Five Things for Today: July 5, 2020

Some of the new Statehood murals near The Atlas on H Street

1. There are 51 new DC Statehood murals around DC. Activity with the kids: Make it a mission to see them all this summer!

2. Disc golf courses around the area have reopened, and it’s a great way to spend some outdoor time with the fam while social distancing. Not sure what it’s all about? Read about it in this KFDC post on playing in College Park. We’ve also enjoyed it at Seneca Creek State Park and Burke Lake Park.

3. How to help kids embrace mask wearing.

4. Smithsonian Magazine has a round-up of 75 research projects you can participate in and contribute to from home.

5. I follow four people on Tik Tok — my two kids, Charlie D’Amelio (because Sasha said everyone does), and this mom, whose videos about vegan cooking I can’t stop watching — and I’m not even vegan.

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