is an ideal example —  the guitar, drums, sticks, and mini-symbols gets both my kids and me grooving every time we play it, not to mention, the lyrics (mostly the song title repeated over and over) are really fun to sing.

If you like what you hear online, chances are you’ll enjoy it even more live.  Keller Williams is playing a matinee show at the State Theatre this Saturday, November 27, at 12:30pm (doors open at 12pm).   This is his first show for kids and families, so it’s kind of a chance to part of Keller Williams history.  Tickets are $15, kids 1 and under are admitted for free.  The State Theatre is located at 220 North Washington Street in Falls Church.  Tickets can be purchased online through the venue website.


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