As We Get Ready to Weather the Storm…

Best hurricane map I've seen yet! (Thanks to my friend, Jo, for sending.)


I’m skipping this week’s “Where to Play on the Weekdays” post for obvious reasons, the main one being that getting out to play is going to be a tad difficult over the next couple of days. And even if we could, nothing will be open, anyway.

Instead, here are a few quick links (mostly from the Washington Post) with information about closings and cancellations, weather data, and advice on being prepared for Hurricane Sandy:

The Post’s list of DC area closures

Storm Data from the Capital Weather Gang

The Going Out Guide’s list of event cancellations

How Will You Defeat Frankenstorm?

Stay safe, everyone!



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4 Responses to As We Get Ready to Weather the Storm…

  1. Sameena

    How about a list of things to do after you’ve played Candyland, jigsaw puzzles, dance parties, helping Mommy cook, playdough, superheroes, read books, and it’s only 10am???

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      1) Pinot Noir 2) Tempranillo 3) Cabernet… 😉 Seriously, if you come across one, please send it my way!

    • Samantha

      We are taking this time to dig through my daughters toy boxs, closet and craft supplies. So far we have found a lot of toys that used to be her favorits but got buried under new shinner toys. This is a good time to clear out the old toys that are truly not played with anymore, before we all get caught up in the holiday rush next month.
      I also institute a 15min rule witch is that any activity must be mantained for at least 15 min and then completly put away before a new activity can be started.

  2. Sameena

    I know…a six pack of hard cider, one bottle of white, and a red open for over a week are probably NOT going to cut it!!

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