Five Things for Today: July 29, 2020

Seen on a neighborhood walk yesterday evening

1. Great Country Farms just announced that peaches are ripe and ready for picking through August 2. Plan to make a day of it there — kids love the farm play area, and the fishing pond is also open. Other activities coming up: The Peach Daze Fuzztival is this weekend, and their annual Big Dig Potato Harvest is August 15-16.

2. A local mom who is an architect-turned-toy designer has created follies, a cool building toy that encourages both imaginative and STEM play. Even better, she says “it’s a perfect toy for play-deprived children during the pandemic and their tired parents who canโ€™t deal with another inflatable taking over their living room.” A kickstarter for follies (where you can purchase it at a discount) just launched, and profits help support the Homeless Children Playtime Project here in DC.

3. Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day, but isn’t any day a good day to celebrate? With the election just 96 days away, make sure you are registered to vote! And if you are planning to vote by mail, here are some guidelines by state.

4. Anyone else follow and dig Accidentally Wes Anderson on IG? Cool news: There’s a book on the way!

5. WAMU talked to some local teachers about their fears and doubts as they prepare for the new school year.

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