Five Things for Today: August 7, 2020

Tee up for the weekend!

1. A fun, active, and challenging way to enjoy time outdoors (in nice weather) with the kids: Foot Golf! The soccer-golf combo is played like golf, but instead of using clubs to drive a golf ball down a course and into a small hole, you kick a soccer ball and aim for a 21″ hole. And the “tee” in FootGolf is about a five-foot space between two orange markers in the grass. Find details through the previous link and read more about where it’s located — there’s even more to do there.

2. What do you think about a mud kitchen for outdoor play?

3. District Cider Co. is a kid (and dog) friendly hard cider brewery with a full taproom and patio seating. They often have a food truck there, too. It’s open Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 12-8pm, and Sunday 2-6pm. And it’s located just two blocks from the main entrance of the National Arboretum (2400 T St NE), so you can make a day of it hanging at the Arb then stopping by for a brew.

4. For those, like me, who think DC could use more good Jewish deli… The Shaw location of All Purpose Pizza is launching Delikatessen, a new Jewish deli pop-up. It will be open Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays from 10am – 3pm. Order online here.

5. A few days ago I shared a clip of Alanis singing her new song, Ablaze, on Jimmy Fallon… now here’s the official video. So many great things about it, including those walls of books (!), the song itself, and all the wonderful happiness it exudes.

PS: A few go-to posts for your weekend back pocket: The round-up of activities around DC right now, local hikes, and area swim spots.

😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

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