Five Things for Today: May 17, 2020

Ramble through the lush, green woods at Potomac Overlook

1. For some nice local outdoor time, Potomac Overlook Park is a great place to go — Sasha and I enjoyed a hike there yesterday. While the nature center is closed, all of the trails are accessible, and the birds of prey were even accepting visitors. Parking was easy, too. Read more about the Arlington park in this KFDC post.

2. For a fun inside activity, build a fort! IKEA just shared six different fort designs with instructions for constructing them.

3. Kind of random, but we recently got sucked into watching videos of places that were filmed a really long time ago — like over 100 years — and updated with colorizing and sound. A few to check out: Paris in the 1890s, New York City in 1911, and San Francisco in 1906. It’s like a little time trip, a fascinating glimpse into everyday life way back when.

4. I just switched out my closet from winter to summer clothes (which, btw, pretty much guarantees a surprise cold front is on the way), and it sent me into a little organizing frenzy. If you’re doing the seasonal wardrobe switch or just want some tips on cleaning up or rearranging closets, find some good ones here and here.

5. If you missed it yesterday, here is Barack Obama’s commencement address from the Graduate Together special honoring high school seniors.

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